How life is complex beyond measure and the

How would you describe life, not your own, just the general idea. Lonely? Amazing? Tragic? Beautiful? So full of life you can’t seem to comprehend? Or washed out and gray? In general, life is pretty awful, take a look at the news! Scarseth in his report about the novella Of Mice and Men argued and portrayed the point that life is tragic but it’s necessary to have such things to make life feel real. Again, as previously stated, life is pretty bad, but there is some good, life is complex beyond measure and the simple ideas of good and bad just don’t seem to cut it.”This book is… a complex mixture of good and bad,”(Scarseth).  We are the only live things, from what we know, to have a high enough level of sentients to realize that we can and do have morals, and that our choices affect others. Lennie seems to have no idea what’s happening around him, he’s confused and lost, Crooks is insanely aware and its made him jaded and angry at the world, George also knows and he’s just as jaded as Crooks but he tries for Lennie, because Lennie is such a child in his mind and morals. They are all good and bad and they are all both deeply lonely in their own ways. ‘”A guy needs somebody?to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody. Don’t make no difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you. I tell ya, I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick.”‘ (Stienbeck, 80) . Crooks knows what it’s like to be alone and left by yourself, it seems to take you apart bit by bit and you have to put yourself together all over again to try and make it right. All of these people in this book are jaded and morally gray, seeming to have no real and truly defining feature of good and bad, of course, besides Curley, this books closest thing to a villain. They are all lonely and they have all been shaped by their environment. They all became these multifaceted characters by the tragedies of their lives and by being deeply lonely and realistic people. This book is complex, and it is accurate. People were, and still are, deeply lonely and isolated with a million different morals and a million different tragedies. Tragedy is not limited to the great and the low, it has no reservations to who is given it. Everyone and everything has or will have a tragedy to shape and change them as a person.”The tragedy is that, limited as the characters are, the world they live in is even more limited”(Scarseth). It’s the 40s, segregation is alive, the great depression is at its height, another world war is on the horizon. All the characters here are stuck, and that’s what they have to do to survive. Work is sparse, the pay is good, and the whole world is alive with terror. Crooks is stuck because of his race, George with Lennie and the desperate need to take care of him so he has somebody, Candy’s wife with an emotionally distant husband and need for something more, but she can’t because she’s a woman. They are in this limited world and they are terrified.  ‘”Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.”‘ (Steinbeck, 17). People in this novella are scared, of Curley, of the people there and what they might do, of being alone. Everyone is terrified and limited, they know they don’t have anywhere else to go so they’re stuck and they’re scared, of course, pretty much everyone in the 1940s was scared, you had all the things I already stated, they are limited by their world and environment, and it scares them. Everyone is scared and everyone is limited by how they are and how they’ve lived and they want out and they want to be more.They are isolated and wandering trying to scrape by and it’s barely working but they are still here.”‘Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place…'” (Steinbeck, 13). What would you say is worse? Poverty or loneliness? The idea of being so alone in the world that there seems to be no point or being so deep within poverty that you can’t seem to pull yourself out? With Steinbeck and his writing his thoughts on such topics are portrayed through all of his characters, and his thoughts on loneliness are stated through George; that loneliness is the worst thing to happen, the most tragic of all. The way he writes of the idea is amazing though, it’s not like feeling lonely because you weren’t invited to get ice cream, it’s the ever gnawing, present, and carnivorous loneliness that splits you into two jagged pieces in a whole room of people. It’s a thing that eats you up from the inside out and stops you from seeing the beautiful through it all, this amazing, tragic, unending, cruel, and amazing world we live in. “Shown us… the pain of living in a complex human world and created something beautiful from it’ (Scarseth). LIfe is unending, it prevails, and its complex, it all come froms tragedies that shape us and the world around us. We need the awful and twisted things to make the amazing things visible to us, to let us see the world in color. Steinbeck has helped us see the awful, wrung out, real world, the kind that lets us know that his book was, and still is rooted in the real world. It’s not an edited down happy ending book, it’s a gritty book about a limited world and how people try to see it without limits. Their lives, along with almost everyone alive, is limited but they try to live it without, no matter how rich and powerful you are, even you have limites in your life. This paragraph, along with all the other ones I have written are here to portray one idea, that we need tragedy. We need it to shape us, to break us down and rebuild us so we know more, we feel more, so we are more. So how would you describe life after reading thing, after thinking? Is it still all the things I’ve listed at the beginning of this paper or has it become something more? Beauty is within the eye of the beholder and the same applies to life, it is what you make of it so what do you make of it now?