High School vs College Essay

We all can’t wait to get to college so we party and live it up. The thing is college is a lot different than high schools were as in high school you had to follow rules and in college it is your choice to be responsible for yourself. In September of 2006, I enter the doors of Clifton high school as a freshmen only being my second year in public school so this was all new to me. I got to home room and the handed out our agendas with all the rules in the back of the book. As time went on we all got use to the rules not many listened, but those who did not were punished for whatever the person did.

Some of the rules that we had to abide were that we could not wear shorts above our finger tips we also could not wear flip flops because of an incident that happened to a girl a couple years earlier that was not good. Ripped jeans also were not allowed the principle said it showed too much skin. Those were just some of the rules. Once I got to college I realized rules no longer applied. Since I was so use to the rules in high school it took me awhile to remember that I could wear whatever I pleased without getting in trouble in anyway.

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Another difference between high school and college rules are in high school you can count on your parent’s and teachers remind you of your responsibilities and your priorities. For example if you have an essay due they help get through what you need to write the essay. They also remind you day by day when your essay is due along with your homework and other things. In college you have to balance your responsibilities and priorities which will be hard for many people seeing that they always had help.

Your college professors will give a syllabus with step by step instructions on what is due and when. If they tell you an essay is due a week from now it is your responsibility to get your work done, because they will not remind you as time goes on. To professors you are now an adult and are responsible for your own time and priorities. They will not baby you throughout your time in college. Lastly in high school when you were absent from school you had to bring in a note as to why you were absent. Whether it was a parent/doctor or hospital note.

We had five days to bring in a note you teacher would remind you every day and if you didn’t it would be marked as an unexcused absents. If you were to receive three unexcused absents it would get you a cut. Once you get to college that changes your professor does not really care if you are absent because it is your grade that is being affected not theirs. As long as you show responsibility in getting your work in then your grade shouldn’t be affected that much and it shows that you care about what you’ve missed and have to make up along with caring for the class.

In conclusion the differences between high school and college are major things though many people may not think that, but it shows who can be responsible with their priorities in college appose to high school. I have learned to manage my time a lot better since high school were everything was done for me. Though it was a little of a struggle to make the transaction it was extremely necessary or things would not get done on time or at all. I’m glad that college teaches you these traits because it helps you in the long run when you enter the real world as a family person, employee and or employer.