How Media Is Affecting My Life Essay

I am addicted. I spend so much time on my computer. I usually turn my computer on when I wake up in the morning and turn off when I go to bed.

It is because computer allows me to use many different forms of media, such as access to news, entertainment, and communication with others. Like what most people do with their computer, I check my emails and surf web. I even buy my books for school online at much cheaper price than the school book store.

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However, I can use this technology to read news too. When I open my internet browser, I try to find interesting stories that happened over night.And also internet keep informs me about what is happening around the world by sending me headline news to my email. So when I am away from my computer or even without watching the news on television, I can read news on my phone simply connecting to the internet. My computer also entertains me. Even though I know that it is illegal, I download movies and television shows, so I can watch them on my free time. Sometimes I download sports games too.

Last summer, when there was 2010 FIFA World Cup was going on in South Africa, I couldn’t watch them because of time differences.Therefore, I downloaded them to my computer and watch it, instead of missing the whole game. I even use my computer to communicate with my family and friends. As an international student, it is hard to see my family who are living in Korea, where is twelve hours away from Los Angeles. However, I can actually see them on my computer screen and talk to them using web camera and microphone system on my computer. I also use these computer equipments to talk to my friends in New York and Vancouver, Canada.

I know I am addicted using computer, but it helps me to save time and money and makes my life so much happier and easier.