Working with visiting design critics and theorists from around the world at GSD will make sure my mind is continuously moving, thinking, assessing and persistently analyzing what we have while helping me become a medium to hear things which we normally don’t hear. The collaborative atmosphere of Gund Hall’s distinctive trays of open studios, the advanced infrastructure and access to resources will aid me to explore, discuss, question and interpret different ideas and help me learn to do architecture that is well-informed, relevant and truthful to the context.  The simultaneous macro + micro project of interpreting the changes in the world and securing a strong middle ground in my interpretations of architecture is my barter for absorbing all that Harvard has to provide. Coming from a minor racial ethnicity of Chettiars in India, where some people still expect the place of a woman to be inside the house, the urge to prove myself is strong.

It will in a small way let the girls in my community to dream and hopefully make the parents consider letting them live their dreams. The master’s degree from GSD would be the right step in the direction of establishing a firm that deals with all aspects of design – with the interaction of the street to the site, the site and the building, the building to the spaces and the spaces to the details. A collaborative that is like a multilevel workshop that can demonstrate how good design can work in different contexts – right from designing an urban space to designing the tiniest detail of a doorknob while simultaneously working on creating entities that cannot be imageable. As Margaret.J.

Wheatley says, “Everyone in a complex system has a slightly different interpretation. The more interpretations we gather the easier it becomes to gain a sense of the whole.”I’m Abirami Nachammai and I would like to be one of the original interpreters.