Hopes, Dreams, and Reality Essay

Graduation by Maya Angelou is an essay about favoritism. The beginning of this essay reminded me of my ain high school graduation. How frightened but excited I was to be taking the following measure up in my life. I felt like the narrative paralleled my experiences at the beginning. but at the terminal I had a wholly different mentality on this piece of composing. As I got further into the essay. I felt that there was nil about Angelou’s life that I had of all time experienced or could associate to. Many people in my graduating category have moved on to college but Angelou explains that merely a little per centum of her category would be go oning on to college. Angelou speaks of how inkinesss were non given an equal opportunity and how they would ne’er see the side the white people were exposed to.

“Graduation” begins on a cheery summer twenty-four hours at the terminal of June. The narrative begins by presenting the readyings for graduation. It describes the difficult work. expectancy. and exhilaration that goes into this event. . This event brings people of all ages together to observe an of import event. Angelou provinces. “graduating categories themselves were the aristocracy. Like travellers with alien finishs on their mind” . Graduation is an unforgettable twenty-four hours that turns kids into grownups. it’s the beginning of 12 long old ages of achievement. After graduation. you are set free into the existent universe to happen your individuality. I myself feel “like a traveller with an alien finish on my head. ” I feel like there is something out at that place for me that I haven’t discovered yet. and through my difficult work and seeking I will one twenty-four hours happen the alien finish that I’ve been seeking for my whole life.

Angelou explains how on your graduation twenty-four hours. you are the particular 1. You are acquiring

all of the attending. “The individual of the moment” “The birthday girl” Because I merely graduated myself. I can associate to what Angelou is stating. It was a twenty-four hours in my life I was acquiring all the attending for a immense achievement. I felt as though I deserved a rap on the dorsum that twenty-four hours. for all the difficult work I had accomplished up until that point.

Graduating is a privilege. It is something we look frontward to from the twenty-four hours we start school. Angelou considers herself ” a member of the winning team” In many ways. I felt the same manner. My whole life I have worked so difficult for that particular twenty-four hours. I felt as though I had conquered the first stage of my life. I besides “Felt like a member of the winning team” . Angelou is a strong vocal adult female and says she “was headed for the freedom of unfastened fields” . As a immature adult female myself seeking for a end in life. I am besides headed “for the freedom of unfastened Fieldss. ”

However. I have many more advantages than Angelou did. The types of chances that are unfastened to me were non unfastened to Angelou. Though we are both adult females seeking for a function in this universe. my opportunities of making my end are much higher than Angelou’s. Compared to Angelou’s. My life has been free of obstructions such as racism and poorness. Angelou had to contend and work highly difficult to acquire the chances that I take for granted.

As the twenty-four hours of Angelou’s graduation eventually approached. it seemed really similar to mine ; the readyings. the expectancy. and all the exhilaration. I felt as though I was live overing my graduation through Angelou’s essay. The image Angelou draws is a portrayal of a typical graduation. until the two politicians show up. The two work forces that show up at Angelou’s graduation do non desire to be at that place. They were at that place to distribute propaganda. The two work forces wanted the ballots of the black people. so they put on a whole show which the black people saw right through. They knew the work forces didn’t want to be at that place and were seting on a fallacious act.

The people are cognizant that they ne’er see politicians at any clip of the twelvemonth unless it’s near to election clip. I feel as though I can associate to this state of affairs. because modern twenty-four hours politicians become more seeable as elections approach.

As the graduation went on. the temper of Angelou went from joyous and excited to unhappy and angry. The visit by the two white work forces was genuinely a rude wake uping for Angelou and her community. Angelou feels as though her immense achievement was nil. She feels as though the white work forces had exposed her and the remainder of her graduating category to the world of their hereafter. The two work forces gave the feeling to Angelou and her category that they were “the amahs and husbandmans and washmen” and anything higher was unthinkable.

The terminal of the ceremonial was degrading to Angelou and her friends. They were told that the lone occupations in life for them were the lowest 1s about. The twenty-four hours of felicity turned into a twenty-four hours of rough world. Angelou’s large twenty-four hours was ruined non because of anything she had done incorrectly but because of her colour. I feel that it is unjust that Angelou and her people were treated this manner ; they are merely every bit qualified as any other individual.

It truly angers me that Angelou is such a smart adult female and was unable to demo the universe merely how smart she was. Angelou was unable to expose her power and powerful ional to the universe.

I ne’er had to cover with favoritism or being told I could merely hold a specific type of occupation. Thank God. our society is altering. Unlike Angelou. I can be anything I set my bosom to. There are no barriers keeping me back.

I agree with Angelou and back up her thoughts and ways of thought. I believe black people are no different from white people. and I feel that it was unjust that black people were non given

the same chances as white people. even though they were merely every bit qualified.