How Does Priestly Show In His Presentat Essay

Hence she is returning to her cruel and spiteful nature. Additionally the fact that she is avoiding blame emphasizes she does not want responsibility because it might cause a scandal to the family which underlines her snobbish behavior. Furthermore, Mrs. Birding pretends to be ignorant about Erie’s drinking it isn’t true… ” The paralinguistic feature “(staggered)” is effective as her action mirrors her false shock and pretence.

Though as an audience we know that her shock is forged in order to keep her family stable, cure and protected from humiliation. Additionally Mrs. Birding believes she is a decorous and respectable woman as she is upper class nonetheless as and audience the way she behaves towards the inspector is dismissive. “And if I was, what business is it of yours? ” the interrogative sentence intensifies her arrogant, defensive tone and her rude and confrontational manner which implies that Mrs. Birding does not tolerate the Inspector.

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Conclusively, in Priestley presentation of Mrs. Birding, he shows that she often pretends to be meeting that she is not – think that this is mainly due to her status as an aristocrat because if she does something provocative, it will cause shame and indignity to the rest of the family. This clearly shows that Mrs. Birding is concerned and cares about what people of 191 2 care about her as it was an era mostly about social status. Although as an audience we perceive her as egotistical and malicious woman as a result of her snobbish behavior.