Hospital Management System Chapter 1 Essay

Chapter I INTRODUCTION Context of the Study Today, computerization is a major advancement in technology that helps in many ways: it makes information storage easier and faster thus it can save a lot of time and manpower, and many tasks are done in a certain amount of time. Great amount of time is being consumed by information storage, retrieval and the billing process of most local hospitals and clinics. To be able to provide the medical needs of the rapidly growing population, local hospitals must be flexible to the current trends and innovation in today’s changes in technology.One of the concerns of local hospitals nowadays is how to reduce the number of paper works in having a transaction with the patient that could fasten the process of admission, discharging and billing of a patient.

Another concern is how to extend the accuracy in computing the patient bills, which is very essential in local hospitals because some patients are so smart that they can find a way that they do not have to pay their local hospitals bills. Some are having difficulty in paying because of the slow process of computation which can take less or more than a month depends on the number of laboratory procedures or other cases.Observing the institution, I the researcher have decided to propose a computerized patient monitoring and billing system that is intended to solve the concerns discovered. Efficient patient and staff monitoring system and patient billing management greatly affect areas of local hospitals such as medical services, billing policies and price rates.

With the help of this proposed computerized system local hospitals can easily keep track and maintain each patient’s information as well as information about doctors, nurses and ward boy/girl.Project Overview In this final year project, a method was proposed by using visual basic to develop software for managing a hospital. The main contribution of this software is to help the hospital management keep track and maintain patient records as well as doctors and nurses (including ward persons).

This thesis will be explaining in detail the step-by-step process to developing the software through each chapter. This chapter introduces the background to the study, problem statement, objectives of the project and the importance of the project.Besides that, the chapter 2 will state a fully referenced review of the existing literature and for chapter 3 a detailed description of the methodology and development tools used to design the graphical user interface (GUI) and validation of the software.

The validation results and discussions will be explained in details in chapter 4. Finally the chapter 5 will contain a conclusion and recommendations for future project. Background to the Study Dr Kwei Memorial hospital is a private hospital located at Laterbiokoshie in Accra.

It was started in 2005 and like any other hospital it provides the following services: Clinical services such as Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Anaesthesia and Clinical laboratory. On average the hospital handles about 200 patients every week. Out of the services provided, and the load of work handled per day, a lot of records are generated which are handled manually.

Health workers spend more time looking for information than they spend on caring for the patients because all entry is done with pen and paper therefore patients have to wait for a long time.There is a lot of paper work which is kept in the records center. This makes it difficult for clinicians to make right decisions which leads to prescription mistakes or mistreatment. It is the researcher’s considered view that a computerized system will handle the huge records and store the huge amount of data more efficiently and is effectively needed to replace the current manual system. Problem Statement The main problem at Dr.

Kwei Memorial Hospital is the maintenance and keeping track of patient records (as well as doctors and nurses).Since their system of data entry, registering and admitting of patients is not computerized, searching for a particular patient record becomes very tedious and also lose of data is very common. Also in order to know the amount of beds available in the hospital the ward boy/girl goes from room to room to check for available beds in both the general and special wards. Another problem I noticed when I surveyed the hospital was that upon discharging patients, bills are manually calculated so when factor like stress and fatigue come into play the bill calculated will bring up doubts of its accuracy.Objectives of Project Main objectives i. To develop software that will enable management keep track of the records of patients doctors and nurses. ii. To provide within the software a searching filter, which is field based, to help find records easily.

iii. To provide within the software the ability to generate the bill of a patient upon discharge. iv. To provide a data wise report printing and also a selective wise printing within the software. other objectives i. To provide the function of adding/deleting doctors, nurses and ward boys/girls. i.

To provide the function of checking for available beds in the entire hospital. Importance of Project The reliance of this study cannot be over emphasized taking into consideration modern computer technology age and technical advancement. Overall, this project is important in producing a guided user page that will benefit the hospital in maintaining and tracking the records of patients and staff. It will enable the hospital to know which patient is in the hospital at a particular time and also keep track of the patient’s treatment.The main significant of the study is to help eliminate the local (manual) system in which a patient, whether seriously sick or not, has to be walking around the clinic with a folder before he or she can be treated. This study will also provide a much faster, easier, and more accurate searching and printing process hence eliminating the formation of long queues at the O. P.

D before a patient can see the doctor. Furthermore, this system will also reduce the time consumed from manual search and data entry processes.