Heriot-Watt are art and design, life sciences, social

Heriot-Watt University was established in the 19th
century by Leonard Horner, a Scottish businessman. The university currently has
campuses in several places outside Scotland like Dubai and Malaysia. It has
programs for long distance learning for students worldwide. This is through
partnerships with a number of approved educational partners. The university has
consistently been ranked among the top 500 in the world. It is one of the best
universities in the United Kingdom and is ranked as number one in research in
Scotland. Six schools and an institute constitute the university. These are
school of society, infrastructure, geoscience and energy; school of physical
sciences and engineering; school of social sciences, school of computer
sciences and mathematics; school of textiles and design and the Edinburgh
Business School. The university is known for the high employability of its
students. It has been named the university of the year severally by the Sunday
Times. The university boasts of notable alumni in various fields like arts,
business, sports and academia.

University of Dundee

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The University of Dundee was founded in the 19th
century as a public research university. The university in ranked top 300
worldwide and within top 30 in the United Kingdom. the University of Dundee is
made of nine schools which contain a number of disciplines each. The schools
are art and design, life sciences, social sciences, dentistry, medicine,
science and engineering, education and social work, nursing and humanities. Campuses
of the university are spread throughout Scotland. Some of the campuses are for
specialized schools like the school of medicine. The university boasts of a
vibrant student life and modern facilities. It has a significant collection of
historical artefacts which are maintained by the museum services. Famous
personalities in various fields boast of having attended this university. They are
in various fields like business, politics, law, media, science, medicine and
engineering. Several are Nobel laureates and others have made significant
contributions to their field of expertise.