horse abuse

Imagine a cantering horse getting lunged with a long blue rope connected to the horses halter that is red on the horses head. Getting lunged by it trainer in a outside arena when it it 89 degrees with pale brown dirt. Then you see white  foam that is color of clouds coming  from the horse’s mouth going all over the arena and the horse is getting wiped and hit by its trainer. Then you look very close at the horse and you see a single tear coming out of the horses eye.

You knew the precious horse was in a lot of pain. This  is called horse abuse and it needs to stop!  Ways that people abuse horses  are neglect, harsh training then bad riding and track. Why in the world would anyone do that.First , you should know about neglect. First, they get very little to drink because the horse only gets water when it rains, the trainer/owner doesn’t want to “waste” water so when you drink water you are”wasting” you would say “NO!” well horses are alive too and need water. They can die because they have no water. Next, the horse will get no food because  they do not want to feed the horse  because you are “wasting” the money on the horse but then you “waste” money on your food too.

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They will look very weak and boney if they are neglected. Also, the horse gets no medical care because  they will get sued and maybe go to jail. The horse will be ill and the owner can  not pay for because the medicine can cost so much and it can be life threatening for the horse but sometimes the owner will have the money to buy it. Hope no one will do this but I know people do.

Also, Harsh training can be horse/ponies abuse. The trainer will not stop training till a long time  because the trainer will think that they will break (be able to ride the horse to jump barrel race, dressage and X country)  the horse/pony faster but they will make it take longer. Also they chain their back legs to the floor because they want the horse to stand in a unnatural way for showing to win first place. Third of all  according to “Horse abuse: Until they are  safe”,”pain is inflicted on a horse to make training easier” because the horse is hunger and thirsty but the trainer will not let the horse stop to eat or drink.

Poor horses.Since, you know about harsh training   you should also how bad riding and bad track. First, people use horse to long that can make the horse be dehydrated and can cause sun stroke if they get to hot.

Also, if they get a saddle that doesn’t fit right  it can hurt the horse. The saddle can be to small so the girth will go tighter if it is to big the same thing happens because they want the saddle to fit and not slip.  Next, if  you’re riding a to small of horse because if the horse like a shetland pony and you are an adult they could break their back or legs and they will move super slow.

The horse will develop a dip in there back that can hurt can cause spine infuses. Make sure you do not do this!Opponents might say, I do not want this horse. Well, you could sell the horse to someone else that will love that horse/pony. Some reasons why you should keep the horse it would be good to keep is that you can make horsemanship and have so much fun with the horse and make a relationship.

Also, if you are lonely you can have someone to trust. You could also go on  trail rides or do some jumping or barrel racing. Why not have a horse!To conclude, horse/pony abuse is horrible  harsh training, bad riding and track and neglected. It is horrible to see horse sufer in pain. Please don’t make horses get killed let then live.