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                                            Honor and Reputation in The CrucibleHonor can be defined by how one holds them in the public eye. Others may say that is how you live your life. However honor can play major roles in how a person will act in any given situation. For example, honor can manipulate people’s decisions at times of evidence. John proctor is person who held what he beliefs in very strong and does not start to lose strength into the temptations of selfishness  , while Elizabeth would describe honor as how a person lives just basically their lives. Some can even describe honor as what is most important in life, family. Giles believed that his life was just a object so he could sacrifice his life to maintain his family’s happiness. However one thing is certain.Everyone has some kind of honor in their lives.In the Crucible, Abigail and the other girls fear that their reputation will be destroyed ,if they were known as witches. They were under the pressure to have  a good reputation.In the play, Miller presents reputation and Honor as a thing that motivates characters. We can see that time and again because it build up the whole climax .There are clear sides to who values reputation and honor more than anything.John Proctor was a man who had internal conflicts . In the beginning of the book the fact that he had feelings for Abigail Williams who was  brought to light when Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth were having a conversation and they were questioned by  Deputy Governor Danforth .Elizabeth knows that there may be something going on between Proctor and Abigail . she still thinks her life isn’t perfect as long as John Proctor has feeling for Abigail williams. But proctor feels like he has to keep honor to his household and so he keeps all his feelings inside and tries to hide it from his wife. Proctor by the end of the book. Proctor  refuses to have his name be used as a flag to be displayed as a symbol of the trials. Elizabeth also loses all faith in him .When she states that she said”.I.does not judge youProctor” …I am not your judge…(133).” She is saying that it is not her place to say whether or not what he is doing is wrong, but it is up to a ‘higher’ judge now. She also knows that she cant stop Proctor from seeing Abigail . But since its Abigail, he doesn’t want to go and get her accused and hanged.Giles Corey was known to hold his family strong that he was willing to give his life to make his family happy. In the courtroom, if he were to have confessed to being a witch, he would have been dead the next week regardless. If he denied it, he was obviously lying and would be dead the next week. Both ways would have him leaving  his farm and eventually be handed over to the local government. Inorder to make sure that his family would be kept happy, he didn’t say anything at all to the Deputy Government. But if he was killed that would  make his family happy and that’s all that mattered to him. In the Crucible, the following quote “She made me do it! She made Betty do it!”(43). Abigail is blaming Tituba, for them dancing in the forest, and told everyone that Tituba was indeed with the Devil and that she was a witch. This shows that Abigail and the girls did not want to get in trouble, or confess for dancing in the forest. To be safe and not get in trouble, they came up with the idea of saying that it was witchcraft and  they were forced upon their own will to say that. This means that When on person gets in trouble, they usually tend to point the finger at someone else, for only one reason .They do not want to get in trouble for their wrong doings. In the Witch Trials in Salem the girls told a lie and they were pretending, so they would not get into trouble for dancing in the forest. In the end this caused them to hurt the lives of many men and women who were wrongly accused, because of false accusations. A good reputation is hard to achieve but it’s even harder to keep. Power is a very stout word. If power is given into the wrong hands then there can be major problems, like they  can have the power to blame anyone they wanted. If you think about it, the witness has the power to blame anyone. In the Crucible, all the girls start screaming. “I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!” The girls blamed all those men and women for being witches. People during the Salem witch trials believed them because the girls told the judges that they were under a spell, and they saw all these people with the Devil ,which was a proof that they saw the devil . The girls were also officials of the court, so being a officials of the court gave them power to accuse anyone they pleased. It is so hard to believe that so many people believed these girls, and their only evidence was that they were under a spell and that they saw people with the Devil. These girls, especially Abigail used her powers the most.As you know, In the beginning the girl’s main focus was not to  get into trouble for dancing in the wood .Having the power to accuse anyone is very dangerous. Power can make someone become so overwhelmed, that they do not even realize those that they hurt around them.