Hercules VS Heracles Essay

They have blinded d and maimed many people throughout the Greek myths. Even though the muses w they did get the hydra correct in most every way. Cave dwelling, multiple head chopping off one results in two more, the best part was that Hercules actually fought a hydra in the myth. It was actually accurate in compared to the muses! One major thing that was surprisingly wrong in the movie was that they used Heraclites roman name, Hercules, but kept the Greek gods. That makes no SE nose and breaks almost all the rules of mythology.

It is terribly wrong and I wonder how that ever got through the editing phase. At least they got the the snake strangling core CT in the movie, although not necessarily the same circumstances, he still strangled sin sakes as a baby! So it looks like they did get some things correct! In the movie Hercules he has to go to the underworld to complete a mission t help him reach his goal. A lot of Greek myths have some sort of underworld m Session, en of these being Orpheus travel to get his wife. In the movie, it is very close e to being exactly that.

Hercules has to get meg from the river Styx essentially. He even I Norse Hades rules, except he does not face any of the consequences. Which, in turn, does not make sense. The movie portrays Hades as one of the most evil and hated gods of the entire TTY of the gods. He is the most spiteful and angry, when in reality, he was willing t o help, although always for a price. Many of our demigods from the myths would Tara el to the underworld and would need something from Hades, and he was willing to blob gig to them.

In the movie though, Hades was always angry and seemed to not want to help anyone but himself. This was a seriously wrong assumption that the movie to k, setting a standard for Hades always being the bad guy. In the movie Hercules, think I would mostly be relatable to Pain and Panic, ye both of them. Have fun clumsy tendencies and tend to do the big things well but leave something behind, like them carrying Hercules, but leaving him and him been saved by the two farmers.

I tend to do things as I’m told but somehow something ends up behind. Although I am not the servant of anyone, especially not a god. In the end, Hercules the movie did do quite a few things wrong, and the thing that were wrong were pretty serious, but the main bulk of the movie had con unstable, and more importantly, correct parts. Think that the characters were in their b Asia parts extremely connectible, this made for an all around enjoyable movie for annoy en that is not picky about mythology.