Home-Based Travel Agency Essay

Tourism industry nowadays is in rapid economic growth. The Department of Tourism is the primary government agency charged with the responsibility to encourage, promote, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic activity to generate foreign currency and employment and to spread the benefits of tourism to both the private and public sector. They will largely help a business that caters local and foreign tourists, which is why the proponents decided to undergo a feasibility study on putting up a Travel Agency business.

The name of the establishment will be World Connects Tourism Agency. The agency will cater to the travel requirements of individuals who would want to travel either domestic or regional on weekends through the use of networking sites. They will also focus on the young age bracket ranging from 15 to 24 years old; likewise, 75% of the total number of local and foreign travelers comprises of families. This is on the assumption on their willingness to travel and their capacity to participate in the travel activities.

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We will provide excellent services to a group of individual and families looking for a good place for them for vacation and leisure purposes and tourist spots not only in the Philippines but also around the Asian countries as well. The proposed travel agency will operate 24/7 thereby will be employing five personnel. This will be established by the proponents themselves, where in they shall be hands on the day to day operation of the business. One of them will serve as a General Manager to oversee the whole operation.

With the growth of electronic-commerce, internet and social networking gets to be a part of every personal and business endeavor in the business process. The proponents decided to utilize this trend to their advantage by making use of the same trend in the operation of the agency. However, there is growing number of ongoing scams of travel agencies vanishing after receiving payments from their client. These have resulted to public awareness and alarm which made them conscious on purchasing travel services online.

To resolve this, World Connects Tourism Agency will operate both through the internet and through direct person to person negotiations. The proponents have analyzed every single detail of the monetary aspects as well as the corresponding revenues that the business is expected to earn. Considering the social and economic developments and the living standards of the people, travel agencies become popular and in-demand nowadays. People prefer high quality of products and services for them to be able to enjoy their travel so they seek assistance from reliable travel agents.

The impact in the social and economic developments of the agency has its own advantages and disadvantages, which inevitably, will affect the lives of the people in terms of money and their relationship to other people. Also, under the Socioeconomic Feasibility discussion, the proponents will identify the stakeholders in the travel agency business and afterwards, they will discuss the Multiplier Effect in the tourism industry. The proponents of “World Connects Tourism Agency” are: Chrislyn Arduo, Kimberly Laqui, Beanchie Satou, Maylene Tan and Candy Velando.

They are currently third year and fourth year tourism students who are interested in establishing their own business related to their course in the near future. The origin of the name came from the people who want to travel around the world. In this agency the customers can go to the places they really want and see the beauty of the world. The proponents have decided on the concept of having a home-based travel agency because today in the modern world, people rely on using the internet as a way of looking through their desired products, in this case, a tour product.

Having a home-based travel agency can save rentals and only needs minimal manpower which means less staff are needed. The transactions between the agents and the customers will be processed through phone calls, e-mails and the customers can choose different packages and promos online. To be more convenient for the customers, business transactions will operate all day and even on complicated hours and weekends. World Connects Tourism Agency will be managed under Limited Partnership among the proponents. This decision has been agreed upon by the proponents in the following grounds: 1.

It is a much safer means of investing in a business because of its limited liability and a greater chance of expansion. 2. Less hassle in terms of documentations compared to a corporation because of the less documents that are needed to be submitted. 3. A convenient way of coming up with decisions rather than getting all the approval of all the stakeholders. Operating a home-based travel agency brings independence and stability because instead of renting an office space at a commercial establishment, they will be stationed at home.

The difference between operating a home-based travel agency and regular travel agency is that the location of the home-based travel agency is in a less formal set up as compared to a corporate based agency. (Dizon, 2012) Management and Personnel Feasibility World Connects Tourism Agency is an independent home-based travel agency whose agents are conducting services from their home using electronic technology rather than from office where the clients meet with the agent in person. Having a home-based travel agency does not need a big man power.

Based from a text book definition, a home-based travel agency operates at home and utilizes less man power as compared to a travel agency format so home-based travel agency is less cost to put up and operate. According to the organizational chart of a basic home based business, there shall be three major departments in the agency namely; Sales and Marketing, Operation and Accounting. With this the agency will be employing three individuals including the proponents for the operation. The figure below is the organizational chart of the agency.

Figure 1 The proponents shall actively be participating in the operations of the Agency. They shall be employed as: General Manager, Reservation/Booking personnel, Operation Department Head, Liaison/Documentation Personnel, and Accountant. The World Connects Tourism Agency will be composed of three major departments namely: Sales and Marketing, Operation and Finance. In general, the employees should work for 8 hours each day and 5 days in a week. However, since it is a home based travel agency, they must be available on call.

No employee shall handle direct cash payments from the clients. Payments are made through the bank where the clients shall deposit on the bank account of the agency and shall present the receipt of the deposit slit either by personally or via facsimile or scanned copy to be sent in the email of World Connects Tourism Agency. Before tickets are issued to the client, the messenger must confirm first if the transaction had occurred by checking with the bank. The World Connects Tourism Agency can be a member of the Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN).

OSSN is the Premier Travel Industry Trade Association representing and supporting the Independent Travel Agents, Home Based Travel Agency, Independent Contractor Seller of Travel and The Outside Sales Travel Agent. The OSSN can provide this agency with unlimited travel agent training to help the business. They provide a variety of educational programs and networking communication platforms that allow members a professional forum to help ensure the success of the travel agency. The agency can subscribe to the homebasedtravelagent. om for the travel agent in training can find the World Connects Tourism Agency easily and they can see if they are qualified or not.


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