How Is Sakespeare’s Work Still Relevant Today? Essay

How is Shakespeare’s work still relevant today? Not only was Shakespeare so well accomplished in his writing skills that he has become one of the most important figures in the history of the English language, but most of his work were written on such basic human themes that they will, and have been understood for all time.

A huge part of the appeal of Shakespeare’s plays is that they deal with basic human emotions, and mistakes that are present in everyone.For example, many people can relate to the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet, to Macbeths ambition, or Helena’s unanswered love in a midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare is still popular because he wrote about people that are captivating. He wrote about situations that are truly tragic. He wrote comedy which was foolish, witty and clever.

These are elements which will never go out of fashion and they are just as relevant today as they were 400 years ago. They will most definitely be equally relevant in another four hundred years.In the play The Midsummer Night’s Dream Nick Bottom is a very rounded character, and I think the character would definitely fit into a modern story, not necessarily Midsummer Night’s dream. In the play he quotes “That will ask some tears in the true preforming of it, if I do it, let the audience look to their eyes; I will move storms”. That quote really made me picture Bottom as a very stuck-up character.

I would really like to see him in a modern adaptation of this pay.He would be very relevant to the character in the two hundred year old play. His characters and stories reveal universal truths about humans in a way we can all relate to. Whether it is a tragic ending, greed an ambition, desire for revenge, or love. His representation of the characters is just as real and relevant today, as it has been, and will be for centuries. Shakespeare’s plays are also relevant today because he uses themes we can all relate too. One of the themes in his play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” is love.In the play, there is a huge love triangle between four people.

Therefore, since love triangles like this are seen all over modern television, we can relate to it in some way, and not be completely clueless on what is happening. His plays touch on timeless themes such as love, friendship and revenge. Who hasn’t heard of one of the most classic love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet? The story about two Lovers that doomed to separation by their families has been adapted many times for film, stage and musicals.