History Background And Nature Of Business Computer Science Essay

Halo Box Karaoke is a new karaoke which established in 2007 at Penang, Malaysia.

Halo Box Karaoke is set up with the mission of making a new healthy karaoke amusement civilization in Malaysia. It has infused itself as one of the most preferable vocalizing, leisure and assemblage topographic point for household and friend. The combination of karaoke, eating houses, and watching latest music picture in single suites which had received positive feedback from most users as it were run in “ lounge manner ” .

Halo Box Karaoke was founded by Mr. Michael Chan, which has 10 old ages experience in amusement field. Besides that, Mr. Michael Chan is the manager of the Halo Box Karaoke itself. Halo Box are utilizing the most advanced vocal engineering, a broad music database, professional audio-visuals and the best mikes to set every users into a right temper at the right topographic point. Furthermore, A Halo Box Karaoke besides created a centralised hub for the strategian and experts in interchanging thoughts for multicultural Malayan market every bit good as to cultivating a whole new healthy karaoke amusement civilization in Malaysia.Presents, Halo Box Karaoke has 3 mercantile establishments in Malaysia.

There are 2 mercantile establishments at Penang and 1 mercantile establishment at Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, Halo Box Karaoke has planned to spread out the concern by addition more mercantile establishments at Kuala Lumpur. Halo Box Karaoke is confronting a few rivals in the field. Such as Red Box Karaoke and Neway Karaoke Box, which the rivals has more experience and more sound repute as comparison to Halo Box Karaoke. To vie with other, Halo Box Karaoke ever provides the best environment and the most beforehand vocal engineering.Furthermore, Halo Box Karaoke besides provides different bundle of service to carry through the demand of different group of user. Halo Box Karaoke is aim to supply the best audio-visual karaoke environment to accomplish best karaoke experience and supply the cleanliness, comfy, and safety leisure environment for household and friend to garnering. They ever work toward the mission by created a slogan “ Professional, Innovative, Hygienic, Safe ” to construct an image to demo that they are modern and various amusement service supplier.

Organization Chart Halo Box Karaoke is utilizing the centralised system.All the determination is direct control by the manager which including develops the new information system. They have common coverage systems which help salvage a batch of clip and the determination is easier to do.

Part B: Current Applications of IT/ IS in Halo Box Based on the research on the Halo Box Karaoke, each of the section has their ain personal computing machine whether desktop computing machine or laptop computing machine or touch screen computing machine to keep their occupation decently. Besides that, each of the section uses the different hardware when it is necessary for them.In Halo Box for different section use the different package to finish the occupation. The below is describe the each of section utilizing which type hardware, package and their map. Reception Department In the response section, they serve the client and have tellers to let clients made payment on the section. The section provided one unit of Toshiba Touch Screen Computer, Desktop Personal Computer, particular keyboard, reception pressman, recognition card machine and hard currency registry machine.

The Toshiba Touch Screen computing machine which is allows the section staffs to enter the informations without utilizing mouse.Furthermore, the response is besides provided keyboards with programmable key. Each of the particular keys of keyboards is besides holding their ain key strokes that perform particular maps within the point of gross revenues package. Besides that, Halo Box Karaoke has the recognition card machine ( SHARP Brand ) and hard currency registry machine ( SHARP Brand ) that allow the client wage by recognition card or hard currency. The grosss will publish out from the reception pressman ( SHARP Brand ) when the payment made by the clients.The section is besides utilizing the same Toshiba Touch Screen Computer on the section and usage F & A ; B Point of Gross saless Software to set up their client to the available room and the package will besides put a clip bound for each room. When utilizing the point of gross revenues package, it will assist the section to name all the room of the karaoke and inform the section staff on whether the room is available. Furthermore, the point of gross revenues package will besides inform the section staff on the clip bound of the room and section staff will so responsible to inform the client that the clip bound is reached.

Besides that, the Reception Department has one Toshiba desktop personal computing machine to enter the member enrollment. The Reception Department was utilizing Microsoft Office Access 2007 to maintain all the clients detail such as the client name, age, gender, reference, birthday, telephone figure, e-mail reference and member card ‘s figure. By utilizing Microsoft Office Access, the package will assist the tellers to follow their member item with lone key in the client name ; it will automatically filtrate all the item among the member.

Kitchen Department Based on the research of the Kitchen Department provides merely one Touch Screen Computer allow the chefs and the servers use the computing machine. In the Kitchen Department, the Toshiba Touch Screen Computer is to guarantee that servers can put the client ‘s order into the computing machine with the F & A ; B Point of Gross saless Software. In the point of gross revenues package, it provided bill of fare of nutrient and drink, the entire measure of nutrient and drink that available for sale and the monetary value of nutrient and drink.Besides that, clients order will be recorded by the servers through point of gross revenues package to inform chefs about the client ‘s order.

Furthermore, this package allows the servers to call off the client ‘s order instantly if the clients cancel the order. In add-on, the F & A ; B Point of Gross saless Software besides includes a particular diagram on like a “ done ” diagram on the Toshiba Touch Screen Computer. When the nutrient or drink was bringing to the clients, the chefs merely need to touch the “ done ” diagram, the client ‘s order list will instantly direct to the response section for charging the order.Accounting Department In the Accounting Department, the constituent of the hardware was provided is two units Toshiba Desktop Personal Computer, two unit of optical mouse which is utilizing the optical maser visible radiation to observe the motion. The trade name of the optical mouse is Edvan Brand. Besides that, one unit of the Cannon Brand optical maser pressman is use by publishing all the one-year study, fiscal statement and general leger. Besides that, Accounting Department is utilizing UBS Accounting Software 9.

version to enter day-to-day minutess such as the recognition and debit dealing and cipher the day-to-day net income after gross revenues less the cost.UBS Accounting Software will provided many map such as automatically to sum the entire sum, merely necessitate to enter the same client information or provider information for one clip and supply the security to the package to avoid unauthorised individual to come in. Besides that, the Accounting Department uses the desktop personal computing machine to manually enter the day-to-day gross revenues as a backup file on the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to avoid the loss of the information.Human Resource Department Human Resource Department is responsible for recruiting, promote, and preparation.

The information system will pull off and hive away the information of employees such as holiday, benefit, forces and personal information. The section usage one desktop personal computing machine, electronic clock machine and one pressman to keep their section occupation. In the Human Resource Department is utilizing one Toshiba Desktop Personal Computer to storage and enter the information of the employee, such as personal specific.Besides that, Halo Box is utilizing the SHARP Brand Electronic Clock Machine which connects with same personal computing machine that allows the employees to plug the card on the electronic clock machine when in and out the karaoke. And director can look into whose is arrived on clip or late on the computing machine. After that, human resource director uses the computerized manual paysheet system called ZPAY Software to keep the employee ‘s information such as to enter the employee ‘s personal information, employee ‘s wage, fillip and allowance.End of the each month, they will fix studies and used to fix revenue enhancement fillings, and supply analytical information.

The human resource director can based this study to do determination such as provide preparation, deficit of workers, addition wages based in their public presentation. They besides use Microsoft Office Word 2007 package in their day-to-day work. Such as prepare missive to workers and fix study. Besides that, Canon Laser pressman is usage for the section staffs to publish the faux pas of the wage and besides the missive or study. Information Technology ( IT ) DepartmentInformation Technology Department is responsible to plan, execution, maintain, proving the information system in their company. It ‘s to guarantee all the system in good status. WIFI system is besides managed by the IT section.

The WIFI system is purchased application from TMNET with 32bits and the modem is supplying from TMNET. IT Department besides has the Toshiba laptop personal computing machine usage to buy the right of first publication vocal on the cyberspace with the particular seller on cyberspace such as mvdbase. com and hypertext transfer protocol: //www. avrev. om and send by utilizing overseas telegram to each room audio ocular karaoke system for each room.

The IT Department is duty to plan a good cyberspace web site for their company. IT Department uses the same laptop personal computing machine to make or keep the web page. In their web site can demo their company image and utilizing use cyberspace to electronic communicating with clients. In Halo box web sites have list down their latest publicities, pricing and event. They besides use electronic-mail to remind their client latest intelligence, publicity and information to clients.

Now they are design member zone in their web site to give their member can subscribe in to cognize their member point and so on. They besides design vacancy country and client message board in web site. It will let individual cheque which place occupation still available and can walk in interview. And roll up the client message and send to Marketing Department. Selling and Customers Department The Marketing Department is responsible for researching the market, new merchandise development and development in the relation to merchandises, merchandise mix, markets, market section, publicity, pricing distribution and gross revenues.

The Marketing Department are utilizing cyberspace to seek their rival and cognize their latest publicity so they can ever do accommodation. Marketing section is utilizing the Toshiba laptop personal computing machine to pull off their work. It is easy for them to transport out the occupation which is portable. Selling Department are use Microsoft Office Word 2007 package to plan the questionnaire and print out to give clients to make research. Besides that, they besides use the Microsoft Office Word 2007 to plan the circular or any advertizement.The Marketing Department besides collect the clients message from ain web page about the ailment and better their clients service.

Besides that, the Marketing Department will do the tele-communication to phone clients to advance their event of their company. Furthermore, the Marketing Department will acquire the gross revenues information from accounting section through electronic-mail. Following, the selling will utilize computing machine to plan the information from accounting section to show in the monthly meeting.Besides that, the Marketing Department has their ain Canon Laser Printer to publish the circular or advertizement. Part C: IT/IS Application Help to Change/ Manage the Organization Decision Making and the Business Process in Halo Box The each of the section for Halo Box Karaoke, they link the information for each other. Most of them is utilizing the personal electronic mail or working paper to portion the information. The full section is use package how to pull off the work and execute the occupation. The undermentioned section is depicting how the information nexus and pull off their work:Reception Department The of import responsibility for the Reception Department is to function the clients on the coming and roll up the payment from the clients.

Based on the research for the Reception Department, the section will look into or set up the room whether is available for the clients coming utilizing the F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless Software. F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless Software will demo the each room is available with the simple diagram and two coloring materials such as green for available and ruddy for non available.Besides that, the point of gross revenues package besides provides the clip bound for each room show on the touch screen computing machine. Largely, it is allow clients enjoy the 3 hours in the room. When the clip is over, the points of sale package will inform the staffs and the staffs will manually travel through the room to inform the clients. However, clients can add more few hours when the clients are over clip and pay excess payment. The staffs will enter and put once more the clip with the F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless Software.

Other than serve the clients on the arrange room, the Reception Department will besides let the clients to doing the member for the Halo Box. Reception Department is uses the Microsoft Office Access 2007 manually record the personal peculiar signifier the clients. After that, the staffs will supply the member card to the clients with the id figure. Personal peculiar and the alone figure for the clients will storage in the desktop personal computing machine and easy for the hereafter to seek the member utilizing the package.Member ‘s item will direct to the Marketing Department with print on the paper or direct with electronic mail.

The feedback signifier will direct to the Marketing Department. When the payment made by the clients, the F & A ; B Point of sale package automatically add together with the order nutrient signifier kitchen and minus the member monetary value when the clients show the member card in early phase. The monetary values besides show on the touch screen computing machine. The clients can do whether any two payment, hard currency or recognition card.Once the clients pay the hard currency, the hard currency will maintain in the hard currency registry machine. The recognition card machine is allows the clients pay by recognition card.

Besides that, on the F & A ; B point of gross revenues package besides automatically change to member monetary value when at the get downing the clients show the member card or id figure. The reception pressman will publish out original transcript to the clients and 2nd transcript to the Reception Department. Then the 2nd transcript or electronic mail will direct by Reception Department to the Accounting Department in daily.Kitchen Department The servers will take order the nutrient from the clients with piece of the paper to record. After that, the servers will identify into the touch screen computing machine with the F & A ; B Point of Sale Software inside of the kitchen and besides let the chefs to look into the order key in by servers.

On the point of gross revenues package, it besides shows the nutrient diagram and how many home bases available to function for client. How many home bases available are records by the chefs in the early phase when the chefs prepare the nutrient.Besides that, the chefs can look into the stock is available or non by utilizing the F & A ; B point of gross revenues package show the measure of the stock.

However, the clients need to extra add in or call off the order, must personally walk to the kitchen section to state the servers. The package allows the servers to add in or call off the order by utilizing the F & A ; B Point of Gross saless package from the clients. If the nutrient is in the procedure, the orders are non allow call offing by client. When the nutrient is send to the clients, servers will touch on the screen to advise the nutrient is bringing.Then the order will automatically direct to the Reception Department, and it is easy for the Reception Department to cipher the payment for the clients.

Reception Department and the Kitchen Department are utilizing the same trade name computing machine, so that their computing machine can associate to each other. Accounting Department Accountant Manager will be received the day-to-day sale record from Reception Department through electronic mail or send by response personally. Accounting Department is responsible to roll up all the informations and recorded the gross revenues by utilizing UBS package.The UBS package merely allows the accountant director have the authorization to put watchword and alter the information.

It does will avoid accounting staffs purpose or unwilled alteration and cancel the information. So that, accounting staffs are need blessing and watchword from accountant director when made the history is errors. Besides that, the UBS package provides the backup file to let the accounting section salvage another transcript into the desktop personal computing machine in the specific booklet that create booklet by the UBS package.Accounting staffs will be use the desktop forces computing machine to manually enter another day-to-day sale as a backup file on the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to avoid when the UBS package is system down. Besides that, accounting staffs needed to publish out the one-year study, fiscal statement and general leger by utilizing pressman at the terminal of the months. Accountant Manager will be tracking back the file on UBS package and Microsoft Office Excel 2007. It is to do certain that the history is balance and accurate.

At last, Accountant Manager will subscribe on the paperss when confirm the information is accurate. Furthermore, the Accountant Manager is required to O. K. and signature on the check of salary. Accountant Manager is received the faux pas of the wage by utilizing ZPAY paysheet system from Human Resource Department and fix the check for the employees. Any salary, fillip and allowances of the employees are prepared by the Accounting Department. Human Resource Department Human Resource section is responsible to enrolling the staffs, allocate the place and provided preparation.When the new staffs are hired, the director will be utilizing the computerized manual paysheet system ( ZPAY Software ) recorded the personal item and let updating the information in the hereafter.

The information system will be store automatically. Human Resource Department is provided electronic clock machine which for the punch card use. All the staffs are required to plug card on the electronic clock machine when they are arrived. The electronic clock machine which is connects with the human resource section ‘s computing machine. Manager can look into through by utilizing computing machine whether whose is on clip or tardily.The electronic clock machine which is connects with desktop personal computing machine which can let the Human Resource Manager to cipher the wage of the staff. It will be more efficient and save clip comparison with calculate based on the punch card ink machine. The Human Resource Manager besides will enter the monthly wage utilizing the computerized manual paysheet system and public presentation of the staff.

Last, Human Resource Manager will publish out the faux pas of the wage on the paper and base on balls to the Accounting Department to O. K. the wage for employee. End of the month, Human Resource Manager will fix studies and used to fix revenue enhancement fillings, and supply analytical information. So that, director can based this study to do determination such as provide preparation, supply allowances, addition wages based on their public presentation. Information Technology ( IT ) Department The coder from the Information Technology section will put the WIFI watchword and direct the watchword to the Reception Department by utilizing personal electronic mail.Customer can acquire the watchword from the Reception Department for online.

The watchword of the WIFI system will be alteration for every hebdomad to avoid their neighbor or rival to utilizing their WIFI system. With the WIFI system, coder can research the seller by utilizing the cyberspace to guarantee that it has any new vocal was being promote. After select the new vocal, coder demand to pay the right of first publication fee to the seller and download from the seller websites such as mvdbase.Following, the coder will utilize their personal laptop connect to each room audio ocular karaoke system by utilizing overseas telegram to put in the new vocal. After put in the new vocal to all the room, coder will upload the new vocal inside their karaoke websites to inform their client about the new vocal was been provided. Programmer besides received the circular or advertizement from Marketing Department by personal electronic mail. Thereafter, the IT Department will upload the publicity and event into the Halo Box Webpage.

Selling and Customer Department Selling and client section will have the member item from the Reception Department sending by the paper or electronic mail. The Marketing Department will enter once more the member personal specific into the Microsoft Office Access package into the laptop personal specific. Following, the Marketing Department based on the ain Microsoft Office Assess and direct the publicity such as the birthday price reduction publicity to their client and direct the happy birthday verifier to the client by utilizing electronic mail.The verifier was send to the client will be provided the specific day of the month to avoid the struggle with the client. In add-on, the Marketing Department besides can utilize the phone to pass on with the member about the publicity of birthday price reduction. Marketing Department will plan the circular and the advertizement by utilizing the Microsoft Office Word 2007 and will direct it to the Information Technology Department to post on the Halo Box web site. Other than that, Marketing Department besides print out the circular or advertizement by utilizing their ain pressman.Furthermore, Marketing Department will see the ailment and feedback from their personal web sites and the signifier receive from Reception Department.

The Marketing Department will value all the feedback and the ailment from the client. Marketing Department needs to cognize what client ailments are and which sections need to better. After the analysis, Marketing Department will inform to the related section to do the betterment by utilizing electronic mail or phone call. Part D: Analyze countries of strengths and failings for the current IT/IS application used.Based on the research on the IT application for the Halo Box Karaoke, they have some strengths and failing on the IT application to run the occupation and concern. Reception Department The F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless package make the strength for the Reception Department and derive some benefits for the section.

The F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless Software allow the Reception Department to cognize whether the suites of karaoke is available which have made the tellers more convenience in arrange the suites for clients.The tellers may able to cognize all the status of the suites through the point of gross revenues package. This will assist the tellers to salvage clip as they do non necessitate to personally look into on the status of the suites. It is easy for the staffs to look into room available by utilizing the F ; A ; B Points of Gross saless and salvage the service clip, and besides minimise the waiting clip for the client. In this package is salvage the service clip and convenience for the staffs at the beginning phase.Furthermore, the point of gross revenues package has set a clip bound for each room and so informs the tellers on the clip bound of each room. This may besides assist the tellers to enter the clip bound of each with more accurate. As the tellers no demand to enter the clip of client start use the room manually, the package will put the clip bound for each automatically after the tellers register the client to the room.

If the tellers record the clip bound manually on the book, the tellers may cipher incorrect clip bound. In decision, the point of gross revenues system made the work of the tellers become easier and more convenience.However, the F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless Software did non a map which automatically inform the clients on their clip bound in the room. The staffs have to inform the clients personally about their clip bound has reached after the package informs the staffs on the clip bound. The F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless package does non associate to each room to inform the clients and it is non convenience for the staffs. This is really clip consuming and the staffs have to make excess work to inform the client on their clip bound.The staffs manually inform client about the times is over and it cause the staffs incommodiousness at the last phase Microsoft Office Access 2007 helps the tellers work more effectual and efficient.

Through utilizing the Microsoft Office Access 2007, after the tellers first clip record the member item, in 2nd clip the tellers merely have to identify in the personal individuality card figure or member ID figure as the Microsoft Office Access 2007 will automatic filter the name of member. Compare to the Microsoft Office Word 2007, the tellers need to look into the name one by one without fitter map.This map has helps the tellers to follow back the item of member easier and besides clip salvaging on the hunt the item of members. If the members have any alteration for the item, the teller easy to happen the pervious item and upgrade manually. Microsoft Office Access allows the tellers easy to follow back and filter all the item for the members to salvage the searching clip to happen out the item.

However, Microsoft Office Access 2007 is merely suited for little and average concern ; Access may difficulty in covering with informations that more than 2GB in size.As the response may cover with different clients for registry as member, the Access may non able to treat the informations decently if the size of information record has larger than 1GB. It is hard for the concern when the concern wants to spread out and more client item storage in the Microsoft Office Access 2007 and do limited storage to maintain the item of member. Kitchen Department Strengths of F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless for the kitchen section is The F ; A ; B Point of Gross saless package allows the chefs to look into the available stock in the shop.This aid the chefs save clip and made their work more convenience. As the chefs can look into the stock available in the shop through one of the map of the package, so the chefs do non necessitate to travel to the shop personally to cipher the stock available in the shop. The chefs can decline the stock when the stock is empty show on the point of gross revenues package. It is convenience for the chefs to salvage the clip for personally to look into the stock and besides have the adequate clip to function and fix the nutrient for the client.

Furthermore, the package allows the servers to call off the order if the clients do non desire the orders. The servers can rapidly inform the chefs on the order are cancel by the clients, so the chefs can rapidly respond before start prepares the nutrient and drink. The package besides provided a “ Done ” diagram on the package, after the chefs has done fix the nutrient and base on balls to the servers the chef may touch on the “ Done ” diagram to corroborate that the nutrient have deliver.Through this map, the chefs can cognize easy whether the nutrient and drink had delivers to client or non to do certain no dual fix the order. It is salvage the money on the dual prepare and besides do non blow the nutrient.

Point of Gross saless has the suited map for the kitchen section on during prepare the nutrient and after the nutrient is send to clients. However, at the get downing the order nutrient and imbibe must enter on the paper and walk to the kitchen. It is waste the clip and the paper cost record the order made by clients so inform the chefs on the nutrient order.Sometimes, the servers will do a human mistake such as recording equipment incorrect order manually and identify into the point of gross revenues package in the incorrect order. If the servers record the incorrect order will impact the otiose nutrient in incorrect preparing in the kitchen.

Human mistake will be made by the new staffs when order the nutrient from the clients. The day-to-day work flow of the section may increase twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours since the concern may be expands. There are necessary to go on updating the version of the point of gross revenues package to cover with day-to-day work flow.As the old version of package may non able carry through the demand to assist the section to function their client more effectual.

The package may run inaccurate when the information of the client become larger. There is conformity of cost to updating the package, farther the hardware may besides necessitate to update to accommodate with the updating package as the old hardware may non able run the new package. The updating cost for the package can be result in important go oning disbursals, the benefit for such investing can merely be seeing in long-run based. Accounting DepartmentUBS package have include different system to let the section several of work such covering with day-to-day gross revenues, purchase and charge. The package has provides a proper system let the accounting staffs to enter the dealing. The staffs of accounting section merely need to identify in the dealing and the system will automatic cipher the dealing and fit the dealing to relevant bill, such as the gross revenues dealing and the monthly balance sheet. This can assist in cut down human mistake by calculate the sum manually.

The study made by the package is more accurate than personally record in the book.Besides that, the systems help the accounting staffs to equilibrate all the dealing and supply the study of dealing. The director can utilize the dealing study to doing the determination on the hereafter. Mangers can based on the study to cut cost or spread out the concern. Furthermore, the UBS package besides provides backup map when to hold another transcript for the study. If the original file had been corrupted, the director still has backup file to reconstruct. It is cut downing the clip on redo once more when the original file is corrupted.

The UBS package besides provides proper security to protect the information. With the design of the package, merely authorized user can login with watchword and username to enter the informations into the system. Furthermore, to forestall any unauthorised alteration on the information. If the accounting staffs needs to do amendment on the information, a particular authorized has to accomplish from the director to demo the true and carnival of the information. It is avoid the unauthorised individual to alter the information in the hereafter.This package has the good security and control for the unauthorised individual to entree the information.

However UBS package has the failing for the concern. There is requires the accounting staffs to hold a certain degree of expertness to utilize the UBS package, as the UBS package included several type of system. The accounting staffs may non familiar with all the system. Excess preparation has to carry on for the accounting staffs to larn how to utilize the package in contrary, it increases a preparation cost.