Home Agent In Melaka Computer Science Essay

Home agent plays an of import function to assist people to happen their abode belongingss such as house, room and flat in a convenience manner.

Through place agent, people can happen rental or gross revenues abode belongingss at any topographic points. Beside this, people can look for more information about the abode belongingss. Therefore, Online Home Agent Website is created to assist people can seek or happen abode belongingss that suit their demand through online. Beside this, clients can do verification through online after they make determination to purchase, rent or book for the abode belongingss. After that, SMS presentment system will implement to advise to house proprietor.

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Furthermore, Online Home Agent Website can assist house proprietor to lease out and sell their house, room or flat. In add-on, this web site will be created by JavaScript, CSS or PHP linguistic communication to do the web page more attractive. Furthermore, study questionnaire will be distributed to 30 users in Melaka to understand their perceptual experience towards utilizing Online Home Agent Website.As stated in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary ( 2010 ) , Home is the “ societal unit formed by a household populating together ” and is a topographic point for people to let go of emphasis.

Home is an indispensable portion in our life. Home is a topographic point that can give us a comfy topographic point after acquiring back from working topographic point or school and it is a topographic point that give household members sharing felicity and sadness. Most peoples will believe that merely place can give them what they want and give them to trust for support and trust.

1.2 Problem Statement

The easier and faster manner to assist clients to seek for rental or gross revenues abode belongingss is through place agents. Home agents have of import duty to help clients to turn up rental or gross revenues abode belongingss as fast as possible and they may happen the house, room and flat that meet client ‘s demand.

With Online Home Agent Website, clients can easy seek out for more abode belongingss that suit their demand.AWith Online Home Agent Website, clients can salvage their clip to happen the lease or sale abode belongingss and extinguish fuss to drive around in Melaka provinces, particularly for occupants from other provinces in Malaysia or alien that are non familiar with Melaka province. Therefore, they can happen out rental or gross revenues abode belongingss easy when wants to remain longer in Melaka.When clients want to look for rental or gross revenues abode belongingss, they can happen for aid to see Online Home Agent Website to link with their favourite agents.

Therefore, clients can utilize convenience manner to look for place agents with online.Some of the place agent web sites are deficiency of Short Message Service ( SMS ) presentment system, for illustration “ caribilik.com ” place agent ‘s web site.

Without SMS presentment system, clients can non go forth the messages for house proprietors or place agents after clients are make determination to lease or purchase to the peculiar abode belongings.Therefore, when place agents found the suited or ideal house, room or flat that meet client ‘s demands, SMS presentment system can be used as a notify mechanism for place agents to direct out the item information to inform that peculiar customer.AIn add-on, SMS presentment system besides has another indispensable map for place agents to direct presentment message to clients after verification of dealing through online between clients and house proprietor.

Therefore, this map can give confidence to clients after on-line dealing. A

1.3 Project Objective

In this undertaking, Online Home Agent Website is developed in order to assist users who are looking for a house, room or flat, and house proprietors who wish to publicize their houses, suites or flats for rent or sale. Therefore, the aim for this undertaking is:To help people to seek, rent or sell their house, room or flat in a convenient manner.

1.4 Project Scope

This online place agent ‘s service is designed for client to happen rental or sale abode belongingss in the shortest possible clip.

Therefore, several Scopess will be introduced, there are:Notification message will be sent to proprietor after client makes verification to purchase or lease for abode belongingss and after enrollment procedure success.Included rental and gross revenues abode belongingss in Melaka province.Users for Online Home Agent Website are house proprietors and clients which are members or non-members.Clients are allowed to compose information that fulfills their demands if they can non happen for suited house or room.

House proprietor can update their abode belongingss information.

1.5 Restriction

There are some restrictions on the maps of the Online Home Agent Website:Confined to the abode belongingss in Melaka merely.This place agent ‘s service is a web-based application ; hence, users need to hold some cognition about computing machine operation and cyberspace.

1.6 Significance of StudyA

The survey on this Online Home Agent Website may help:International pupils or pupils from other provinces of Malaysia to happen a room or house.Overseas or local workers who want to look for suites or houses.

House proprietors to publicize the abode belongingss that to be rented out or sold.

1.7 Definition of Footings

Home AgentIt is defined as a system that helps clients to happen or turn up abode belongingss to lease every bit fast as possible.Residence PropertiesIn this undertaking, abode belongingss are bespeaking to houses, suites and flats.

1.8 Organization of ChaptersA

Chapter 1 is Introduction which involves screen Overview, Problem statement, Project aim, Project range, Limitation, Significance of survey and Definition of footings and Organization of chapters.Chapter 2 is Literature Review which includes General statement, Previous research about determination doing factor to buy or lease residential belongings and presentment system, and research about Current place agent system.Chapter 3 is Methodology which consists of Tools and Technique that use in web-based application and SMS presentment system, Software and hardware demands, Questionnaire, Procedure in roll uping informations, and Analysis of informations.Chapter 4 is discuss Proposed Solution and Implementation Plan/ Design which comprise charts and diagrams and paradigm of Online Home Agent Website.

Chapter 5 is Conclusion that summarizes whole study and Future work.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

In our state, there have many web sites that are relevant to the online place agent service. With place agent service, it allows clients or clients to seek for the suited abode belongingss they might interested to lease or purchase. Home agent service is the easiest manner to happen out the houses, suites or flats that meet client ‘s demand for any topographic points. Beside this, it might salvage the clip for clients to seek about the information of residential belongings.

2.2 Previous Research


2.1 Decision Making Factor to Purchase or Rent Residential Property

When rental or purchasing the house or room, there are many factor might be considered before the buying or rental. Gu, Liu, and Jia ( 2006 ) stated that clients will do determination based on the life steadily and value of house that is related to degree of lodging market.

Some clients will believe that certain lodging lands can take them from gaining considerable net income in the hereafter and see whether it is deserving to do investing to accomplish in long-run net income or short-run net income.Gu, Liu, and Jia ( 2006 ) said that the determination to buy the house is based on economic capableness that related to income of household. This is because if the monetary value of the abode is addition, it may diminish the investing to the abodes for low income household and particularly to the immature people.In add-on, Gu, Liu, and Jia ( 2006 ) besides think that some clients might believe that the lodging monetary value with rental ratio is non ideal for them and this besides is a chief factor for rental pick of clients. This is because lodging monetary value in market is straight related to the degree of household income or payment.Furthermore, Takizawa, Yoshida, and Katoh ( 2007 ) said that the value of the house or some belongings is depends on that peculiar belongings ‘s feature.

Some of the monetary value of a lodging is depends on many factor such as seize country, occupied country of the house, installations and others.ATakizawa, Yoshida, and Katoh ( 2007 ) A found that the room layout of a house can strongly impact the client determination for house lease. Customers will see whether room or house ‘s construction and manner can carry through their requirement.A For illustration, some of them may be unsatisfy about the place of the kitchen in the house or the parlour design of that peculiar house. Some of them might establish that the lodging environment is good plenty but the house country is excessively broad for them.Yu and Yu ( 2009 ) found that most of the rental market will lift on the start of the twelvemonth that international pupils begin for their academic. Besides that, because of the rises of rental market, some of the occupants are make investing to more houses belongings merely wants to lease for others occupants.


2.2 Presentment System

Jeng and Drissi ( 2000 ) have developed Predictive Event Notification System ( PENS ) with two utile map that included Event Notification Service ( ENS ) and Event Prediction Service ( EPS ) to do successful to e-commerce market which is on-line dealing for merchandising or purchasing.Jeng and Drissi ( 2000 ) said that Event Notification Service ( ENS ) allows purchasers and Sellerss have real-time presentment and the dealing between purchasers and Sellerss that can be informed with the payment dealing and bringing clip, ENS is related to print / subscribe protocol.

Besides that, Event Prediction Service ( EPS ) is used to run into client ‘s demand in the hereafter and e-commerce market way which can be used to foretell future merchandises.Furthermore, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake ( 2005 ) stated that presentment system is indispensable to reassign information and update message through some devices. They created Novel Push-Style Notification System to reassign new information and this presentment system can rise the involvement of users to happen their coveted information.Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake ( 2005 ) developed two different types of push-type presentment system that are “ Non-real Time Push ” which will non do any qui vives to the users for presentment in real-time and “ Real-time Push ” which will do qui vive with sound in the real-time to do attending to users for having and reading the freshly and utile information.

Beside this, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake ( 2005 ) have developed Notification User Model system to do certain that excess message will non present at inappropriate clip to users, which it have filtrating map to extinguish unserviceable or non interested information. Furthermore, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake ( 2005 ) besides have created control mechanism to assist users to happen back their lost message with re-notification system. This mechanism can assist them to do certain they can have complete information.


3 Current Home Agent System

2.3.1 Property Renter ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.propertyrenter.com/ )

Property Renter ( Figures 2.1 and 2.2 ) is a web site that merely provides information for rental houses, suites, flat or level.

This web site included many classs of world-wide state.Figure 2.1 Home page layout of Property RenterAdvantagesHomepage design is really tidy with clear categorized of states and provinces, so users can easy seek for their coveted abode belongingss.It provides top, popular and late rental houses by rank for each state for client ‘s mentions.Provided utile characteristics, such as:Search – Advanced hunt for members and non-members to salvage their clip.Home on gross revenues – Lists of classs with abode belongingss of different state and there are set up forum to let clients to give remark on their system.

DisadvantagesSome characteristics can non give proper description, such as “ FAQ ” characteristic that can non supply good description on how to utilize the system.Some characteristics are excess and same map, such as “ My History ” and “ Add Listing ” are give members login to their web page.Without clearly classs about the types of residential belongingss.Figure 2.2 Property Layout of Property RenterAdvantagesPhotograph is included, so it can give clearly discription to peculiar house or room. Customers can mention to photo to cognize the image and environment of the house and room.

There are particular characteristic to link to see the full screen exposure of the belongings.It supply detail information such as trappings, sleeping room, bathroom, rental cost, type of rental, reference of house or room, the activity nearby the house and contact information.Information is write in tidy signifier, so clients can easy understand the information provided.They have view belongings location characteristic that can associate to Google Maps and Yahoo! Local Maps.

This can allow users hold a clear image about the location. Customers will salvage clip to happen around the location.2.

3.2 iProperty.com ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.iproperty.com.my/ )IProperty.com ( Figures 2.3 and 2.

4 ) is a web site that allow users to seek for many types of belongingss which are all residential, all commercial, all industrial and all agricultural classs for gross revenues and rent. But, this is merely for belongingss in Malaysia.Figure 2.3 Home page Layout of iProperty.

comAdvantageProvide advanced hunt for users to salvage their clip to happen their coveted belongings. Therefore, users can easy to happen with provinces classs.DisadvantagesThe layout is dazzled and non user friendly. This will do clients difficult to happen the beginning to hunt and some clients will experience really cranky.Many excess links are included, this will increase the complex degree at the page and harder to hunt.Some characteristics are non provide process or way to demo how the measure or how to utilize the characteristic.

Figure 2.4 Property Layout of iProperty.comAdvantagesMap of location is provided, so it can give precise way for clients to cognize where the location is and the nearby store and activity.Photograph of room or house is provided. This allows clients have a clearly image about the environment of the house or room.Provide hunt map for clients to happen their coveted belongings.Information of belongings is given in full and clearly signifiers.Many agents are included, so clients can take for suited agents easy.

Have SMS presentment map and Email map from web site that can associate or link to place agents.DisadvantagesSome information is merely provides briefly description about room and house, so clients can non truly cognize how the expression and what furnisher will be provided.Without clearly categorization of belongings ‘s types in rent or sell, such untidy design will do clients blow their clip to seek.2.3.3 CariBilik.

com ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.caribilik.my/ )CariBilik.com ( Figures 2.5 and 2.6 ) is a web site that merely provided suites for rent or Lashkar-e-Taiba. It did non supply others residential classs for clients. CariBilik.

com is merely included lease suites in Malaysia.Figure 2.5 Home page layout of CariBilik.comAdvantagesSimple but clearly home page layout allows clients can easy to seek and happen for their coveted suites.

Have clearly classs with Malaysia ‘s province such as Malacca, Johor, Selangor, and Kedah and other provinces.DisadvantagesWithout adequate characteristics for “ hunt ” map, such as metropoliss or monetary value.Figure 2.6 Property Layout of CariBilik.comAdvantagesThere are “ Filter Rooms ” map for clients to take for their ideal housemate based on race and gender.There are provided clearly classs of part for each province in Malaysia. So clients can easy happen the suites for certain part.DisadvantagesNo precisely information about the installations or furnisher is provided.

It merely provided simple description of information about the suites.Without provide exposure of suites, so clients can non hold clearly construct about the design of the room.Without description in good manner, some description is written in Malay linguistic communication. For international pupils or aliens that come to Malaysia to look for a room, they can non understand of the significance and blow their clip for happening for the rental room.Lack of SMS presentment to let two manner communicating between clients and agents, it merely provided Email contact to link with house proprietor.2.

3.4 Adpost.com ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

adpost.com/ )Adpost.com ( Figures 2.7 and 2.8 ) is non merely seeking for Malaysia belongingss, it besides included Canada, United States, Hong Kong and some other states. It is non merely for residential class ; even included many different classs such as books and vesture classs. This web is for users to sell, rent and purchase belongingss.

Figure 2.7 Home page Layout of Adpost.comDisadvantagesThere are many links in the home page, so it gives a complex position and hard to seek the right nexus in the web page.Some characteristics are non easy to understand the significance of the words, such as “ Pet Friendly Rental ” , so clients will acquire baffled and might believe that it is a excess nexus.Some of the nexus is excess because it merely provides same seeking consequence. This will do the page excessively baffled and cranky.Homepage design is non user friendly ; it can non raise the involvement of users.Figure 2.

8 Property Layout of Adpost.comAdvantagesGood classs with type of belongingss such as flat, house, land, office and nomadic place.Informataion of organisation is good and precise which have list out the parking country, twelvemonth built, allowed utilizations, unit characteristics, community characteristics and so on.

Photograph of the room and house are included to give more clearly image of the environment of house.Description is written in tidy and good format, there are clear to read and this will increase involvement to clients.DisadvantagesAlthough there are clearly classs of belongings with flat, nomadic place, office, land, room, but some of characteristics are excess such as “ other place and offices ” .Some links are difficult to understand what the significances and unable to cognize what the maps for, such as for “ rent / rental ” and “ rent / rental wanted ” .

Lack of SMS presentment system for clients to compose message.2.3.5 www.propwall.

com ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.propwall.my/ )www.

propwall.com ( Figures 2.9and 2.10 ) is a web site for belongingss such as condominium, house, office, land, store and mill for rent and gross revenues in Malaysia merely.Figure 2.9 Home page Layout of www.propwall.comAdvantagesThere are list out all the possible parts to that peculiar province, such as Ampang, Gombak, Cyberjaya, Kajang, Klang for Selangor province.

There included maps map for users to seek residential belongingss.DisadvantagesSimple design to net page, but it can non give good categorization of the belongingss for rent such as condominium, house or land.Some characteristic can non give good description, so clients can non easy to understand there is belongings for rent or gross revenues.There is merely included a few of provinces in Malaysia.Some peculiar maps are merely show or appear in peculiar page such as “ mortgage reckoner ” and “ monetary value scope hunt ” . When clients want to utilize this map, they possibly will bury which pages are provided that peculiar map.

Figure 2.10 Property Layout of www.propwall.comDisadvantagesSome belongingss are non written in good description of information for house and condominium, so clients can non hold clearly information about that peculiar abode belongings.Some of the belongingss are non include exposure, it difficult to give clearly image to the clients.2.

3.6 SYIOK.COM ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.syiok.com/classifieds/index.php )SYIOK.

COM ( Figures 2.11 and 2.12 ) is for rental and gross revenues for belongingss with non merely supply residential belongings such as auto, occupations, service, community and many other types of belongingss.

This allows users to seek for belongingss in Malaysia merely.Figure 2.11 Home page Layout of SYIOK.COMAdvantagesIt have good categorization of the belongingss with auto for sale, Malaysia occupations, community, lodging, services and for gross revenues. They besides have good item lists about all possible related belongingss classs.Supply clearly hunt about all possible countries for peculiar province in Malaysia such as Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Klang, Kota Tinggi, Muar, Pontian at Johor.

Have classs about latest posted and top rated belongingss which are flat for gross revenues, auto for gross revenues, room to allow and so on.Many classs of belongingss are included for clients to take and easy to happen in faster manner.There have “ browse images ” map for users to take their coveted belongings through exposure.Figure 2.12 Property Layout of SYIOK.COMAdvantagesMap is included, so clients can acquire accurate and existent location of the house or room that clients buy or rent.Some classs of belongingss such as “ cameras for gross revenues ” can give clearly description about the information and exposure is provided.DisadvantagesResidential belongings ‘s information is excessively general and deficiency of full description about the characteristics and installation.

Some classs of belongingss are deficiency of exposure, so clients will hard to acquire the image of the house and room or difficult to conceive of with the house and room.Without SMS presentment system, so it can non executed two manner communicating systems through phone.2.3.

7 RoomSewa.com ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.roomsewa.com/ )RoomSewa.com ( Figures 2.13 and 2.

14 ) is merely can seek for Malaysia provinces. It included “ for rent ” and “ for gross revenues ” classs of flat, mill or warehouse, houses, suites and stores merely.Figure 2.13 Home page Layout of RoomSewa.comAdvantagesSimple enrollment process to go a member, so clients will more willing to progress it and there are easier to understand and follow.“ Advanced hunt ” is good for clients to seek for their coveted house or suites, clients can seek for belongingss based on:Price – Search from a scope of monetary value.Bedroom – Search by minimal one to maximum 20 of sleeping rooms.

Bathroom – Search by minimal one to maximum 10s of bathrooms.Type of belongingss – There are house, room, store, flat, mill or warehouse.Show listings – Search belongingss based on one twenty-four hours old, two yearss old, three yearss old or one month old.City – All possible metropoliss are listed out.States – All possible provinces are listed out.Facilities – Choose installations that near to peculiar abode belongingss.DisadvantagesSome characteristics are excess such as “ hunt ” button, because when clients connect to place page, there already have advanced hunt for them.

There is “ contact ” button at the top of place page, but no direction to learn client how to utilize, so some clients that non really familiar with it will experience really hard to utilize.Figure 2.14 Property Layout of RoomSewa.

comAdvantageGood classs of the belongings for gross revenues and for rent. This can easier to seek and happen it out.DisadvantagesSome exposure are non available to mention, so clients can non cognize or acquire a image about how the house or room expression like.Very general information is provided about the house and room to lease. Customers will non hold clearly information about it.

There have “ chink here to Email ” to proprietor, but the consequence page are non same as what the significance of the sentences look like, so clients can non acquire the Email reference and straight direct the message to the proprietor.Some descriptions at the page are non clear and non easy to understand the significances of it, such as “ 0 gr ” .2.3.8 OLX ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

olx.com.my/ )OLX ( Figures 2.

15 and 2.16 ) is non merely for residential belongings, it included many classs such as computing machine hardware, animate beings, playthings, vesture. It is merely for Malaysia provinces.Figure 2.15 Home page Layout of OLXAdvantagesGood classs with all belongings that included for gross revenues, categories, existent estate, services, vehicles, community, personals and occupations. This allows clients easy to happen out what they want.There besides include hunt with metropoliss or province in Malaya at the place page, so clients can choose the topographic point for the rental or gross revenues belongingss.

There are many classs, so clients can take their wanted belongingss in this web site.Home page is clear and execute in tidy manner, it is easy to read and see with the belongings that included.Figure 2.

16 Property Layout of OLXDisadvantagesSome description of their rental house or room is used Malay linguistic communication, so this is difficult to understand the significances for the alien or international pupil.The exposure that provided is non good plenty, some taken from outside position at the house and some exposure is taken from fuzzed angle.Description of the information is non adequate and clear, clients can non acquire the information of the house and room in good manner.Without SMS presentment, clients can non reach to house proprietor in convenient manner. Some of the contact information for house proprietor is difficult to happen out.

2.3.9 Limitation of Current Home agent ‘s web site

There are some similarities for current available place agent ‘s web sites.

Most of the rental or gross revenues residential place page designs are is excessively dazzled or excessively complicated, so it is difficult for clients to concentrate on where they should mention and where to seek for their coveted house or room. As a consequence, some of the users will experience cranky and possibly give up and go forth that page every bit good.Besides that, some of the place agent ‘s web site are deficiency with inside informations information for the residential belongingss, it merely shows the general information for clients to mention. If the place agent system does non hold adequate information, this will take down the client ‘s assurance toward the system. Client will non be able to recover the information that they want.

Therefore, these systems are proven to be bootless to them. For illustration, clients can non clearly know about what the furniture that will be provided by the house proprietor and the installations that near to their house or room.In add-on, there are no exposures provided for some rent or gross revenues belongingss. Therefore, client will non be able to see the large image about the house ‘s or room ‘s status. Furthermore, they will besides non able to cognize about the visual aspect of the belongingss.Furthermore, some of the characteristics of the place agent ‘s web sites are excess and have duplicate hunt consequences. In add-on, irrelevant hunt consequences may take to the incorrect way.

Furthermore, some of the links in the web page contain complicated map that deficiency of clearly process and user unfriendly interface so it might confound clients.Furthermore, some of rental or gross revenues abode belongingss websites deficiency of SMS presentment system. There are merely Email contact for clients. So, this causes the two manner communications between clients and agents or house proprietor go even hard.


3.10 Improvement

Homepage website design is really indispensable to give first position impact to clients. It can be simple but must be in tidy signifier and provided utile and apprehensible characteristics. So, this may let clients have good feeling on the web site and will willing to seek for their desired residential belongingss and this can salvage the clip to happen it out.Beside this, exposure of the belongings can be uploaded to the place agent system. To be even better, exposure can be take from different angle and place to give more realistic status ‘s information to the possible renter.

This will raise client ‘s involvement and clearer image on that peculiar belongings to make up one’s mind whether it is their coveted house or room.There must hold good and clear classs about the types of belongings with house, room and flat or level and besides categorise all of the possible provinces or topographic points of that peculiar state to ease the client to happen out their coveted room or house. With this, clients will salvage their clip.In add-on, the system can supply process to login and register to the clients. This is because some of the clients may non familiar with it and may do confusion.Advanced hunt can be provided to clients to seek for their coveted belongingss.

Some clients will non willing to read the information one by one about the rental or gross revenues residential belongings.Furthermore, SMS presentment system can be included to let two manner communications for house proprietors to go forth the message through online to clients and frailty versa. Beside this, Email reference can be provided for contact intent.It besides provides forum or specific map for clients to compose their desired residential belongings information and can give their remark about place agent ‘s service. Therefore, when agents find out the residential belongings that meet client ‘s demand, they can direct notification message to inform their clients.Furthermore, map for residential location are provided to give clients more detail information about the location of the house and this may assist them seek for the location easy.

Chapter 3


3.1A Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC )

Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) is a “ procedure used by a systems analyst to develop an information system, including demands, proof, preparation and user ( stakeholder ) ownership ” ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) .Beside this, Joydip ( 2006 ) had said that SDLC have many utile map to information systems for make it better for the quality of the package design and development procedure.Lewallen ( 2005 ) demonstrated that several types of SDLC, it including:Waterfall ModelCoiling ModelIncremental ModelV-shaped Model


1.1 Waterfall Model

As Lewallen ( 2005 ) stated, advantages of Waterfall Model are:Easier to understand and utilizeMore appropriate for little undertakingFeasibility StudyEasy to manage and pull offRequirements analysis and specificationDesign and specificationCoding and faculty testingIntegration and system provingDelivery and careFigure 3.1 Waterfall Model of Software Development ( Royce, 1970 )

3.2 Tools and Techniques

3.2.1 For Web page


2.1.1 PHPA

Hypertext Preprocessor ( PHP ) is first design by Rasmus Lerdorf. As Stewart ( 2006 ) illustrated, there have some advantages for PHP:Easy and simpleFast to utilizeSecurity protect is goodGood ability of conjunctionOpen beginningKantor ( 2003 ) demonstrated utilizations of PHP as:Entree to databaseCan entree registerApplication chequeCan manage many types of content, such as artworksCan modify, adding characteristics or alteration JavaScript

Regev ( 2010 ) stated that JavaScript is script linguistic communication or interpreted scheduling which it more easy to code and faster than C or C++ linguistic communication.

JavaScript retrieved some thoughts from Java or Object-oriented Programming ( OOP ) . Beside this, JavaScript codification can interpret by Web browser and imbedded in HTML pages.Furthermore, WebCheatSheet.Com ( 2010 ) stated that JavaScript have many maps and advantages:Have browsers look intoingForm information is declare on client-sideCookies is createdContent of pages can alter actively or randomly HTML

Harmonizing to Wikipedia ( 2010 ) , Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ) it is particularly used for web pages development. It allows users to make structured paperss and synergistic signifiers and allows images and objects to be embedded.

HTML have three types of markup emements such as Structural, Presentational and Hypertext markup.In add-on, Marshall ( 1998 ) demonstatred that HTML is simpler than other programming linguistic communication, HTML can demo how the images or text presented to viewer.Apart from this, Marshall ( 1998 ) indicated that HTML is easy to utilize and it can expose broad assortment of devices such as artworks. SQL

Wikipedia ( 2010 ) stated that Structured Query Language ( SQL ) designed by Donald D.

Chamberlin and Raymond F.Boyce. SQL is based on relational algebra and it is a database computing machine linguistic communication. Beside this, SQL can used to direct or cover with the informations in relational database direction system ( RDBMS ) .Bradford ( n.d. ) said that SQL is fast and effectual in database interaction.

It can back up differents types of informations that included digital format. Bradford ( n.d. ) introduced some utilizations of SQL, including:Modify, Input and delete informations in database tabular arraies.Can make, alteration and take tabular array or other object.Allows questions sent to server side.To diminish complexness to the procedure of database disposal.


2.1.5 CSS

Harmonizing to Wikipedia ( 2010 ) , Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) can use to depict or visualize the presentation semantic in markup linguistic communication of written papers. It is a manner sheet linguistic communication.Shannon ( 2010 ) demonstrated that CSS have advantage that:More efficientFasten the page download clipCode to type is lessUser ‘s design and general site care easier to updateAllows entree through differents devicesHave extra arranging option such as background and spacing

3.2.2 For SMS Notification System A A A A A


2.2.1 SMSLib

SMSLib is a Java library which enables users used compatible GSM phone or modem to have or direct SMS messages. “ SMSLib besides supports some majority SMS operators ( for outbound messaging merely ) ” ( Delenikas, 2010 ) . In add-on, SMSLib besides can have or direct encrypted messages.Beside this, Delenikas ( 2010 ) demonstrated that SMSLib have introduced several recall methods such as gateway position alterations.

3.3 Software and Hardware Requirements

ProctorOperating SystemInternet connexionWeb browserGSM nomadic phones


4 Questionnaire

Online Home Agent Website Questionnaire is adapted from Lewis ( 1995 ) and Lund ( 2001 ) .This questionnaire is to be used to roll up informations on user ‘s perceptual experience on Online Home Agent Website ( Appendix 1 ) . Basically, this questionnaire is divided into three subdivisions: Section A is to roll up demographic informations of users, Section B consists of 7 inquiries to roll up user ‘s perceptual experience on Interface, Functions and Information and Section C consists of 2 inquiries to roll up degree of satisfaction of the system. Items in Section B and C have likert graduated tables scopes from 1: Strongly Agree, 2: Agree, 3: Moderate, 4: Disagree to 5: Strongly Disagree.Table 3.1 Beginnings of QuestionnaireOnline Home Agent Website QuestionnaireAdapted from:I understand easy the content and information provided with the system.The information provided with the system is easy to understand.This web site is easy to happen the information I need.

It is easy to happen the information I need.The interface of the web site is pleasant and user friendly.The interface of the system is pleasant.The web site is easy and simple to utilize.It is easy to utilize.This web site has all the maps and capablenesss I expect it to hold.The system has all the maps and capablenesss I expect it to hold.This website meets my demands.

It meets my demands.This web site helps to salvage my clip when I use it.It saves me clip when I use it.I would urge this Online Home Agent Website to a friend / co-worker?I would urge it to a friend.

I am satisfied with this web site.I am satisfied with it.

Procedure in Collecting Data

Method used to roll up information is through a study by questionnaire.

Harmonizing to StatPac.Inc ( 2010 ) , this method can has better expected consequence or consequence in cost comparison to interview through verbal. Questionnaire method besides easier to carry on and the information are easier to analyse among users that apply to Online Home Agent Website. This questionnaire will be distributed to 30 users in Melaka. The sample is indiscriminately selected.

Analysis of Datas

Datas collected from the study questionnaire will be analyzed utilizing Microsoft Office Excel package. Descriptive statistics and Bar charts will be generated.

Chapter 4

Proposed Solution and Implementation Plan / Design

4.1 Introduction

This chapter will include more detail information and procedure to make Online Home Agent Website. There are many entities or elements that included in this system are proprietor of abode belongings and client.

4.2 Proposed Solution

4.2.1 Owner

House proprietor can portion and post their abode belongingss information as mention to assist clients to turn up rental or gross revenues house, room or flat.

House proprietor must login to the system which inserts username and watchword to update information.

4.2.2 Client

Client can seek and read information about abode belongingss without login to the system. They besides have authorization to compose information that fulfills their demand about house, room and flat merely if they login to the system. They can do verification to rent or purchase to the abode belongings through online. After success, notification message will direct out to inform house proprietor.

4.3 Implementation Plan / Design

4.3.1 Data Flow Diagram ( DFD )

The Data Flow Diagram ( DFD ) “ shows the flow of informations from external entities into the system, showed how the informations moved from one procedure to another, every bit good as its logical storage ” ( Ambler, n.d. ) .In DFD, Ambler ( n.d.

) stated that open-ended rectangles typify informations shops, pointers symbolize informations flows for procedure, rounded rectangles typify procedures and squares box symbolize external entities in diagram. Level 0 DFD ( Context Diagram )

Figure 4.1 Degree 0 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.


3.1.2 Level 1 DFDA

Figure 4.2 Degree 1 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.Owner can:Login and registry to system.Receive presentment message from Online Home Agent Website after client make verification.

View client ‘s information when they write abode belongingss information that meet demand through online.Client can:Login and registry to system.Search information without login to system.Write their ain house, room or flat information that meets their demand.

Make verification through Online Home Agent Website when they want to purchase or rent. Level 2 DFD

Figure 4.3 Degree 2 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.


3.1.4 Level 3 DFD

Figure 4.4 Degree 3 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.4.

3.2 Entity Relationship ( ER ) DiagramEntity-relationship theoretical account “ can be used as a footing for fusion of different positions of informations: The web theoretical account, the relationship theoretical account, and entity set theoretical account ” ( Chen, 1976 ) .Figure 4.5 Entity-relationship Diagrams for Online Home Agent Website.Each house is belongs to one proprietor, but one proprietor can hold one to many houses.Each house has many suites.Zero to many houses are belongs to zero to many countries because some of the country in Melaka province without house or room.

One client can lease one to many suites but a room is belonging to a client.One client can lease or purchase one to many houses.

4.3.3 Flowchart


3.1 The Client ‘s Flowchart

Figure 4.6 Flowchart Diagram for Client to Write Own Requirement Information and Make Confirmation.Client can seek and read information from Online Home Agent Website without registry as member.If they success to happen house ‘s, room ‘s or flat ‘s information that meet their demand, client must login to the system before make verification. After success, notification message will direct to Email and phone of house proprietor.If client can non happen suited abode belongingss, they can compose the information of house, room or flat that meet their demand after login to system. The Owner ‘s FlowchartFigure 4.7 Flowchart Diagram for Owner when Updating Information of Residence Property.After login to system, proprietor can update abode belongingss information, which include attention deficit disorders, edit and delete information. The Owner ‘s and Client ‘s Flowchart

Figure 4.8 Flowchart Diagram for Client and Owner to Make Registration.When registry to system, client and house proprietor foremost must infix username and look into for proof. If validate, they can go on to infix other personal information which include watchword, IC figure, Email reference, phone figure and place reference. If non formalize, they are necessitating to infix new username once more. After enrollment procedure success, notification message will direct to user ‘s Email.

4.3.4 Use Case Diagram

Figure 4.9 Use Case Diagram of Online Home Agent Website Actor and Use Case Description Table

Table 4.1 Actor Description TableActor NameDescriptionOwnerHouse proprietorClientsMembersCustomersNon-membersTable 4.2 Use Case Description TableActivity NameDescriptionRegisterAfter registry, user merely can login to the system.LoginAfter login to system, proprietor can:Add, delete and edit information of house and room.View profile.After login to system, clients can:Write their ain desired information or demand about house and room.View profile.Make verification.Update InformationAfter login, proprietor of house can cancel, add and redact information of house and room.View ProfileAfter login, user merely can see profile and edit profile.Search InformationClients can seek for house and room information without enrollment procedure.Read InformationClients can read for house and room information without enrollment procedure.Write Own Requirement InformationIf clients can non happen suited house or room that meets their demand, they can compose information to system after login.Make ConfirmationClients can do verification to rent or purchase in the system after login.

4.3.5 Prototype

Figure 4.10 A paradigm home pageFigure 4.11 A paradigm chief page for rental abode belongingssAfter client imperativeness the rent button, there are three classs for them to take.Figure 4.12 A paradigm page after choice rental flatsAfter client chooses apartment classs, there will come out a page which lists out the most late added flat in the web pages.Figure 4.13 A paradigm page after choice one of the rental flatAfter client chooses for certain flat, information about the flat will name out. It includes location, monetary value, belongings item, installation, and furnisher and so on. There besides will supply house proprietor contact information.If client find that this flat is fulfill their demand, they can press “ Login ” nexus to login to do verification.Figure 4.14 A paradigm of login page if client wants to do verificationFigure 4.15 A paradigm to do verificationAfter client success login, so merely can do verification on the system and presentment message will direct out to house proprietor.

Chapter 5


Home agents assist people who look for rental and gross revenues abode belongingss and assist house proprietors to lease out and sell their abode belongingss in convenience manner.Online Home Agent Website enables pupils, workers and house proprietors to turn up their abode belongingss in a convenience manner. This web page is created by PHP linguistic communication or JavaScript to better synergistic and dynamic of web page to do users more interested with it. It is more user-friendly with some lifes and buttons that can be easier to understand and associate to another web pages.Furthermore, SMS presentment system is included. Notification message will direct out after enrollment procedure is success and after client makes verification to purchase or lease for the abode belongingss on the system.

5.1 Future Work

In this study, first stage of the development of Online Home Agent Website is represented. There are some stairss need to be continue in finishing the system. It includes:Coding and faculty proving for the web pages of Online Home Agent Website should be done.Integration between database and web pages should be done and system proving must put to death to guarantee system is working.Delivery measure must implement to portion the cognition to people about how the system works and care should be done to better the system on a regular basis.Online Home Agent Website Questionnaire should be conducted to understand user ‘s satisfaction degree on the system.Figure 5.1 Gantt chart for future work