How Technology Makes a Difference Essay

The world that we see in today present time is changing as the weather to the seasons.

As these seasons changes we look at how technology in today’s society has an effect on individuals than how the past without technology help the people connect to one another. In “Alone Together,” Sherry Turkle talk about how technology has interfered with how we as individuals think about what is realistic and how authenticity is something that does not matter to us.Malcolm Gladwell essay “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted, “he explained his thoughts on what “we are told” and how technology effect how we as individual connect with one another. Both authors claims of today’s society toward technology confirm their thoughts of how the more advance technology is getting the more people rather the short way of life which is weak ties rather than strong ties. With society transforming our lives and our ties to one another, for better or for the worse technology offers us more abilities to life as a whole.Whether or not you like what situations you face and how to solve the problems we as acquaintances are all one. In Gladwell essay he states:” All the volunteers we requires to provides a list of personal contacts-the people they wanted kept apprised of their activities- and participants were far more likely than dropout to have close friends who were also going to Mississippi.

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High-risk activism, McAdam concluded is a strong tie Phenomenon” (MG P. 136).As technology offers us substitution for connection with each other face-to face people loses the bond that they once had. Social media is about who is following who, people who you never met and keeping up with thousands of friend you wouldn’t even have in real life so where is the authenticity. Turkle states in her essay: “I believe that in our culture of simulation, the notion of authenticity is for us what sex was for the Victorian-threats an obsession, taboo and fasciation.I have lived with this idea for many years; yet, at the museum, I found the children’s position strangely unsettling” (ST p.

266). For that statement you get to visualize the systemic change that is going on. Before technology individual would rally together highly motivated about life and today the theory of Darwin’s process of development is no longer sufficient to individuals of today’s time.