Hispanics Essay

Hispanic Americans: Into the mainstream or the margins Jose Diaz & Lorena Jimenez Summary: Concepts and barriers are drawn to further examine Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans which are three of the largest Hispanic groups living in the United States in relationship to migration and settlement patterns, economical, social and political developments. Main Theme: Hispanic presence in the U. S. is becoming more pronounce over time and examining the conditions of individuals subgroups can help make improvements and create relationships / networks within the social, conomical and political for well being of all groups living in the United States.

Cl Means of migration patterns and conditions differ from all three subgroup. I. e. Social & political conditions, class and education. 0 Settlement patterns & conditions affect the economical success and assimilation. I. e. Racism, circular migration, enclave economy. 2 New Insights 1. Hispanics will be and has been a significant component of the IJS population and will increase by 238 % by the year 2050 2. The importance of understanding circular migration patterns in Puerto Rican communities and that by not mphasizing on resource and institution building has not allowed economical growth.

One example from your direct experience & another from the media Discussion (minimum of 25 words 3 Questions for further and deeper thoughts 1st Question: 2nd Question: 3rd Question: Evaluation Jose M Diaz Two things that worked: Interest in topic Easy to understand reading material Student 2’s name Two things that need improvement What will do differently? Need to find more time to study Maintain as a team. Get work done earlier to have time to review Print material.