How far has technology improved our liv Essay

How far has technology improved our lives, and is this development good? Ever since the industrial revolution in the end of the 1 sass, people lives has changed dramatically due to the increasing use of technology. However, is the development of more complicated technology only for the better, or is it going too far? In these days we are so surrounded by the technology that living in a world without it is almost unthinkable. Technical devices have made our lives easier in so many ways.

We have dishwashers, cars, vacuum cleaners, automatic lawnmowers and so many other gadgets that saves us for ours of work or transport. This gives us more time to take part in more exciting events, use more time to gain knowledge, spend more time with family and so on. As we e. G. Got gadgets to help us with house maintains, we can clearly see the change in women’s lives during the sass’s. Women got the time to get educated, get good jobs and participate more politically. So technology gives everyone more opportunities to spend time more voluntarily on things they would like.

However, as many fancy devices are created to make our lives easier, we have also created many devices that sakes it easy to waste our lives on writing about, taking pictures or talking about our lives. Am thinking about social networks such as Faceable, Instating, twitter, tumbler (and the list goes on and on), as well as addictive games. Palpitations-, Oxbow-, computer-games (to mention some) have been discussed a lot when it comes to creating a negative addiction among youth, and as we see the development in addictive phone-games (e. . Ballplayer, angry birds), we can easily understand why. Therefore, even though we in one way save more time at using the newer technology, we have also created a oral where people spend more time than ever before looking into a screen; maybe we have developed to that point where we save time on housework only to spend more time on Faceable. So does this mean that technology has saved us any time at all, or is it simply just making us throw away more of our lives than ever before?

It cannot be argued with that technology has improved our opportunities to communicate with other people from all across the world, with ability to share information and cultures, translate languages and send messages/give calls free over the internet. 200 years ago t was almost unthinkable to believe that someone could sit in England and both see and talk with a person from Australia at the same time (which you can using devices such as seep, for example. ), and now this is something we all take a bit for granted.

That the world has turned so small could give different cultures a better understanding of each other, as well as gathering people from so many different cultures. This increases the cultural relativism and decreases ethnocentrism, in other words it makes people more aware and accepting of differences from across the world, as the unfamiliar gets ore familiar than what it is. Without the technology that we have today, the way of sharing information cultures and communicating with others could not have been possible.

Even though it gets easier to communicate with others, it can also make it harder to communicate with someone in real life. In other words, being socially active and outgoing online is a complete different experience from being socially active and outgoing in reality. For example, earlier people had to go meet up more often during co-operating projects, whereas today we can simply just send a text. This is, according to me at east, a bad development, because it takes away a lot of the social development in us as human beings.

It hinders us from growing as human beings, and makes us less used to interacting with others. In addition, by creating an arena for us to interact with people hidden behind our screens, we also make it easier to lie and bully others as well. It is a lot easier to come up with a lie when you do not have to face the person you are lying to, and cyber-bullying IS the most popular way of bullying nowadays. Therefore is has a negative effect that it is so much easier to communicate with people; it sakes us feel less responsible for our actions.

TO sum it up, I would say that I think that our lives have enhanced by technology, because it gives us many opportunities we have not have before. On the other hand, I think we should find a way of stopping ourselves from becoming complete slaves of the technology. If we continue the way we do now, I believe that we will not only make devices that make life easier, but we will practically make robots live life for us. Or as Einstein said it so very well before me; It has become appallingly obvious that our tech oenology has exceeded our humanity.