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How a Project Supports to Business Strategic Plan through Business CaseLife CycleEvery project within the organisation should be align with its strategic plan. Project team should match theproject according to the organization strategic plan. There are some phases to carry out to create a businesscase that support to the strategic plan.Phase Strategic ContextThe point of this stage is characterized the need of an investment and deliver a case for change. It impliesdistinguish issue or chance to describe business outcomes. To do this, organisation need to think about keybusiness objectives, current business condition, drivers for change, business wanted results, scope andstrategic fit. Incorporate proposed improvement periods and conveyance plans.Phase  Analysis and RecommendationThis stage is the core of business case and purpose of fundamental investigation, justifications and proposalsare analyze and reply. There are two inquiries ought to be reply in this stage and there are as per following: What will we get there?Presents the feasible choices and related expenses and advantages that will experienceundergo examination and the evaluation criteria that at last will used to decide a generalsuggestion.K. M. J. Moksha Prathibanu 1531023 (6CI005)What is the best option?This question could reply by a financial related examination to determine funding,affordability, and cost adjusting in relation to advantages and risks.This phase consists of another three steps:Step 1  Preliminary Options AnalysisHaving set the specific situation and set up a case for change, the following stage in theimprovement of a business case concentrates on the principle alternatives accessible for tending tothe business require. In this progression, it concentrates on the business need of the project anddetailed examination is not completed. In any case, a list of possible alternatives are record andthey screened. Once there are screened they are acknowledged or dismissed. The principle objectiveis to limit the choices down.Step 2 Viable OptionsA more thorough investigation of the feasible choices directed now in the business case byexpanding on the past segment’s examination. This progression select a proper choice from theshort list that answer the investment need and the case for change. Advantages and disadvantagesof every alternative is analyze in detail regarding expense and risks.Step 3 Justification and RecommendationThis segment use the Preliminary Options Analysis approach where the choices subjected to a nearinvestigation. The assessment criteria and how much the key prerequisites of the business require,are tended to will be measured close by the discoveries of the suitable choices examination directedin previous step.Phase 3 Management and CapacityThis strategic level stage should exhibit to the business case’s analysts that the investment wouldbe manage effectively. The following investment management components ought to portrayedregarding methodologies and delineate that such basic project management essentials as systemand strategies will thoroughly considered and set up before the dispatch of the task:Governance and oversightProject management strategyOutcome management strategyRisk management strategyChange management strategyPerformance measurement strategySecretariat, T. (2006)