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Hi there,   Thanks for dropping by. So I am here to write about toilet paper holders. Not the most glamorous topic but you may be surprised how diverse this product is. This article will mainly stick to Toilet Paper STANDS at the expense of the more common wall mounted types,specifically  those stand alones that look really enticing in sales pictures. I may even say they can bring a decorative element to your bathroom. So here’s my case for  you  choosing a toilet paper stand,  for those roles you may have sitting on the top of that toilet tank or cabinet. Let me explain, as far as I can remember my bathroom’s  had the toilet paper roll on the linen tower or the top of the toilet tank. So this is why it is a bad idea to have a toilet roll roaming free in your bathroom. How many times have those rolls dropped in the bowl water or the floor, leaving a dusty roll or worse a wet one that is left to clumsily unroll. The solution is getting a movable dispenser at your fingertips to place anywhere you CHOOSE. Why you should pick a Toilet Paper Stand Instead of the more common wall mounted bathroom accessory. Going with a stand holder will be an easier installation by eliminating the need to drill holes to your bathroom walls. Why ruin a perfectly good tile  or dig into your drywall when a simple unboxing will get your toilet paper on the holder in less time. Most stands come already assembled or at most simply screwing in the pole to the weighted base.  For those who have a small bathroom or limited closet space a holder with a storage unit can be a nice functional accesory. You just need to be aware that some storage units only accomadate single rolls, so best to look at the features  for dual roll+ capacity if needed.Another case for a free standing tp stand is the unlimited places it can be moved to. A fixed wall mounted holder is  static so the right location for an adult may be difficult to reach for a small child, so a movable stand is perfect for all users.