High School Life Essay

For lots of students, high school is the most exciting time of their lives. High school is where everything starts – your development from a gawky kid to a confident teenager during this stage of your education is full of exciting possibilities. High school is where lifelong reputations and images and usually made.

Whether you will be a prom queen type, the nerd or the popular athlete, you will get to know that in high school.High school can be scary because not all of your classmates from elementary will go to the same school as you. Chances are half of the faces in your classroom are new ones. They are probably feeling the same as you do, anxious, nervous and a little scared to make friends. Schools help the students get acquainted with each other by organizing freshman orientations before the formal start of classes. This will help ease the tensions between students, a lot of them strangers to each other.

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Another thing of concern regarding high school is the curriculum. You will soon find out the difference of elementary and high school; suddenly, the subjects are harder and the workload is greater. Depending on what type of student you are, you should view the increased difficulty in your curriculum as a challenge that will prepare you for an even greater one – college. More often than not, it is in high school where you will discover your passion in life.Your fascination in your biology class may help you realize that you want to be a doctor.

Your excellence in dance class might make you want to pursue dancing in a more professional level after graduation. High school would not be complete without getting involved with extra-curricular activities. Take your pick: varsity basketball, cheerleading squad, theater guild, chess club, music club and student government. These activities will help lessen the pressure of studying in school.