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How to become a successful business in today’s world ?Many companies are focusing on building a big company that can makes lots of money and focusing on the way to minimize the cost and maximize the profit but not for Mark Constantine, CEO of “Lush Ltd.”. He said “I’ve always known that a small company can get better as it grows” (Constantine, n.d.) and “The secret? Attract passionate enthusiastic and energetic people who share a pleasure in the work.” (Constantine, n.d.). Lushstands out from other business because of its strategic related to green behaviors and many more. Nowadays Lush widespread in 49 countries includes America, Australia, Japan, Thailand and many more also has 900 store worldwide, so we can say that lush is one of the success business today. Mark Constantine, a trichologist, Liz Weir, a beauty therapist, Helen Ambrosen, Rowena Bird and Paul Greaves founded Lush in 1995 by In the part Mark Constantine and Liz Weir were the largest supplier for The Body Shop, a British cosmetics, skincare and perfume company, since early 1980s. They started their business in a small retail shop in Poole, England where handmade products upstairs and sold it downstairs. Before the company became well-know as “Lush Cosmetic”, their company name was “the Cosmetics-To-Go” and later it was renamed to “Lush” by one customer. Lush means being fresh and green like their product which is made from fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Lush’s business strategy as a sustainable business is so success through its green behaviors of being against animal testing (Buchwalter, 2007) and using eco-friendly packaging or having less packaging as possible. Lush famous products that are shower jelly, fun bar, bubble bath, bath bomb and etc. are placed on shelf in the store to attract people by its colorful and its outstanding and identity smell. Another strategy that makes Lush apart from other is that they trained retail staff to be a passionate and knowledgeable staff in order to be able to tell a customer what they really need and sell the right product to the right person because they believe that in-store experience is the opportunity that customers can play with their product and feel what the product really like,as well as the retail stuff can help customers find the product that is appropriate. It can say that a highly trained retail staff is the one of key making Lush success. For concluding, to become a successful business in today’s world, the company may need to be innovative, use advance technology and depend on the internet as a reason of fast growing digital market but do not forget to have your own style and unique as well as always concern about sustainability by taking responsible for the environment, society and economy. If one of those is no longer exist, company will not be able to continue its business.