How a Father Looks Out for His Children Essay

Something I learned from this particular reading is that the love of our parents, this time only the father, is as big as they are always looking for our own good, always taking care of us and are on the lookout for our problems, although they may not tell us when they are always looking for us to be good and to be happy.The story tells us about a young man life and how his father helped him to make the right decisions for him and not to take bad decisions, but the boy just wanted to please to his friends and be popular with them, this is a situation that happens a lot in the life of any teenager, always treated as something more important to be popular and please people to have more group of friends, that is supposed to be the best thing but when you are in school and all judge you by that, so I understand the character, there are always problems about that, something that sometimes parents don’t understand and think that just because you act badly you want it that way, of course also they are always right because they know more and have more experiences, but when someone is young does not care to listen to advice or anything else ,only cares what other people think. It also tells us that the hip hop music had damaged many of his friends as it gives a bad message only, as that money is the most important, or that the material things are more important than anything else that is also fully lie.

That kind of songs speak using inappropriate words, in this reading his father teaches him or involves their classic songs that had a better message.He gradually gets more musical tastes and other tastes, such writers, all thanks to his father. This reading helped me to remember some things that have happened and have had always thank my family especially my dad for giving me advice and helping me at all that he could although sometimes I get angry because I did not understand his advice and always wanted do what I seemed easier, I think parents are very important for the development of their children because it’s always nice to have someone to guide you and advise you during your worst moments and when you have problems, they always have more experience than us and their advice can be very helpful to us.