Hobbit Essay

I will be talking about Gandalf’s role in the story and how he is like a father figure to Bilbo.

The Hobbit was wrote by J. R. R. Tolkien.

We first see Gandalf at the beginning of the story when he meets Bilbo at his hobbit hole. The first impression the story gives us about Gandalf is he is wise and every time he visits he tells adventourus stories. Gandalf is a old wise wizard, who isn’t interested in the gold the dwarves were looking for but to push Bilbo into a new life style. Gandalf’s role in the story is being a leader to the Bilbo and the other dwarves.

Gandalf is the leader because he saves Bilbo and the dwarves from the trolls when he tricks the trolls to argue on how to eat them until the sun came up and turned them to stone. Later on in the journey Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves went to shelter to rest until they were ambushed by orcs and taken hostage, but Gandalf evaded being captured since he heard them coming. Just shortly after Gandalf kills the Great Goblin with his sword Glamdring. These encounters show how important Gandalf is and why he is the leader.Gandalf is like a father figure to Bilbo. Gandalf first demonstrates this by insisting Bilbo to go on the adventure so he can try new things and experience the Took side in him. Later on in the story Gandalf disrupts Bilbo’s conventionality and entrust him to lead the dwarves after he leaves.

This shows the trust Gandalf has for Bilbo to lead the group for there destination. Gandalf is also like a father figure to Pip because Gandalf inspires Bilbo to push harder and try to improve himself.Gandalf doesn’t accompany Bilbo and the dwarves all the way to Lonely Mountain because Gandalf wants Bilbo to grow and become the leader of the dwarves. Gandalf leaves to help fight the necromancer but it’s a perfect opportunity for Bilbo to leave his protected environment. We see Bilbo grow as a leader and develop his Tookish side.

Bilbo starts being more independent, responsible, and creative. Later at the end of the “Battle Of Five Armies” Gandalf returns and sees the transformation of Bilbo and what he accomplished . Over all Gandalf was one of the important characters in this novel.Without Gandalf Bilbo and the dwarves might have not survived and find Throrin’s treasure. Also without Gandalf, Bilbo might have never experienced this adventure.

Which means Bilbo might have been the same respected, well to do hobbit doing the same thing every day. He also wouldn’t gain the confidence and leadership skills he had developed. It seems like one person can change every ones lives. Without Gandalf pushing Bilbo to go on the adventure, maybe the dwarves wouldn’t have survived and Smaug remains to keep the treasure and rule everyone.