How To Rock At Customer Service Essay

I wanted to see what there online thought of the topic and I came across a variety of different definitions. This is the best definition I found and most inclusive definition I found was, “Customer Service is the commitment to providing value to services to external and internal customers, including attitude, knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner This statement encompasses every aspect of what customer seeks from a company; it is evident when a company is committed to providing great customer service.

Also, I like the way this statement incorporates not only external customers UT internal customers such as its own employees. Having a positive attitude is a very important aspect of providing great customer service in that it is one thing that you can definitely control. We choose our own attitude and it plays a vital role in the customer experience. Additionally, customers seek knowledgeable individuals to ensure they will get satisfaction from whatever product or service a company is supplying. Lastly technical support and quality in a timely manner is important because time is money.

After investing in any product or service, customers need to know that they will eve support for any issue or concern and that it will be easily accessible. Any lack of timely support will damage the relationship that has been fostered through purchase. By mastering all that I have previously mentioned, customers will see the company’s commitment to great customer service and they will stand out compared to the rest. When I think of companies with great customer service, one company in particular that deal with often comes to mind, AT. I have AT for a variety of services: Cable, Internet and Phone.

The reason why I have most of my basic services with AT is not eely because of the simplicity, it is because they are great and convenient in many aspects. Every time communicate with AT they always sound happy to speak to me. When call over the phone I can hear it in their pleasant tone that they are happy and ready to help. Even when have experiences with AT at a store in person they are always pleasant people to work with and seem genuinely happy to be there. Another thing I really like about AT is that they always address me by name.

It makes the conversation more personable and friendly. They also never let me go without checking that there is nothing else they can help me with. Lastly, AT shows me that they appreciate my business by thanking me for choosing them. They understand that have other options and value me as a customer. On the other hand, thinking about companies with bad customer service is a lot easier since there are many to choose from. My top pick has to be Wall-Mart, the employees always look miserable, no one ever knows where anything is, and asking for something is asking for too much.

I feel it’s understandable that not everyone is happy to be at work, but a poker face never hurt anyone. Also, good customer service involves knowledge, something you don’t find too often at Walter. A requirement of the job should be to know the sections of the store and where items may be found so that employees are helpful to the customers. If you don’t know the answer, it’s fine as long as you put in the effort to find someone that does rather than acting as if your job was just interrupted. All these opinions I’ve made on these companies were initiated by what’s called a moment of truth.

This is referred to as any point during an interaction in which the customer has an opportunity to form an impression whether it is negative or positive about the company through its services. When a moment of truth for a customer has been a negative experience, it becomes a Moment of Misery. On the other hand, when the interaction has been extremely positive, it becomes a Moment of Magic for the customer. This you tube video by OFFICIAL MR. BEAN is perfect example of a moment of mystery. Mr.. Bean tries to get service in a china shop but the shop assistant is on the phone with her friend. He explodes a paper bag to get her attention.

The terrible customer service Mr.. Bean received will most likely ensure that he does not return to that shop and additionally he will probably share his negative experience with others. This one small moment of mystery caused to one customer may cost a company many customers. A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10 people about their problem. The second video in my presentation covers the importance of customer service and ten effective customer service tips for a large or small business. One vital tip is to know hat your customers want and the only way to know that is by listening.

Another important one was to have a consistent customer experience, you never want your customers guessing what they’re going to get. Thus a company should invest in a good training program and have a rewards program for employees to increase motivation to provide great customer service. Success in customer service can be simple by following this cycle. First, training and empowerment of employees must be achieved as it is the only way to get to employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more likely o deliver superior service which leads to customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers will become loyal customers which will result in high sales and profit margins that will ultimately grow the company. Customers are the most important part of any business, often referred to the as the heart of the business. They don’t depend on us, we depend on them. Customers should be viewed as an essential part of the business, not an outsider. They do us a favor by coming in or calling, we aren’t doing them a favor by serving them. The Customer pays all salaries, wages, and bonuses and the customer will go here he/she receives the best attention.

Lastly, we will visit some steps on how to provide my favorite kind of customer service, which is customer service over the phone. The first step is a warm, friendly, professional greeting including company names, dept name (if appropriate) and the person’s name who answers the call. Second step is to listen; one of the most important techniques in telephone etiquette is to actively listen to the customer. By listening actively to the customers opening comments, you can then respond with a statement that assures the customer you heard.

The hired step is to empathic, put yourself in the customers shoes and understand how they are feeling. Step four, probe for better understanding commonly used terms are Who, What, When, Where, and How. Fifth step is common courtesy, ask permission to place a caller on hold and get the caller’s attention when you return. If you know the wait time will be a few minutes, tell the customer before you leave the line. Sixth, avoid Company jargon and or rules as this can be a hot button for some customers. You don’t want to seem as if you’re reading straight from some company manual.

Seven, offer illusions and alternatives; it’s important to tell the customer what you can do, usually they’ll accept if you take the time to offer. Step eight is tone, its the most important measure of communication and it must be positive and enthusiastic. The tone will give the customer an image of what kind of person is representing the company, so you don’t want to be monotone or unenthusiastic. The ninth step is show appreciation, before the caller hangs up; make sure you have expressed sincere gratitude for the customers patronage. Lastly, step ten, go the extra distance and run an extra lap for very customer every time.

Take time to extend you resell in some way to make a positive, lasting impression on the customer. In summary, customer service is a process that we all encounter in many aspects of our lives. Customers exists in all sorts of forms and its important that we recognize this and know how to deliver great customer service to everyone we encounter in our professional lives. As have discussed, we need our customers in order to be successful and grow. It’s a competitive marketplace and only those who build trust and retain customers will continue to thrive and grow.