How Trashing Waste Into Our Environment Can Harm Us and Our Babies Essay

ows us that we have not been keeping our environment clean, and that the government has not been of much help to its people. They have put all their effort into making sure that the cooperation has all its needs, while the people suffer. We find out about all the staff going on in the United States. While watching this video, the presenter gave some very convincing information concerning this topic. In the essay I will be giving you a few details on why I strongly agree with the presenter.The job of the government is to be there for the people, protect the people, and provide for the people.

The government is using more than fifty percent of our tax money to spend on the military, so that we can continue to go to war. Among the one hundred largest economies on earth, fifty-one are cooperation. Every day we are destroying our planet without even knowing it. We use too many unnecessary things, which are trashing our society. Within the United States, tress is being cut down frequently.

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According to the presenter, there are 2,000 trees being cut down a minutes.Trees help our environment air wise. It creates clean and breathable air. There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals placed in the products we use. There are strong chemicals added to the products we purchase. Products such as our pillows, our foods, and most importantly breast milk. We are contaminating our babies with all the chemicals. We are harming ourselves.

Forty percent of the water waste is unusable, because we have thrown thrash into it. The United States is using thirty percent of the planet’s resources.There are almost 4,000,000,000 LBS of pollution being released into the environment.

Another issue that the government lacks is the unemployment. The unemployment rate in America has increased to 7. 9 percent in October of 2012. (www. tradingeconomics.

com/united-states/unemployment-rate). The unemployment rate is simply the amount of people searching for a job. “In October, the number of long-term unemployment (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was changed at 5. 0 million. These individuals accounted for 40.

6 percent of the unemployment. ” According to money. cnn. om, the recession ended in 2009, but looking at the data, there are nearly 14 million Americans who are not employed. The economy is growing, but that growth is lethargic and has been driven by consumers. Economists believe that United States can easily come out of the recession and all the effects of the recession can be cleared from the memories of the workers in American economy but it would take a long time. The Barack Obama government had helped the workers of United States by introducing the stimulus package.

This Package is helping the people to get their lives back together.The government claims that they are doing everything they can do to help the environment, but I believe that they can turn the economy around for the better if they just worked on the issues I explored earlier in the essay. With all that being said, the video was very persuasive, it gave facts that can be proven. So many staff that we all know that it cannot take a day to complete but as the years goes it will be done one day at a time.

Staff to me means all this and more, so let as all come to gather and make this country a better and great place to be.Work Cited