HR: Job Description Assignment Essay

1. Reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions It is important to update and write new job description because developing strong job descriptions is an important part of a compensation and benefits specialist’s job. Job descriptions are essential to the successful development and implementation of many HR programs, including compensation plans. Futhermore, the job description of company The InAndOut, Inc. , is written about eight years ago and they have never been revised and are hopelessly outdated.

Plus, the job of marketing representative also doesn’t have any job description because was created five years ago. If this would not be done, it will give a negative effect on HR activities to functional which require good jobs description like recruitment, selection, compensation, performance appraisal and training and development (R;D). That’s why it is crucial to make sure job description is always updated than let it being outdated and become less effective for HR to generate its activities.

Another more, reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions are, equipment and procedures have been outdated, new jobs may have been added and jobs themselves may have changed, jobs may have been eliminated, and the company may need to hire new people because the company is growing. Job descriptions are also important to the successful creation and execution of competitive compensation programs. Essential for “employee recruiting and selection”. They can be used to construct advertisements and provide suitable interview questions.

Job descriptions are also used to make available to job candidates detailed information. When new employees are hired, job descriptions give them a better perception of what is expected of them. Job descriptions also provide guidelines for training and developing employees within an organization. In order to develop and provide appropriate performance standards, and performance appraisals, job descriptions are needed. By using job descriptions, employees can keep track of their own goals and their progress on the job.

2.An outline of a process for doing this that will yield as a set of through current job descriptions. The approach here would be to generate a job requirements matrix which would provide the input for job description and job specifications. This would involve collecting information include firstly tasks, second is task dimension, third is task dimension importance and the nature and importance of KSAOs. First, the sentence analysis technique could be used to develop task statements. These individual task statements could be grouped together into clusters by using a task dimesnsion matrix.

Next, the relative importance of the various task that should be assessed. Whereas, the tasks and task dimensions would then used to identify relevant KSAOs. After that, the job context associated with the jobs that would be assessed. Next, the job requirements matrix would be generated. Method that can be used for doing this is, prior information about the jobs based on the company records which can be get from old job descriptions. Beside that, we can also use task questionnaires such as the PAQ as our methods in job requirement.

Other than that, through observation of people performing their jobs, interview with job incumbents, supervisors and job analysis experts. All of the information needed than we can get from job incumbents, supervisors and job analysis speacialist. Usually the general or common process issues that involve are identification of the purpose and scope of the job analysis process and verify final jobs description with the job incumbents and their supervisor. 3. A process to be used in the future for periodically reviewing and updating job descriptions.

The key to maintaining a job description system which is current use is to design and implement a formal process which specifies regular and systematic evaluation of the job description system to determine wether the job description are still appropriate. Commitment to the idea of keeping the job description system is critical for all people involved in and affected by the process. Idea and Suggestions to Marvin In my oppion there is disadvantages about job description that I disagree with it. First, I think the interviewing process were too long.

Moreover, job description did not accurately describe job requirements. Beside that, there was no opportunity or chance to meet with other staff members in the research department. My suggestion is a few changes should be done in order to get more effectively result in job description. Firstly, revise the job description to more accurately describe job requirements and the interview length sessions should be shorten from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. Lastly, I suggest we should conduct peer interview so that we can recruit the best and high qualities worker through this method.