How to Manage Our Manage Wisely Essay

Community nowadays judges people by their wealth. They said that money is very important asset and those who have money will be well respect by others. Some people even said ‘no money no talk’. But nowadays, we always heard about the post graduate has declared bankrupt because they don’t pay back their study loan. So to prevent this matter from being spread, we should know how to manage our money wisely. There are several ways to manage our money wisely. Firstly, we should prepare our budget regarding our monthly income. It is because to avoid over spending and to limit the uses of money.

To save our budget we can list down the necessities that we want to buy, so that, the students can differentiate between needs and wants. Furthermore, at the beginning of the month, we must make a budget such as how much we want to spend our money on food, entertainment, transport, books, and so on. Therefore, we must make a list so that we don’t go over budget. Secondly, way to manage our money wisely by survey the price of goods before buying. This way is to get cheaper price come along with the acceptable quality such as buying the second hand books from seniors or another thing that still in a good condition.

Besides, we can compare the price with other shop by checking the price from catalogue or internet. Moreover, we also can spend money by buying only at the grocery shop compare to the supermarket and, we just spend when got sale or promotion. This is one suggestion way to manage our money wisely. Thirdly, saving some amount of money is very important to manage ourselves financially. This is because we need to manage use money especially during emergency causes or buying long-lasting items we must put aside RM1 per day.

So, during at the end of the month we can save that money in the Bank. For example, students need to use money if suddenly they get sick. In this case, we will not have problem in money when we need it. As a conclusion, using money wisely is very important to everyone. It can prevent us from being in a caught short situation and become a spendthrift. Other than that, in a world today, there are no more free item because all of it cost us money so by follow all the ways we can save our money and use it wisely.