Here’s It is small in size having

Here’s a shout out to
the women who want classier and chic vape pen. Today you will find a variety of
vaping gadgets impeccable for gaining a great vaping experience. We have
already test all our kits for women by our experts assuring you that you are getting
the finest of the product. Our teams of experts are always ready to help you in
guiding whether you are a new vaper or somebody looking out for advancement.
Researches show that women have switched more from tobacco to vaping than men
since concluded by the Public Health England that e-cigs are more than 90%  mild than cigs. It has been anticipated as a
medicine that too licensed alternative to anti-smoking.

Primarily the vaping
industry was dominated by men but survey conducted in 2015 conducted by a brand
showed that more than half were female users. With the rise of the vaping trend
it is assumed that e-cigs promote smoking since many celebs are now into it.

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Renowned director,
Louise Stamper, stated ‘There’s a budding trend in women switching towards
vaping. It is difficult to answer about the switch, but it seems that people
are more concerned about their appearance and saving a few bucks.’

However to control the
quality measures going smooth it will be monitored by TPD.

Here’s a list of a few
brands mentioned below:


Out of the list of many
Elead iCare stood out to be a performer throughout. It is small in size having
5 distinctive colors and is user friendly as its battery gets activates while
you inhale.

Having a 320mAh battery
with 1.3ml internal tank which is sufficient enough for the day but incase if
you need, it will only be a minute and you are done with refilling. It is
advised to change the coil once in a month and just to keep it safe it provided
with a velvet pouch to be kept inside the bag.


Compressed, handy and
user friendly making it easier for the new users and useful add on to an
existing kit. A must to have in the kit to complete the set it is advised to
have one. Having a side filling feature makes it really worth having as it’s
really quick on the charging side as well.

Titanium Pink

Comfort and protection
is what comes into mind if you have got this beauty.
If you are in search of intense and unaltered flavor then your search is over.
It is therefore assumed that people are not really concerned with the
distinguished tastes based on sexes which is not completely correct as women
look out for different flavors than men are having. The Pink flavor is
something every stylish lady would want.


Beach Smoke Curve

The major difference
between e-cigs for men and women were assumed to be only size and color but
here’s a third one and its price.

For getting a slimmer,
classier vape pens you don’t have to pay EXTRA! The South Beach Smoke curve is
uniquely shaped making it a must have in your list as it offers a variety of
unmatched flavors as well.

iStick Mini

This vaping product is
ideal for the women who are searching a box mode.  Having a battery of 1100mAh this pretty little
thing can be charged while vaping. You may have this in just $50 that too in 4
different colors. It has display on the right top so that you may monitor its
battery percentage and voltage while vaping.

Spinner 2

Now if you are somebody
who loves a matching in everything they wear than the Vision Spinner is
something you should get it as it comes in black, white, gold, steel, brown,
green, yellow, red, blue, orange, pink and purple color for just $40. The
stylish device has the facility of charging while vaping with a battery of
1650mAh the indicator tells you to charge. If you plan to buy this make sure
you get it from a trusted vendor as there are many copies being sold out as
stating it original.

Vamps E-Cigarette

A vaping vamp is a pure
feminine product specifically designed for women who are searching to quit
smoking and drinking. This particular device is for those are extremely into
feminism. However, Jezebel Anna says that apart from its packaging there’s
nothing girly in it except having a few delicious flavors.


iTaste CLK

Coming in 3 different
colors, the Innokin is fine product with lustrous and womanly edge.By using the
movable wheel you can also set the voltage needed for your vaping. It has an
800mAh rechargeable battery. Just be sure that the device has some liquid in it
before you set to charge.






Vape Pens

Swing in style with the best of
everything, this beauty is a must to have then. Those who love to sparkle from
head to toe will fall for it as it is not only in crystals but also in Swarovski.
It has 4 types at the moment i.e. 50 shades of Pink yes PINK! , Gold Bubble
gum, Swarovski and 3D Bling.


10.  Vapor Couture Slim E-Cigarettes

For the love of slim
and sleek device this is the best one can have. It is something which replaced
capri cigarettes. With the measurement of 83mm in length with a slim 8mm
diameter the batteries are really long. These lengths help in giving a long
battery life.

11. Innokin Lily

For all those who are
India and want to purchase Innokin Lily, you may find it at
It is by far one of the best e-cigs in the world.  This Swarovski beauty comes with a single
battery with extra additional coils. This kit is one fine thing just for the
females to have as it have many features accordingly. It has a 350mAh battery
with a crystal design as battery indicator.

11.  Luli Disposable E-Cigarettes

Cappuccino, French vanilla, bubblegum – well these
aren’t flavors of ice cream but of the e-cigs which are not reusable. Its slim,
light weighted and comes in pink color. As
soon as you vape its crystal top turns purple which is more visible in the dark
making it more sexy and feminine.
So girls don’t wait and grab yours now.

The list too long to
mention as the market is full of variety however now you would feel yourself in
a better understanding of what to get keeping your style statement in mind. So
keep vaping in style Women!