Here’s not lose the same way they lost

Here’s the deal about winning and losing. The difference
between winners and losers is that winners lose well (and learn from it), and
losers lose poorly (don’t learn from it, and stay stuck in self-pity). As a
result, winners lose less in the future and do not lose the same way they lost
last time, because they have learned from the loss and did not repeat the


Losers are more inclined to carry that losing pattern into
the next endeavor, job, or relationship, and repeat the same way of

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When you lose, because you will at some point (if you
haven’t already)…sit with it, understand it, process it, and LEARN from it
before going on. That takes strength and depth of character.


That can be you. That is you. Will you see yourself clearly?
Will you admit your flaws honestly? Will you leverage your strengths joyfully
and passionately? Will you have the strength of character to get back up and
learn from it?


Mistakes happen. Defeats occur. Failure is inevitable. None
of these are dirty words. Rather, they can be signs you’re doing something
tough, exciting, and out of the ordinary. 


Choose to learn from the failure, and get back up.