Hi DEFINE stage .Defining isn’t simply constrained to

Hi everybody,


My name is Sakshi Singh and I am from Haridwar,Uttarakhand.
Here in UPES, I am seeking after my single guys degree in software engineering
with specialization in Business Analytics and Optimization . I like tuning in
to music and perusing books generally in the class of fiction. I cherish
voyaging and investigating new places. Having sound information of Design
Thinking would help me in my voyage to having a fruitful future as an

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My underlying learning of Design Thinking is constrained to
the way that it is a creative and rather beneficial approach towards critical
thinking. The idea recommends an answer focused approach towards critical
thinking as opposed to an issue focused attitude. Likewise, outline thinking
alludes to being creative and inventive in the meantime.


Configuration Thinking depends on five interlinked stages in
particular :


1. Find It all starts with the period of disclosure that is
gathering data about the current issue.


2. Characterize The definition stage manages understanding
the basic issue .


3. Build up The advancement procedure manages outlining and
testing thoughts to counter the issue.


4. Convey This is where the final result is finished and
discharged in a gainful market.


5. Repeat The last stage is to test and update the last


Each stage has both individual and collective obligations in
finding the arrangement of an issue. The stages are rehashed habitually to
locate the most imaginative and easy to understand arrangement. All through the
procedure the concentration stays after satisfying the necessities of the end


The stage which fascinated me the most was the DEFINE stage
.Defining isn’t simply constrained to characterizing the issue, it additionally
incorporates breaking down the issue and understanding the issue to its center.


One inquiry that I might want to ask Jane Chen would be-


Could configuration considering and critical thinking
according to general guidelines exist together? Provided that this is true,