Hispanic American Freewrite (Movie Post Thoughts) Essay

The video we saw during class was interesting and it caught my attention since I can relate to what was being said. There was talk about Hispanic Americans and how each generation lived differently. But the main thing I took from the video was the idea of America being an international country; a nation of immigrants. However we must be careful to not assimilate into the masses to the point where we completely forget our heritage. It is our very heritage and culture which contribute to the country which makes our nation an international nation.

In the film many talked about the generational difference. Plenty of Hispanic teenagers do not speak Spanish and are not as tied to religion like past generations. If the best way to relate and understand a culture is through language and religion then how can one be part of that culture if they have neither? If a man says he is Italian yet knows really nothing about Italy including culture, language, and religion then is he truly Italian? I believe the answer is no.

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Hence by that logic most Hispanic Americans who do not speak Spanish can’t really call themselves Mexican, Brazilian, Argentineans, however it might not be their fault since American is intimidated by learning a new language. Even if they were tied to the catholic church it would not make much of a difference since most can agree that the catholic church in America is not as strong and influential. One cant own a plane and call themselves a pilot without knowing how to actually fly a plane. Here in America pop culture unites all cultures and there is actually a lot of Hispanic influence.

For those Hispanic Americans who do know more about their heritage and believe it is important to maintain; they have the best of both worlds. I believe it is important to maintain my Mexican heritage however I won’t let it define me. “Two cultures are better than one” hence I will stay true to the American inside me while also recognizing my Mexican heritage. Eventually everyone will be united into a single culture which I believe will be an acknowledgement of all types of cultures. The way our generation thinks might be completely different in the eyes of future generations.

In the film many talk about the ideals of past generations and how new generations don’t have that any more. Older generations focused on the old fashion way of thinking because they were afraid that when assimilating the newer generations would forget their heritage. Many came for the American dream and many Hispanic Americans thrived here. Change is natural, the moment Hispanics began living the American Dream was the moment change began and that was the point. It is important for Hispanics to know about their heritage and making sure that they do not forget it.

It is also important for Hispanics to continue thriving in America however that cannot be achieved without being consumed by American culture. It is not a bad thing to assimilate into America and that is something my parents are afraid of. I am just part of a group among other groups with different heritages. America was dominated by what seemed to be the same group for hundreds of years which was composed of white elite. Today it is composed of hundreds of cultures from around the globe. By enriching ourselves with our heritage we help diversify the nation which supports the idea of America being an international country.