The nature of my essays has change in the past few weeks because I am now able to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses in my writing, which has allowed me to continue improving on these skills in every way possible. For instance, I have moved from writing basic five-paragraph essays and summarizing the author’s main ideas to responding to the author’s claim by taking a stand on the argument as well as providing evidence to back up my reasoning. A change that I have noticed is that I am beginning to organize my ideas cohesively and coherently. I used to jump from one idea to the next without any transition, but I have learned to use transitional words and phrases such as moreover and additionally. Furthermore, I have improved on my writing skills by eliminating wordiness, incorporating concrete nouns and strong verbs as well as crafting better topic sentences. How I plan to account for these changes is by clearly presenting them in my writing so that the flow of my essays would be easier to read. Some ideas or threads in my writing that I see as worth revisiting and deepening are my introductions to enhance and make it more engaging for readers. In order to achieve my goals, I plan on effectively taking peer feedback and learning different writing techniques by rereading my peers writing on elireview.             I am most proud of having learned the importance of finding credible sources using the CRAAP test as well as including hyperlinks within my writing. Hyperlinks are useful in the sense that they direct readers to information from another source without disrupting the main ideas and flow of my writing. Unreliable information found in non-credible sources may cause confusion and weaken my writing since there is inaccurate evidence supporting my argument. Finding credible evidence allows me as a writer to show growth to my readers since I am communicating something important by looking at different perspectives rather than being bias. In addition, I am able to reflect on the text as well as support my stance while presenting the purpose of my essay and why my readers should care. Thus, the obstacles that I am gradually overcoming is writing topic sentences that tells the readers the main idea of the paragraph, organizing my ideas and synthesizing my topic.             Some obstacles that I am still struggling with is crafting an introduction, generating a clear and substantial thesis as well as being concise. Readers seem to be confused by my writing because I tend to lack in an intriguing topic sentence that attracts the readers along with providing little to no background information or context in my introduction. Moreover, without a clear and substantial thesis statement in my introduction, readers wouldn’t understand the purpose of my writing. In addition, readers may have trouble identifying my main argument due to my ideas being unorganized. Often times, I include vocabulary that readers may not know believing that it will make my writing stronger. Consequently, readers may forget my main argument because they would have to stop and look up the definition, which causes a disruption in the flow of my writing. Due to my habit of writing run-on sentences, readers might have to reread my sentences to understand the meaning since the main idea may be unclear.           Over the past nine weeks, my topic on universal health care has evolved in the sense that I have learned so much about it that my initial opinion has been challenged. For instance, I initially believed that everyone deserved free health care but that could result in higher taxes as well as limited resources and accessibility. Despite all the disadvantages, I am still for universal health care because it is unfortunate that 37 million americans are not receiving any type of health service which can lead to fatal illnesses. For the remaining half of the semester, I want to learn more about how and whether the United States government is working to provide healthcare for all. In addition, I would like to explore more articles about people who aren’t receiving any health care and how it has affected their lives. Furthermore, I want to examine Canada’s universal health care system and dig deeper into my topic so I could find alternative solutions for people who aren’t receiving any type of health service. Part II: Feedback and Revision          After experiencing online feedback for nine weeks my views about feedback and revision has evolved because I am beginning to make use of the feedback my peers provide. I used to believe that I put my utmost effort into my first draft so I would make minimal changes when revising, but elireview has given me the opportunity to have the option of making use of the feedback I am given. In addition, I have learned that providing feedback does not necessarily mean pointing out small grammatical errors but rather describing, evaluating and making suggestions to my peers writing. My views on feedback and revision for an online writing class are that it is somewhat essential to our course. For instance, since we only meet once a week it is hard for you to provide detailed feedback for each student. Elireview has opened up a space for at least two different feedbacks on our writing from our peers each week. Additionally, revision is essential because it has allowed me to critically look at my strengths and weaknesses in my writing so I can improve on them in the future. Part III: Engagement            I would rate my level of self-disciple a nine in terms of keeping up with the workload because I manage my time to get everything done on time so I have never missed a deadline. Some of the things I do to stay organized is making an outline in order to have my an idea of what to write. In addition, I usually make tuesdays and thursdays my writing days because I don’t have class on those days. On thursdays I create my outline, weekends I do some research and tuesdays are when I write. Advice that I would give to classmates that are having difficulty with keeping up with the workload would be to keep a planner and quit procrastinating. It is easier said than done but managing time is my key to success. In addition, I would tell them to not be afraid to speak up if they need help on an assignment because I am sure they’re not the only one who has that problem. My action plan for staying engaged with the course from today until the end of the semester would be to continue managing my time and paying close attention during the activities we do in class. In addition, I plan to ask more questions in class and through email since there are times I am unclear of how to improve my writing. Furthermore, I would like to visit available office hours to get detailed feedback on my writing so I can make my writing stronger.Part VI: Revisions            The strengths of this piece include the organization of my ideas, the incorporation of credible evidence as well as providing critical analysis. The changes I made during my revision include expanding my introduction, fixing the topic sentences and organizing the opposing viewpoints. The expansion of my introduction included adding background information and context about my topic so readers have some sort of knowledge about my topic. My initial draft had ideas all over the place so I organized my ideas by separating them in paragraph so that readers would not be confused. Fixing my topic sentences is essential because it is used to display to the readers what the the main idea of the paragraph is about. If I could begin my writing process on this assignment again, I would write down all the opposing viewpoints and organize them depending on how strong the argument is. In addition, I would find more articles evidence to back up my claims to make my writing stronger. During my writing process on this essay I used thursday to create a small outline to get an idea of the structure of the essay. On the weekend, I spent a couple of hours doing research to find credible sources that had several opposing viewpoints. On monday, I began writing to get my thinking process working. On tuesday, I did a little more research and added more evidence and analysis to improve my writing. After I received feedback from my peers and you, it was brought to my attention that my initial article did not have a strong opposing viewpoint. Therefore, I added another article which clearly presented an opposing viewpoint that was also argumentative. When my audience reads this essay I want them to understand that I am not trying to be bias but instead I am presenting to them several opposing viewpoints. In addition, I provided analysis to show to the readers that there are solutions to the cons. (1505)