High Crime Rate Essay

We often hear about the high crime rate on television, radio or even newspaper. We hear about Politicians making promises to decrease the crime yet it has still continued to rise. I often ask myself, what are the root causes of committing these crimes, why do people do what they do? Politicians, during there rallies, hype up the crowds and make promises to do positive things and get as much support from the citizens as possible, leaving the nation with high expectations that the parties cannot live up to.One of these false promises is decreasing the crime in the country. Trinidad & Tobago for example is a victim of such counterfeit pledges.

Trinidad & Tobago, during the year 2000 to 2008 has seen crime enlarge drastically, basically jumping from hundred to hundred with a very slight decrease of murders and kidnappings in the year 2006, and yet it rose again the very next year. Crime has jumped from 118 murders, no kidnappings from the year 2000 to 550 murders and 11 kidnappings in 2008, where kidnappings decreased from 155 in 2007.For a little country like Trinidad & Tobago the crime is too much. Why do these leaders make these affirmations if they are unable to provide the service? All they do is tell the people what they want to hear and leave them disappointed. The Politicians however, when placed into the government can actually live up to their promises by tackling the problem at its root, which are the causes of committing these felonies. What in fact are the reasons for such criminal acts and why is it so high?A few of these causes are; poor parenting skills, children who are neglected or abused are more likely to commit crimes later in life than others.

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Peer influence is also a cause, as a person’s peer group strongly influences a decision to commit a crime. T. V violence and even drugs and alcohol may cause one to commit a crime. Income and education may fall under this category as many prisoners could not read or write above elementary school levels, if at all.Because of their poor educational backgrounds, their employment histories consisted of mostly low wage jobs with frequent periods of unemployment, leaving them to make a decision between long-term low income and the prospect of profitable crime.

These are only some of the causes that the government can try to attack in order to decrease the rate in crime. I am not putting the blame on the government for the high crime rate, but I am more recommending that Politicians live up to their words when they become the government instead of making the artificial promises that they do not fulfill.The causes that I have stated above are just a few reasons for crime that the government can tackle. I do understand however, that not all the problems will be able to be dealt with as there are some that are unable to be controlled. For the ones that they are able to control on the other hand, they can tackle them one by one and I am positive that there will be an improvement in the decrease in the rate of crime. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.