Hezbollah. affected Lebanon immensely since the beginning of

Hezbollah. The world knows this name but do they truly know what it means and what it stands for. This “political party”, actually a terrorist group, has changed Lebanon, not for the greater good, but have turned it into a constant war zone. Hezbollah and Lebanon have a complicated relationship with each other that has expanded, causing chaos and mayhem throughout this country. This is due to Hezbollah’s ideological tone and political behavior. Which has affected Lebanon immensely since the beginning of this group and, now is the time for the world to open their eyes. To notice the tyranny that is happening in Lebanon. To hopefully one day find resolutions for all of this havoc and terminate this terrorist group once and for all.The group Hezbollah was established 33 years ago in 1985. Hezbollah is an Islamic self-rule combat campaign created after the Israeli military invasion of Lebanon in 1982, which developed in instant emergence of the Islamic resistance division for the abolition of the captured territories and for the removal of the hostile Israelis powers. Following the Islamic revolution in Shiite Iran in 1979 and the Israeli occupation of Lebanon in 1982, a band of Lebanese Shiite religious leaders established Hezbollah with the objective of moving Israel from Lebanon and initializing an Islamic country there. Hezbollah appeared as the main political party in post-civil war Lebanon. Lebanon use to be the only Christian majority country in the Middle East. Since Hezbollah is an Islamic group this meant that they wanted to get rid of the Christian majority and system which made Lebanon special and unique, which they sadly did. The group wanted the acceptance of the Islamic system on the basis of Islamic beliefs and styles for Lebanon. This was by far the largest change that happened in Lebanon and a change that unfortunately may never be able to fix.Many articles have shown that Hezbollah has disorganized the Middle East causing problems to occur constantly. In the article “Disarming Hezbollah,” Brent Talbot and Heidi Harriman, American professors who both have extensive teaching and research experience in Middle Eastern political and security-related issues, discuss how Hezbollah has had a negative effect on security in the Middle East and exert excessive pressure on the government of Lebanon. Talbot and Harriman state that Hezbollah is a “liability to Lebanon” (Talbot and Harriman 29). This means that Hezbollah is affecting Lebanon’s internal stability.They claim that “Lebanon’s deeply rooted sectarian divide suggests that the country’s Christians, Sunnis, and Druze generally oppose Shiite-based Hezbollah for religious and historical differences” (Talbot and Harriman 30). Which allows Hezbollah to be a danger to peace due to the consequences of its armed existence in Lebanon. They discuss “Hezbollah destabilizes Lebanon by strengthening already deep sectarian divides, provoking military action and undermining the authority and effectiveness of the Lebanese government” (Talbot and Harriman 32). Talbot and Harriman’s purpose is to discuss ways to disarm Hezbollah thus reducing its influence in Lebanon to one day have peace. Which makes this article significant because it allows readers to see ways in which Lebanon are trying to reduce the influence of Hezbollah on them. Until Hezbollah is disabled these unspeakable savages will continually challenge security and restrain peace in Lebanon by behaving as an independent political and military organization.Lebanon hasn’t been stable since the creation of Hezbollah with countless amounts of uproars and disturbance. In the article “Lebanon: At the Crossroads,” Ed Blanche, a reporter in Beirut, focuses on the relationship between Lebanon and the Hizbullah and the effect of the Doha Accord on Lebanon. Blanche claims that the relationships between Lebanon and the Hizbullah is very strained. He states that the Lebanese government passed a law. This law was called the Doha Accord. Blanche points out the reason for the Doha Accord, “The agreement hammered out in five days of talks in Doha came about after Hizbullah invaded Sunni-dominated West Beirut on 9 May in a blatant show of military power. Fighting spread to the Chouf Mountains above Beirut and to north Lebanon. All told some 70 people were killed” (Blanche 9). The Doha accord has the ability to cement Hizbullah’s power. However, Blanche notes that the Doha Accord does not address “…the fundamental problems that plague the Lebanese. These problems include the constant sectarian rivalry that stands in the way of a united nation, and the need for a more equitable distribution of political power” (Blanche 10). According to Blanche, “If Lebanon does not make progress on these issues in the coming years and instead falls back into a pattern of stalemate and street fighting, a civil war is likely, and no country that I know of has survived two civil wars intact” (Blanche 10). Blanche explains that the Doha Accord does cement the power of Hizbullah “But it averted a return to mass violence, if not all-out sectarian war” (Blanche 12). Blanche’s purpose is to focus on the political situation in Lebanon and relationship between Lebanon and Hezbollah. In order for the reader to see the crisis that might occur if Lebanon does nothing to stop this situation.People think a terrorist as a person or group of people who use violence against innocent civilians to cause terror and fear. After reading a BBC News article they prove that Hezbollah fits this definition. The article explains that the world sees Hezbollah differently “Hezbollah is designated as a terrorist organization by Western states and most of the world” (“Profile: Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement”). The article shows Hezbollah as being very violent and destructive. Which can be seen when the association organized strikes on the Israeli military and its partner, the South Lebanon Army, as well as foreign leverages in Lebanon. In addition, Hezbollah is presumed to have been responsible for the bombardment of the US embassy and US Marine barracks in 1983, which collectively left 258 Americans and 58 French soldiers dead, and drove Western peacekeeping powers to be extracted. The text explains that in 1985 “Hezbollah officially announced its establishment by publishing an open letter that identified the US and the Soviet Union as Islam’s principal enemies and called for the obliteration of Israel, which it said was occupying Muslim lands” (“Profile: Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement”). Following this horrific crisis, Hezbollah had laid low and stayed on perfect behavior. Due to Western states wanting to eliminate this organization because now Hezbollah is considered a terrorist group. However, in 2006, Hezbollah extremist commenced a frontier strike in which eight Israeli soldiers were brutally killed and two others abducted, triggering an enormous Israeli feedback. Israeli warplanes bombarded Hezbollah forts in the South of Lebanon and in Beirut’s southern suburbs, while Hezbollah launched about 4,000, missiles at Israel. More than 1,125, Lebanese, most of them civilians, perished during the 34-day conflict, as well as 119 Israeli serviceman and 45 civilians. With this in mind now, Hezbollah is not just a Shiite Islamic “political party” that’s their mask. Without their mask, they’re truly a society of cruel heartless monsters not caring about anyone except themselves. This is what a terrorist group is and the Hezbollah is just that.With all of this in mind, it’s obvious that the goals and the formation of Hezbollah were not what the world thought. By being a political party covering up who they truly are. Killing thousands of innocent civilians as a “rebellion” and disorganizing Lebanon. These monsters turned this outstanding country into a corrupted Islamic state. Which use to be a peaceful Christian country. The Hezbollah are terrorists and need to be finished once and for all. A way the entire world can aid in this situation is to help spread awareness and shine, a light on this war zone that was once a peaceful community.