How a mother of three

How a mother of three created a store that now earns $80,000 per month selling socks, leg warmers, boho scarves, lace headbands, and T-shirts In just 3 years, Alicia Shaffer’s store — ThreeBirdNest — went from zero to $80,000 a month. That’s $960,000 per year selling socks, leg warmers, boho scarves, lace headbands, and T-shirts. Here’s how she did it. Alicia started posting pictures of her clothing accessories on Pinterest. Pinning her items began to draw a huge audience, for free.  Her secret? High quality product images. It can’t be overstated —good pictures drive traffic and sell products. Your pictures are your virtual shop window, so make it count. Use real models to showcase your stuff — it attracts attention and helps people to see themselves using your products. Alicia also knew how important it was to see her store through her customer’s eyes. She would look at her pics and ask, would I buy that?  Remember, Etsy wants you to succeed. The more money your Etsy store makes, the more money they make. That’s why they offer so much free, useful advice to help you build a better store. Alicia knew this early on, and took advantage — soaking up all of Etsy’s free tips and tricks to help heroptimize her store and attract more traffic and sales. Most store owners overlook these basic steps, but it’s a mistake. Simply optimizing your store, following Etsy’s best practices, will help you attract more views, more clicks and more orders.  When it comes to product titles, Alicia saw the mistakes others make, and took a different approach. According to Alicia, lots of people give their products weird names that nobody is searching for. For example, somebody might call a unique bamboo chair a “Bambidood.” Nobody is searching for a “Bambidood.” What they’re searching for is a Bamboo Chair. So, a better title would be “Bambidood Bamboo Chair.”It’s not just about marketing, Alicia says. It’s about service. If you treat your customers like gold, they tell their friends, family and coworkers. And that’s when things really take off. Offer your loyal buyers private deals, respond quickly to enquiries, give honest and friendly advice (like you’d expect from a real shop assistant.)