Dear New Student,     Hi, my name is Bryn Lynch I will be teaching you about feudalism of social order. I will teach you feudalism of social order in order. The order of class is King/ Lord~Noble/ Knights~Vassals/ Peasants~Serfs and I will tell you what they do to keep the land safe.

We will also explain how feudal system works.     Kings are first on the feudalism triangle.Kings obtain power by passing land and power to Lords.

They live in castles with Queens and most likely their children. Next is Lords/Nobles on the feudalism triangle. They obtain power by being a member of the nobility and one of the highest-ranking class of society they would also give land to vassals. The King gave the lords fiefs to protect. A fief is a section of land on conduction of feudal service a Lord, Vassal, and Serfs were involved.

It works by a lord would grant a Vassal once they have done the Act of Homage a fief and then the vassal would get serfs to work and protect the land. The King and Lord are on the top of the triangle.    Third on the triangle is Vassals and Knights. A Vassal is someone how protects land by being granted the Act of Homage. The Vassal obtains power by promising loyalty to Lords by the Act of Homage. The Act of Homage is between a lord and vassal was made official at a ceremony. It is between a Lord and a Vassal when a Vassal would get on one knee and take off his hat that shows respect he placed his hand between those of the Lord promised to serve in battle.

The Lord helped the Vassal up and kissed him the Lord gave him a piece of fief then the Lord gave him a stick, glove, or stone instead of a contract of 40 to 60 days a year. The duties of a Vassal are was to attend the Lord’s court, to provide food and entertainment when their lord visited them, also gifts and payments for weddings for their daughters, and to battle beside the Lord. Knights obtained power by mounted soldiers of the medieval world. It was hard for them to get really good armor so they tried to find it and make their own. Knights and Vassals are the third down on the triangles.     Last on the feudalism triangle are serfs and peasants.

A Serfs job was to work on fields and grow crops. Since serfs didn’t obtain power but for protection, they gave up freedom and land. They also could have served the army but they didn’t have to. Serfs performed duties for there nobles and long hours of field work.

They both paid money to the Noble for the right to farmland. It was not easy for a serf to gain their freedom. But to do that they could escape to the towns and remained in that town for more than a year she or he was considered free. Serfs were allowed to buy their freedom.

Peasants and Serfs are last on the list.     Feudalism is a medieval political system based on the relation of Lords to Vassals. It was put into place so landowning nobles governed and protected the people in exchange for services, such as fighting in a noble’s army or farming the land. One obtains feudal power due to there class, for example, a Serf has no power and a King has most of the power. The power that is passed down for exchanges is called Feudalism.     In this letter, I explain what the Feudal social order is, how it works, and how they keep their land safe.

The order is King/Noble~Lord/Vassal~Knight/Serf~Peasant. Also, I explained how each of different order lives there life every day.                                                                                                                                        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                       Bryn Lynch