Hijuelos Essay

Josh Heany Writing: Ward Memories of New York City Snow In the essay in Mr Ward’s Writing 063 we got a handout about, “Memories of New York” written by Oscar Hijuelos he writes about when his Cuban family came to New York. They experienced hardships, noises of many kinds, language barriers, changes in climate, a culture change as well as job opportunities. This was a major change from Cuba and the way of life they were used to. The change from Cuba to New York was dramatic because of job opportunity, weather and population.

Job opportunity was a major thing for the Hijuelos family. They needed to be employed somehow. In the essay Jijuelos writes “ The city meant jobs and money. ” Parts of the family got jobs, or they were drafted. These were long hour situations with low pay, but once again was able to satisfy they compared to what they had before. The city represented a form of the future for their family. The snow was a real fascination for the Jijuelos family.

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Jijuelos writes, “ They stand on a field of whiteness, the two men seemingly afloat in midair, as if they were being held aloft by the magical substance itself. ” The words he chooses really describes how he feels, they were delighted by this weather and its appearance. The weather had its negative moments as noted by Jijuelos, “But as beautiful as it could be, it was also something that provoked nostalgia; I am certain that my father would miss Cuba on some bitter cold days. All in all the weather was a real fascinating experience for the family. The population difference between the City of New York and where they had previously lived in Cuba was a drastic change. “Endless sidewalks and unimaginably high buildings,” was just one of many ways Jijuelos described the crowdness of the city. I imagine they would be faced with a ton more situations where they would communicate with people seeing they were around them all the time, as in Cuba the population was not as great.

All I all the change from Cuba to New York was a positive change in that. It gave the family a huge experience and they enjoyed New York the way of life it had brought to them. They had what they needed. They had jobs which brought them money. They had fascination and interest in the snow which brought happiness and they almost always had something to occupy them with as they worked long hard hours. New York was a huge change for this family, and that is a fact.