High School vs College Essay

I witnessed a lot of things through my years of high school, I’m still in the process of experiencing college; those things that I have experienced has been a good experience. My experience of High School and Mansfield University are somewhat different; I would say I experienced more in my first year of college than High School. A few similarities ; differences in the experience phase. At Mansfield University I experienced that it’s up to you to learn and understand the work. The professor doesn’t teach, he or she just explains what is needed to be done and you’re on your own after that. College is more of understanding how to find the answer; it’s more critical thinking than just grabbing your answer out the book. You’re on your own in college no one is here to tell you what to do. Professors aren’t down your neck about you completing assignments; it’s either you do or you don’t. Now in high school it’s the teacher’s job to teach you the lesson, ; make sure you have some knowledge of what was taught. In high school you need an explanation on why you didn’t complete the assignment and you have your parents more involved than they would be during your college years. I experienced that they both gets you ready for the real world. High school is the blueprint for your future, college is you building the foundation, and when you finish college it’s you decorating what was built. Another thing I experienced in college was that time is a major factor. Balancing classes, sleeping, studying, and completing the work can be difficult if you don’t manage your time. I found that out my first semester instead of me managing my time I just went with the flow. Going with the flow of things is not a good idea in college you will easily fall behind; digging yourself out of a hole is not a good way to start college. Time really wasn’t a factor in high school going with the flow got the work done when it was needed.

I could be laid back in high school ; get by with above average grades, but in college being laid back got me off on the wrong foot. College made me pay more attention to time, because deadlines need to be met on the date it’s due. I experienced how to value time. College help me experience that closed mouths don’t get fed. If no one knows that you have a problem, or are struggling with something you can’t expect help. I’ve learned to use the resources that are giving to you. Advisors, tutors, S.I’s are what we call the counselors and friends of our high school days. If you just come to class & don’t seek help when needed the professor won’t take time out their day to help you; where as though in high school if the teacher see that you’re struggling, or look lost they cater to your need. In high school if I had a problem I didn’t really have to say much because the teacher is already aware of that.

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The teacher is obligated to help out with your problem no if’s, and’s, or but’s. In college when you find help it’s not them just giving you the answer; they show you how to find the answer, and you go from there. Mansfield has taught me how to handle problems in the real world, because nobody’s just going to give you the answers anymore. My experience of high school helped prepare for the college world, but I wasn’t quite fully adapted until I experienced college first person. Being at Mansfield University it has taught me to be more manageable with my time, go out and seek help when it’s needed, and also to not depend on the professor to teach.