How to Improve Your Life Essay

This weekend I visited the Holocaust Museum of El Paso, Texas. Seeing all pictures and displays being presented in the museum makes your heart heavy for the victims of the terrible war that they had to go through. This museum exhibits the hardships not only the Jews but also the soldiers and citizens experienced during that time. The Holocaust Museum is all about giving out information to the public about the Nazi Holocaust to prevent reoccurrence. The Holocaust Museum also does a very great job in displaying honor for the victims, soldiers and survivors who lived during the Holocaust.

The displays, portraits, and information given in the museum remind you of the respect everyone should carry with them for this war. The exhibit I enjoyed the most was the display that shows Auschwitz- Burkenau, the largest concentration camp in Germany. This attracted me because it was sickening how many innocent lives were taken by the Nazi and how long it took to be taken down. Auschwitz had so much land and most the space was occupied by decaying bodies.

Surrounding this exhibit was the clothes the prisoners would have to wear, and it brings tears to your eyes when you realized how worn out their bodies must have been that some victims could barely hold their back straight because their shirt was too heavy for them. It gave me an all new respect for these victims. I have always been interested in the Holocaust because my dad and grandpa since I was little educated me in this war. So I was very excited to visit this museum to give me more knowledge about the war and the victims. I love to watch documentaries on the Holocaust and I knew this museum would give me information just like that.

This museum provided me with so much information. I learned that many Germans and Russians helped hide out Jews in basements and attics. One person that particularly sparked my interest was a Russian lady, Tatiana Zelenskaya who hid a Jewish child in her home. When she found out that his parents had died in a concentration she adopted him and raised him on her own. I was very grateful I had this opportunity to write this report and experience this museum. I think El Paso citizens should visit this museum at some point because it honors El Paso survivors and soldiers.