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his is an argument that many people will disagree and have many different points for arguing it.

This case is an interesting one because you could argue that both sides in some way could be justified. Some people will argue that Don Ceballos should have the right to set up a trap, because he wants to protect his property. Other people will say this is going too far because setting up traps is going above the limit. I personally believe that Don Ceballos, the owner of the home, took his abilities to protect his property above the limit. In my opinion Ceballos went overboard with setting up a trap to harm anyone trying to invade his property.

One reason I say this is because he set up a trap because supposedly his tools were missing and someone stole them. He had no full evidence that could help take his side, he could have misplaced the tools. When Ceballos argued that the homeowners are allowed to use deadly force to protect their property, there is a law that most if not all states have. The Make My Day Law allows the gun owners to have the right to shoot and kill an intruder in self-defense if they believe that the person intends to commit a crime even if they use very little physical force.

Ceballos can’t argue that he was feeling threatened and he had to defend his home because when this event took place he was not present at his home. So how could he feel physically threatened if he wasn’t there physically? If Ceballos was at home it would be a different story because if he witnessed the incident and he felt like the robbers were going to harm him then he had every legal right to shoot them. There is a difference between actually being there and setting up a trap, you could say that Ceballos intention was to harm somebody because he set up the trap when he believed that someone broke in and he had no actual proof. You could also say that Ceballos could have used other protection forces instead of having a gun.

He could have used home security systems which would sound an alarm if someone breaks in the property from any window or entrance of the house. This is better than setting up a gun trap because instead of shooting somebody you can have an alarm that will sound very loud and some even alert the police. Putting a deadly trap such as a gun to protect your house when you know that if someone tries breaking in they will get shot and potentially killed is exceeding the limit. There are many other ways Ceballos could have defended his property using other methods, and he had no right to set up a dangerous gun trap. So in my opinion what Ceballos did was wrong and very out of hand. Nobody should be able to set up gun traps in order to protect their property.

According to law if you are physically at your house you are allowed to use weapons in self-defense if you feel physically threatened or in danger. Ceballos was not at his home during this time so there is no way he could say he was physically threatened if he was not present during the event. In my opinion it was Ceballos fault, because he should have known the rules if he was going to set up a dangerous trap, especially since he knew that the trap could have killed them.

In my opinion there is a major difference between the trap and actually being there to shoot the gun, and the actual physical human being there. When you are actually there you know if you are going to get physically harmed or are in physical danger. The gun doesn’t know though, if it get triggered it fires. At the same time I also must say that the teenagers shouldn’t have broken into the man’s house, and in my opinion they should face some type of charge. You should only be allowed to use deadly force if you feel like you are in danger, because at that point you have every right to protect yourself.

So overall this is a topic that many people will have different opinion on. Some people will agree with what Ceballos did saying that he was protecting his property. Others will say that Ceballos took it overboard and shouldn’t have placed a dangerous “trap” in his garage. In my opinion what Ceballos did was wrong. I believe that he shouldn’t have set up a trap because he believed that someone stole his tools, and he had no actual proof. He also couldn’t say he was just defending himself or his property, because he wasn’t even there when this event took place. According to the make my day law you can defend yourself when you feel physically threatened even if it’s just little.

Ceballos couldn’t have felt physical threatened because he wasn’t even there. At the same time the kids shouldn’t have just broken in to someone’s property, and they should face a punishment. This event was very interesting because so many people had different point of views for it and sides they wanted to take.