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How Building an Outsourced Team Can Significantly Reduce Costs and Increase Your Bottom LineIf you’ve made it this far, you may be asking yourself if outsourcing your software development activities in Romania is for you.  Today’s market provides a wide range of options for building a global team, so choosing the right software partner can be a challenging and overwhelming process for many.  Even so, with a well-known shortage in local tech talent in the US and the associated high salary costs, there is little choice for many organizations but to outsource their software development. And when in one corner of the Eastern Europe a new location offers a large pool of qualified talent at lower costs, outsourcing becomes very attractive. In the recent years, Romania has grown significantly, and its talent pool matured, enabling the country to position itself as reliable and trustworthy, with strict IP laws and culturally aligned with the Western countries.  Romanian Software EnvironmentThe fastest growing industry sector in Romania, IT business exceeded 4 billion EUR in 2017  according to a study launched by ANIS and Pierre Audoin Consultants. According to the same study, the number registered last year is mainly due to the software and services exports, which amounted to more than 78% of the turnover.  Moreover, according to industry insiders, the tech sector is expected to grow by 9% per year until 2025 , aided by one of the fastest broadband internet speeds in the world (behind only Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Iceland) . With a culture driven by innovation and very high interest to deliver service excellence across the STEM industries, Romanian developers are gaining more and more recognition across the UK, Nordics or the US.   Romania has the largest number of IT specialist in Central and Eastern Europe.To Manage or Not to Manage? The most successful software outsourcing projects result in truly innovative outcomes that deliver meaningful increase in the bottom line. Deciding to go East, however, frequently comes down to a cost-driven ROI calculation: how much will all this innovation cost? or How long will it take to recover those costs? Any outsourcing project operates following several engagement models. Each of them sustains an ideal balance between your business needs, your involvement, timeliness and cost. But how do you know which one is right for your project? Below we’ve taken a comparative look at the two most used engagement models:Extended TeamsWHAT IS IT?The outsourced developers function as an extension of your existing Development team and are completely integrated into your workflow. This means you can align your team’s efforts and run the project on your terms – from management to development or UX/UI Design.  YOU NEED THIS WHEN: • You wish to develop new features without defocusing your initial project team• You need to scale your team quickly – grow or shrink your development team according to your goals Managed TeamsWHAT IS IT?A Project Manager from your outsourcing partner’s team will supervise the entire project lifecycle and will report directly to you. He or she will be responsible to select the project team, assign tasks and ultimately be responsible for the final output on your partner’s side. YOU NEED THIS WHEN:• You need to ramp up the team quickly, but you don’t want to manage hiring, and other HR processes• You need Project Management supportUltimately, the choice between the two models can be made looking at your Project Management needs. But regardless of which path you choose to take, both options can reduce your costs to up to 60%. When you choose to develop your software project in Romania, you typically think of cost savings first. Indeed, one of the main benefits of outsourcing is that it provides competitive hourly rates, which makes them cost efficient. However, hidden costs like overheads, employee benefits, taxes, PTO, training or company perks are also eliminated, while you also gain flexibility and scalability.  ConclusionStill not sure if you should outsource your software development work to Romania? Building a trusted global team is about more than just cost, so choosing the right software partner can make or break its effectiveness and success.  That’s where Imprezzio Global comes in. We are shameless technophiles who love to work with bleeding edge technology, continuously improve our skills and have fun while we’re at it. We are also highly dedicated to our customers and our mission, with a proven track record of always going the extra mile for our clients.  Remember, we are more than just code. Ask us about what you can do to significantly increase your bottom line and build a successful global software development partnership.