How the American Revolution Changed Society Essay

In 1776 the United States gained freedom from England with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The United States was the first country to break away from its oppressor in history. The United States wanted to change the American society politically, socially, and economically drastically, but in reality the American society did not change. After the American Revolution, American society did not change politically.

In the political scene women gained no power in the government. (Doc. J) With women not gaining any political rights showed how much the American society did not change.Women not gaining any political powers showed how the American society did not trust having women with power. John Adams, the second president of the United States of America, believed in a strong centralized government. (Doc.

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G) The need of a strong government proved that pre-revolutionary society did not change politically. The strong government did replace the monarchy, but still controlled what the people did. If the Revolution had completely changed America, there would not have been the need of a strong centralized government.The Alien and Sedition Acts brought the American society back into a pre-revolutionary society.

(Doc. D) The Alien and Sedition Acts were acts that the Federalist passed to stop the criticism of the Republicans. Passing the Alien and Sedition Acts showed that the government could not take criticism much as the British monarchy could not. The laws took away the freedom of speech, which was listed as the first Amendment; taking away the rights of the people is exactly what the British did to the American people.How the government dealt with the Whiskey and Shay’s Rebellion showed that the political system did not change.

(Doc. G) The government sent the military to stop both rebellions. The Americans followed the British in sending the military to stop the rebellions. After the American Revolution the American society did not change politically. Socially, the American society did not change at all.

Just like the roles of women did not change in the government; the women’s roles did not change socially. (Doc. A) Women gained no rights beyond the household. The men of he American society thought women should have no other roles besides raising the children and teaching in schools. A woman gaining no new roles showed that the society had minimal change. The slaves in the United States also gained no rights, such as freedom.

(Doc. H) Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. Giving slaves no rights at all makes the American government look like the British because the king took the colonies rights away, and stopped letting the people have the rights given to the people by God.

The government not freeing slaves showed little social change. Native Americans in the United States received no benefits and were executed. (Doc. E) The Americans took away the Natives’ land and killed the Natives. The Battle of Fallen Timbers is an example of how the American society executed the Indians. The Battle of Fallen Timbers was fought because the Indians in the Northwest Territory would not follow the government’s orders. What the Americans did is the exact same thing that England did when it controlled the colonies.If the post revolutionary society was doing the same thing as the pre-revolutionary society that showed the American society did not change socially.

Socially, American society did not change. The American society did not change economically. Under George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, a whiskey tax was enacted. The whiskey tax was similar to the Stamp Act, Tea Act, and the Molasses Act, which taxed certain goods. The whiskey tax put a tax on whiskey.The tax showed the society that the American society did not change because congress placed taxes on important goods to the society. Taxing the whiskey was the same thing the British did when Parliament taxed paper goods. The debt of the American republic was just the same as the debt that was occurring in the colonies.

The debt showed similarities of both economic systems before and after the revolution. The similarities of the system is that the system in place was not working under Articles of Confederation, or the English system that was placed on America.The post American Revolution society created a national bank. The bank showed that the American society was not set to control finances. The British sent tax collectors to collect American tax money; the United States used the bank to get the tax money from the people. The same concept different system. Post American society did not change economically as the people would have thought.

The people wanted a change in how the country would run and function. The systems might have changed with independence and new leadership; nevertheless, American society did not change politically, socially, and economically.