How takes 10 minutes of your day.

How to be happy when everything goes wrong it happens sometimes we feel that we are not living in the right place i should not be here. No matter how hard you try but life does not go as you want. Sometimes it gets hard to understand how to be happy when everything is not in your favor. Dont feel dishearten and dont give up. When nothing goes right here are the things that can feel you motivated and happy- 1- change the situation take a holiday and go somewhere with your family or friend outside the usual surrounding. It will help you to think about something else rather than your problems. It happens sometimes that in our busy schedule we never spend time with our loved one so maybe it is a good chance for you. 2- image of your desired future before starting any new business you always imagine future how your life will change how happy you will become. The image of future keeps us moving. 3- problems dont last forever sun always rises after a dark night. Nothing is permanent. Your situation wont be same for the whole life. There would be the time that is perfect for you. Keep yourself encouraged take a deep breath and think that this time will also pass. 4- try to find out what makes you happy find out what and who makes you happy. Read books listen to good music and talk to the people. If you love playing then go for playing and leave the work for some time. 5- record your progress always keep a record your progress; it hardly takes 10 minutes of your day. It is very helpful in stressed situations. Your achievements will make you feel proud of yourself in difficult situations. Dont hesitate to talk about yourself it openly. 6- leave past in past so many people openly follow the rule that the past is an accumulated experience but not what it is worth living for. Always keep yourself in present and plan your future. 7- accept that sometimes it is not in your control there are some things that are not in your control just accept it and you will be a happy person. You can never control the thoughts of people about you. Dont frustrate yourself and ignore people who never support you. 8- listen to yourself no friend no trainer no boss can understand your situation. You understand your situation better. Listen and trust your inner voice and make your own decisions. 9- keep yourself healthy we train our mind but we ignore our health. Do exercise meditation yoga and eat healthy food. Peace of mind and healthy body keep you moving.