Holden Caulfield Character Analysis Essay

When Holder is in the presence of the better: such as his sister, his teacher M . Anatolian, Jane Gallagher, and when he is in peaceful environments, such as the park, he acts as a civil and respectful gentleman. Holder represents himself as someone who truly cares about others when he is around the best. He cared about his sister’s wellbeing and his sister’s up bringing. When Holder was looking at his sister’s journal it was apparent to the reader that H olden worried about his sister. The most evident sign of Holder’s love and concern for his sister is when he gave Phoebe his red hunting cap.

The hat was Holder’s security and one of the only things that connected him to Allele. In order for Holder to give something up that he Exeter mealy cherished, the person in which he is handing it off to must have meant a lot to him. Hold en did not typically have meaningful conversations with his elders. However, Mr.. Anatolian was one adult that Holder actually respected and admired. When Holder at first visited his old teacher, he was very polite and mature. Holder actually had a detailed conversation with Mr.. Antoine and he was not short with him. Holder listened and actually took into thought what Mr..

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Anatolian WA saying to him. Holder’s interactions with Mr.. Anatolian completely differ from those with Mr.. S pincer. Holder’s opinion of Mr.. Anatolian changes after a short visit but at first, Holder is a very different person around Mr.. Anatolian. Compared to how he is with other adults, Holder acts dramatically more mature and civil. Jane Gallagher is Holder’s love. She never IS physically a part of the story, but she is very frequently thought about by Holder. Jane brings back re ally positive memories to Holder. She keeps him optimistic and in a way also causes him pain.

However, whenever Holder does think about Jane, he is in a very peaceful state of mind . Jane brings Holder back to the state of mind where he does not care about sex and only wants true love. The park is a place that acts as a safe haven for Holder. When Holder is at the par k, he is often very quiet and acts as a civil human being. Holder is a much better person when h e is around people who represent friendly and respectful characters. When Holder is in the presence of the worst and/ or the people he dislikes such as Seedeater, Mr.. Spencer, and Luck he acts as a completely different person.

Star adulate is a person who really upsets Holder. The idea Of Seedeater with Jane infuriates Holder. S dragster’s personality and the way in which he represents himself also gets under Holed en’s skin. Before Holder leaves Pence, a fight breaks out between Seedeater and Holder. A is De that a reader had never seen of Holder came out when Seedeater began to push Holder’s butt ions. Holder was extremely aggressive and spiteful against Seedeater. Seedeater brought out a very rebellious and violent side of Holder. While Mr.. Spencer makes Holder act disrespectful and snobby.