How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Essay

Painful deaths are one thing, but being eaten alive by loved ones has to be the top painful way to die. Chances of a pandemic of flesh eating people might be slim to none, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the super natural apocalypse that is, the zombie takeover. It might seem impossible, but if movies and video games can teach you anything, it’s there are at least three easy things to prepare for the disaster; finding food and shelter to hold you over, gathering weapons to defend against the flesh eaters, and no strong bonds with other people to hold you back.

It’s not everything, but enough to make sure you don’t get gnawed on in your sleep. Finding food and shelter is a necessity, because as humans we need sleep and food to keep us going. Unless you have a car or truck, you can’t go around with a grocery store on your back, keeping just what is needed is important while you’re on the move. There can be occasions where you take a cupcake or a ding dong for morality, but when on the move, water and light food are perfect for keeping stamina up while running and fighting off the undead.

Shelters won’t always be permanent, so don’t get attached or cozy anywhere you stay, it only takes one mistake to have a place turn into feeding ground instantly. Never trust the news when they say there is a shelter with military protection, they will always be overrun sooner or later letting someone infected inside, stick to places that can be easily boarded up, and has a secret escape just in case. Weapons to fight off the ankle biters are a necessity, if you don’t want to be infected or munched to death.

While some would choose guns to kill the infected, they are noisy and will draw more of them towards you, and you can’t have unlimited ammo, it will be your downfall. Blunt and sharp weapons can be very effective to damage the brain of the zombies, and won’t draw attention, they also won’t last forever, and sooner or later they will break or dull. Since life isn’t a video game, you probably don’t have the knowledge to combine things to make a super weapon, but it won’t hurt to try and combine an axe and a sledgehammer together.

Try not to have bulky weapons and multiple of them, they will slow you down, and you need the stamina to keep up with slaying the zombies without them getting an open shot at you. Hopefully you have or run into a person who is a sports fan, and has bats and other blunt objects that are easy to carry. Having a bond with someone is nice in a normal society, but in a flesh eating zombie apocalypse, the less you know anyone traveling or holding up with you, the better.

If you get caught up in a situation where someone is clearly doomed and already bitten, there should be nothing inside you convincing that you need to help them, they’re screwed, and you don’t want to endanger yourself. While you might come off cold hearted, anyone who wants to find their sole mate in a hell on earth deserves to be fed to the zombies, or at least bate if you’re willing to do something like that. If you had no one before the infection, you shouldn’t want any afterwards, they will be trouble and deadweight.

While there are other ways to survive the flesh eating pandemic; food, weapons, and not looking for bonding buddies are the three easy necessities to holding out long enough for the zombies to starve themselves to death. As long as you stick to these rules and don’t be stupid, you should most likely live to tell your story to anyone else who was smart enough to survive the apocalypse. Maybe then you can look for someone to buddy up with, unless the infection carries on, then hopefully you can use them as bate in a deadly situation before they can do the same to you.