How To Prevent Outsourcing Program Of A Company Essay

Bandag Automotive 1 Bandag Automotive Connie McRoy Professor Robert High Human Resource Management BUS – 310 014016 October 30, 2010 Bandag Automotive 2 Given Bandag Auto’s size, and anything else you know about it, explain why and how the human resource management function should be reorganized. Bandag’s Automotive human resource management should be reorganized because the executive assistant is outsourcing several duties that a qualified individual could handle their selves in-house.

The executive assistant could hire a human resource manager to recruit and screen possible employees, a benefit specialist to administer employee benefits, such as the 401K plan and a personal accountant to do payroll for all the chain stores. Hiring these individuals would cut down on business expense and the company would be more hands on with the company’s dealings. Also, the managers of each store could take on more responsibility if there workload isn’t overbearing. The human resource management function would then become smaller in size allowing for opportunities that would benefit the employees.

Bandag’s human resource organization chart would ultimately have less staff members listed on it, but it would show that they are “family” oriented business, such as Jim’s father treated it and the company could use the extra profit towards raises, marketing, sales, production, etc. I think the best way to implement the changes would be to have a company meeting that explains and shows how the reorganization of the human resource management function would have a positive impact on the business. Recommend what Bandag should change and/or improve upon regarding the current HR systems, forms, and practices the company now uses.

Bandag Automotive 3 I think Bandag should obtain their own HR information system. If they were to integrate a Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS) they would cut the cost of having to pay a HR system supply company to do a job that could be done computerized. HRIS’ are used for collecting information on new employees, appraisals, benefits and training. They also are used for many different tasks at different levels. There are transactional-processing systems which keep track of short-term details, such as daily activities, accounts payables, tax liability and order status.

Management information systems which produce standardized summary reports daily which would help keep track of the company sales and transactions. Executive support systems provide businesses with information for making decisions on matters such as a five year plan. Bandag should implement an HRIS because it would benefit them in the long run because they would be able to oversee the company’s daily activities, have documents at hand and take a glance into the future of the company. Jim fired an employee for creating what the manner called a poisonous relationship.

Explain whether or not the employee has a legitimate claim against the company and the actions the company should take. According to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals – those who, with (or without) a reasonable accommodation, can carry out the essential functions of the job, Henry Jaques was discriminated against. I think he has a claim against Bandag Automotive because it was Bandag Automotive 4 aware to Jim Bandag the owner that Henry suffered from a mental illness. Also, Mr.

Jaques was able to perform his job well even though he had a problem interacting with his co-workers according to his performance appraisal done by the store manager. Henry also had complained to the manager about his working conditions and no actions were taken to improve the situation which could have led to the continuous arguing between his self and the co-workers. Bandag Automotive should have held a meeting with Henry’ Jaques before firing him to see why he was behaving unprofessionally with his and co-workers and what his complaints were about. Also, since Mr.

Jaques may decide to sue the company they should review the ADA guidelines and the Civil Rights Act of 1991 to see how they can beat the case or try to come to a consensus with Mr. Jaques. I think if Henry Jaques decides to sue Bandag Automotive the ruling would be in his favor because his disability did not interfere with job skills and his complaints fell on deaf ears. Miriam, the controller, is basically claiming that the company is retaliating against her for being pregnant, and that the fact that the company raised performance issues was just a smokescreen.

Explain whether or not the EEOC and/or courts would agree with her and the actions the company should take now. I think the EEOC would agree with Bandag because Miriam was not discriminated against during or after her pregnancy even though that’s how she feels. Jim Bandag reason for firing her was according to her job performance and possibly forging documents which are probable causes for getting fired. Also, I think the EEOC will agree Bandag Automotive 5

Bandag because they will take into consideration that she was not fired during her pregnancy and had ample enough of leave to use after her pregnancy to ensure a full recovery. The company should meet with the EEOC members and present their case to them to see if they will defend them and if they do the company should try to come to reconciliation with Miriam to avoid court cost and time wasted. I think Miriam is going to have a hard time proving she was illegally discriminated against due to the fact that she has no proof against Bandag Automotive.

An employee who is deaf has asked to switch jobs to be a delivery person and he was turned down. He is now threatening to sue. Recommend what the company should do and describe why. I would recommend the company to let the deaf employee drive on of their smaller vehicles because they are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under this act employers must make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities such as hearing impairments as long as there is no undue hardship.

Also, Jim Bandag should have took heed of his friends story because he is doing exactly what UPS attempted to do and he will lose this case. I think that the company should try to avoid going to court because it will have a negative impact on his company and other employees who feel as though they have been decimated against will follow suite. Bandag Automotive should also try to compromise with the deaf employees if they know what’s good for them.