Hitachi a lack of a work permit for

Hitachi should focus on different scales of recruitment process while deciding on the workforce to be
employed in Pakistan. For example, Hitachi must consider a potential employee from Pakistan if he’s to
be hired on the position of worker’s supervisor. Similarly, if the for the machinery workers and laborers it
would be better to hire them from Pakistan instead of bringing in workers from Japan to Pakistan which
would be an additional cost to the project. The training cost for the newly hired laborers would not be as
high as the cost compared to having Japanese Laborers for the project. For the technical engineers and
the high-level managers, it’s preferred that Hitachi sends its own employees on such assignments. It’s
essential for a project of such caliber to be implemented with the highest quality standards.
According to (Dowling & Welch , 2004) the key factors which Hitachi must consider for Expatriate Selection
can be categorized into two types i.e. individual and situational factors. The factors are as follows:
Individual Factors
• Technical Ability: The person’s ability to contribute to the assignment is one of the most
important aspect of the selection process. The person need to possess the technical expertise
relevant to the project before Hitachi makes the decision of sending him to Pakistan.
• Cross-cultural Suitability: It is highly important the person employed has a cross-cultural
suitability which covers the language skills, cultural empathy, attitude toward new cultures and
the level of emotional stability. (Dowling & Welch , 2004)
• Family Requirements: Hitachi needs to take into account the immediate family responsibilities
the employee has to fulfill. It is upon the shoulders of the spouse to manage early family
settlement and make things comfortable for the family.
Now coming to the situational factors
Situational Factors
• Country/Cultural Requirements: Pakistan’s cultural requirement should be considered while
making the decision to send an employee for international assignment. In some cases, a lack of a
work permit for the accompanying spouse may create problems in adjusting. Some regions might
be remote areas away from city life which may make it difficult to access daily necessities
• Language Ability: Knowledge of the host country’s language makes the candidate more suitable
for the assignment. However, in the case of Pakistan as English is the official language it would
not be a significant factor but it would help the person and his/her family to feel more contended
in the environment.
• Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Requirements: The MNE requirements have a significant impact
on the decision making and the selection criteria to use. The person should be aware of the
company’s existing practices and policies so that he can train locals with the required amount of