Hr Functions & Employee Selection Essay

Introduction : Many organizations in the world continue to consider human resources a function that covers staffing (hiring and firing) , motivation ( rewarding), training and development, maintenance ( safety and security) , and employee facilities. In the Human Resources process you must understand every aspect of managing and roles of an HR function. One of the important aspects to starting a successful HR function ( as an HR professional ) is understand the impact that effect HR management on the organization.The role of HR function in an organization is to provide a big range of services to different organization that may help and benefit in achieving a common goals.

The first topic we choose is Functions of Human Resources Management. There are four main and basic functions of Human Resources Management which are: * Staffing * Training and Development * Motivation * Maintenance Staffing: It is a process when having the right people in the right jobs that allows the organization to make maximum use of its HR investment.The right employees mean people who have good qualifications, skills and experience that match with company’s required to facilitate achieving the objectives of the company and to its profitability. When staffing people to any position, the manager’s role should be to find the best people whose skills fit to the requirement of the position. Staffing Three elements for staffing which are : Strategic human resources plan, recruitment and selection. Strategic human resources plan The strategic plan have to ensure that department and work teams are able to work together effectively.

Also, having a job analysis which allows you to consider the need for a specific position with skills and knowledge required. Job description with outlines, specifically and the duties of the position. recruitment Each company develop its own unique methods and ways of recruiting staff based on its staffing needs and requires focus on skills and knowledge.

For example in some companies the hiring manager review the job description to ensure it is suitable and fit for the position and requirement.Sometimes it may be necessary to get employee from outside the organization who have good talent, brain power, strong skills and high qualifications. External and Internal sources of the organization: Internal| External| Job posting| Advertising| Internet| Job placement agencies| Succession plans| Job fairs| Referrals ( transfer )| College Placement Offices| selection Employee selection is a systemic process of selecting and choosing the right and most suitable person who has been recruited or attracted to a particular job in an organization. Training and developmentIs the process to get employees skills and knowledge that help them to perform well, perfect and in an effective ways in their jobs and it means also improve the current or future performance of employees through learning and it’s by changing their attitudes or increasing their skills and knowledge. The aim of training is to help the organization achieve its goals or purposes by adding values to employees or people that will be employed.

Training invests people to allow them to work and perform better to make the best use of their attitude in the organization. There are some objectives of training which are develop the performance of mployees and reduce the learning time of employees that they start their new jobs, so they can become more competent and effective in their jobs and that help the organization so much. Any training program has an input that enables employees or participants to gain skills and learn some theoretical concepts. There is a process for training which contains training need analysis, training objectives, training delivery and training evaluation.

* First step (need analysis) means what are training needs for person or job?. * Second one (training objectives) and it should be measurable and visible. Third one (training delivery) means techniques of training. * The last one (training evaluation) means measure feedbacks and results. There are many benefits of training employees such as improve the relation between the manager and his or her employees, help employees to recognize the organization goals, help employees to adapt easily with change and participants or employees can learn from trainees. Motivation What organization need is a continuously approach to maintain interest and commitment from the team and this is not easy, but it is very essential to the effectiveness of the organization.Motivation is the relationship between the organization and its member that influenced by what motivates and encourages them to work more.

Furthermore it is the willingness to apply high levels of effort In order to reach the organization’s goals by high efforts ability to satisfy some individual needs or expectations. In motivation function the manager must be able to support an individual’s needs with the objectives of the organization for the benefit of both employer and employee. For example, if the staff do something good and excellent, the manager should tell them.Then he have to tell them again and again to encourage and give them confidence about their ability. Also, the manager try to start writing about their hard working and their good performance. Then put it in the company’s newsletter and note to their file. Whatever, but make them it widely known they did good and excellent performance to give them strong encouragement to do more for the next time.

This is a quick and easy method of motivation for any organization’s team. If the manager want to improve the work of the organization, he must to be attention give level of motivation to its members.He also must encourage them his staff to direct their efforts and hard working towards the successful achievement of the goals and objective of the organization. Recognizing, feedback both formal and informal, training, providing tools that staff need to work effectively, giving employees positive advice about good performance and communication openly and freely. These factors are what your team needs which will help to achieve organization’s goals and keep great workforce. The point is that the organization can enhance it team’s performance through these several factors of motivation such as: * Understand what motivate your employees.You must understand what methods and ways that motivate and encourage them individually. Different organization motivates people by different things like: money, recognition, health insurance, career development, set down with each employee to discuss with them, learn them about everything that organization required and reward program.

* Make your employees feel appreciated. One of the best ways to keep an employee is to make hisher feel appreciated with simply saying “ thank you ” with full respect. * Help the employees strongly to manage their weak performers.

Try to support them to get away from their weak performance and manage them directly. Provide training session on the company that related to their weak performance to help them overcomes their weakness. * Allow your employees to express themselves. People like who trust and believe on their skills. So, support your employees to express their creativity, intelligent, talent, different skills and ideas, and their activities.

* Challenge your employees to greatness. Encourage your employees to continue growing and developing their skills and talents.Motivate them to focus on their goals which is the best way to build and have a success company. Why is employee motivation is important in an organization: That is because motivation employee is a productivity employee and productivity employee is a more profitable employee for the organization. Maintenance Its activities that related to employees benefits, safety and health and worker relations.

The aim of this function is to ensure the employee’s life and to keep a good reputation of organization. Employee benefits include health insurance and free parking.There are three categories of benefits that the HR manager has to manage such as employees services such as purchasing plan, legal services: holidays and some health benefits. Some activities that related to health and safety are agreement by the law to protect employees from risk in the workplace and HR manager has work to reduce the company’s coverage to risk by applying protective safety and training program. Maintenance activities that related to worker relation include working with employment unions and planning systems to stand-in collaboration.Activities in this ground include contract negotiation, handle employer criticisms and managing programs to improve communication and collaboration. (Mote) The second topic we choose is Employee Selection. Employee Selection Is the process of putting the right person in the right job, it is also a method of matching organizational requirement with the skills and qualifications of people.

The needs and expectations of the job are very important for hiring the right employee. To make it easier for you to know if the candidate’s qualifications match up with the needs of available position you need to write a brief description about the job.The duties involved in the job must be included in the description , it is important for the new employee to know what they are getting into and can bring out befor hiring them. The success of the company or organization depends on selecting the right candidate for required job, so it will face less obstacles and also save time and money. Why it is important ? Employee selection is important as it is the process of recruiting and hiring employees who have the necessary qualifications to perform the job in an organization.Selecting the right employee is hampered in many situation by the applicant available with the necessary skills or a geographical location , for example maybe the company is located in far area. Therefore, some companies take these things into consideration when recruiting efforts are initiated and selecting the best class applicant may be the company’s biggest challenge.

Methods of Employee Selection There are many methods for selection such as: testing, advertising, completing application form, screening, and corresponding with the prospective employee.Among these , the two principal selection methods, which most are used, are applicant forms and interviews. Steps of Employee Selection Employees leave their jobs at a rate of 14. 4% annually, according to statistic quoted by MissouriBusiness. net, if you pay only minimum wage, the replacement cost for each employees is around $3,700. For these reasons, choosing the right employee for available positions is critical to preventing losses financially and in terms of productivity. Knowing the steps to finding the right employee can help. Step 1 Job DescriptionThe needs and expectations of the job are very important for hiring the right employee.

To make it easier for you to know if the candidate’s qualifications match up with the needs of available position you need to write a brief description about the job. The duties involved in the job must be included in the description , it is important for the new employee to know what they are getting into and can bring out before hiring them. The success of the company or organization depends on selecting the right candidate for required job, so it will face less obstacles and also save ime and money. Step 2 Check Information Companies and organizations don’t always check the resumes and references for the candidates which are the standard requirement for the job. Checking the information that provided on the resume of the candidate very important for the manager who are looking for a qualified employee who is reliable and trustworthy.

After checking the information, the manager can contact the reference of the candidate. Step 3 Screening Interviews Try to consume the time that you have to meet the candidate by interviewing in good way.Contact them by phone and include a screening. t can take about 15 to 30 minutes. Ask the candidate about their employment history, previous salary and about their education. Also from their sound on the phone you could notes if they seem to have a positive attitude and high energy.

If all their answers meet your needs, they may be a promising candidate to the available job. Step 4 Multiple Planned Interviews Planning out the questions ahead of time before starting the interview is very important, because you have to make sure that all of the position is covered.Each candidate has to be interviewed by as many people as possible. You will get a clearer picture of the candidate if you have multiple opinions of him. Then you will notes if the person would engage well with the rest of the company. Step 5 Benefit Preferences If the hopes of candidate don’t match up with the job reality, they will leave the job.

Asking the candidate to complete a employment preference ranking, so you can check if the reality of the job is matching up with the candidates hopes.Each candidate has his own importance refer to the job, so the manager or the interviewer have to list down the benefits of the job such as security and advancement. One of many reasons of leaving the company or the job, is giving a high rank to advancement opportunities but are in short supply for the required position, then a candidate might not be a good choice because they are likely to become unhappy. Step 6 Job Preview This is the time to have the final decision for identifying a candidate to hire, bring them in to test how the job is done. Candidate can see what the job need and determine if they going to enjoy the job or not.

In some cases , the candidate will accept the job offer even if the job preview reduce the likelihood , those will be more likely to stay around long term in the job. In conclusion Apply these two method Function of Human Resources ( Staffing, Tanning and development, Motivation and Maintenance ) will help the organization to achieve a common goal. Selecting employee will result for the organization to successes in choosing a good person who have a good personality, high performance, with different skill and high level of qualifications.

Also, will help to select an employee who able to complete hisher work with high ability.