HR Management in the BNP Paribas Essay

When in 2000 two companies – BNP and Paribas merged, they created a European leader in fiscal services. The group has a bulk engagement in other large Bankss in Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg and considers these markets as “ domestic ” . [ 1 ] . In 2000 the group had about 70,000 employees, today it has over 200,000. It grew from 2,500 bureaus to 7,000 around the universe. [ 1 ] This growing and company development represents a great challenge for human resources direction.

In BNP Paribas ‘ scheme, HR facet is considered as one of the most critical 1s to pull off.BNP Paribas is 6th biggest Bankss worldwide harmonizing to “ Brand finance ” 2010 ranking and its value is estimated on $ 14 billion. [ 1 ]The motto is “ BNP Paribas – the Bank for a changing universe ” . World alterations, clients ‘ demands excessively and the scheme of BNPP as good.

The HR direction serves as a pillar for the scheme of the company and it will be discussed “ how ” in this paper.HR Management in BNP ParibasOverview of HR in the companyBNP Paribas operates worldwide with a peculiarly strong place in Europe. The company employs over 200A 000 people worldwide. Europe itself comprises over 159A 000 confederates. [ 2 ]Human Resources direction has been really ambitious, sing the amalgamation between two companies – BNP and Paribas, in 2000. [ 1 ] Since so, the HR ends [ 2 ] were redefined:Federate a planetary and multicultural groupAffirm strong and original individualityMobilize people to move for a corporate undertaking and give a long-run sense to itThe companies have today more less the same means for success sing engineerings or procedures, but a existent competitory advantage comes through people company employs. There have been many treatments about corporate societal duty and BNP Paribas presents itself as socially responsible, the employees are the first concerned in this regard.

One of the chief challenges for BNPP is to pull and retain qualified workers. In order to make so, one of HR functions is to guarantee preparations, betterment of information handiness in the company, assure balance between household, work and free clip of the employees, use principal of equal wage between work forces and adult females, allow employees be stockholders, participate, assure occupation security, assure efficient intern mobility between legion metiers within the company etc. [ 3 ] These and many other tools are used by the HR section in BNPP in order to maintain and beef up this competitory advantage that its employees represent.

BNP Paribas has five chief corporate activities and each has a subdivision of the HR: [ 2 ]GroupCorporate & A ; Investment BankingInvesting solutionsBNP Paribas Fortis and BGL BNP ParibasRetail banking ( 59 % of the activities )BNP Paribas has HR section that assures a function of a strategic spouse of the company. It takes attention non merely of administrative issues, but it represents an of import function in pull offing employees, their callings, their cognition and competences and assures a growing of employees and company.Company ‘s motto is: “ BNPParibas – the bank for a changing universe ” . HR direction is the pillar of this and I will discourse how in this paper.Strategy & A ; HR Planning in the companyChallengesThe fiscal crisis hit tough a banking sector.

Nevertheless, BNP Paribas remains one of the most robust and profitable. BNPP gives a recognition for this to the battle of its confederates, attachment to the values and the scheme of the group. The HR section perceives the undermentioned challenges as the most important 1s: to attach to development and alteration, aid employees to develop, but besides to actuate them and do them loyal, promote diverseness and listen the employees carefully. [ 4 ] These are the chief challenges in this perturbing times.Company has to confront in general different competitory challenges linked to the fact that BNPP is a planetary company, it operates in over 80 states, hence the HR has to get by and accompany people and company to new civilizations, Torahs, patterns, it doubled its staff in last five old ages, it creates new partnerships, this globalisation pushes the HR to observe forces with high potency and develops exile plans.Another challenge of the company is altering demographics.

There are less entry-level workers than in the past, many seniors are retiring, HR is so challenged to happen new qualified and experienced work force, attention about transportation of cognition within the company, find means how to increase productiveness and efficiency of the people to make full in the spread, people care more about single attack, about their callings, benefits, retirement, development and the HR has to pull off this.Strategic planning:HR mission & A ; visionBNPP did non explicate peculiar HR mission, sing the fact that its general mission and vision statement contains the mission of Human resources.Mission statement: “ To run into our clients ‘ challenges through a combination of divine invention, first-class executing and unity. We win by authorising, developing and swearing our people, and presenting profitable returns for the Bank. “ AVision: A«A As a planetary pioneer in fiscal services, we will determine a better hereafter for our clients, our stockholders, our co-workers and our communities. We will be the benchmark for ethical and unafraid concern pattern ; we will take by illustration in invention and we will construct sustainable value by puting in people.A»HR ‘s policy is to develop, promote and honor employee ‘s public presentation.

[ 5 ] BNPP understands that employees represent a sustainable competitory advantage and investing in human capital is the top precedence.HR values:Company values in general are the 1s that are strongly present in every section. HR ‘s values besides correspond to these chief values: aspiration, battle, creativeness, responsiveness.

[ 2 ]( beginning: getty images, “ custodies on top of each other ” )Responsiveness means to measure rapidly the state of affairs, place hazards or chances, take speedy and smart determinations. Responsiveness is about the efficiency and effectivity.Creativity means that the company wants people to take enterprises, to hold thoughts and daring to convey original solutions. Employees are so given recognition for this enterprise, they get the acknowledgment they deserve.Engagement incites people to adhere to the group ‘s values, to believe and move for a group, to stand for it.

Battle of the employees is important for every company ‘s success. If the employees adhere to the company ‘s values, they enjoy working at that place, they are motivated and they are able to stand for it right. That means that this will be reflected in their dealingss with co-workers, but besides clients or providers. It is really of import for the company ‘s efficiency, for retaining of people and for the image every bit good.Ambition encourages challenge and leading spirit for a personal success, but particularly the one of the group.HR endsHR ends were redefined and now comprise three chief ends:These are the chief general ends that are more specified every twelvemonth harmonizing to scheme of the company.

HR actionsMain HR actions include:EnrollingHiringTraining and developmentPerformance ratingRetention and cognition transportationSequence planningThese subjects will be discussed farther in this papers.Organizational alliance & A ; Agility in the companyOrganizational AllianceThe company ‘s HR directors make certain to understand the company environment and scheme in order to better align HR objectives to concern aims. HR seeks this external tantrum, but besides the internal tantrum by alining its patterns, its activities and actions. That manner that they will reenforce the concern and overall scheme of the company. HR puts itself in the place of the concern spouse – apportioning necessary resources harmonizing to altering scheme and international development of the company.Flexibility is a “ capableness of the company to alter, to accommodate in order to prolong competitory advantage ” . One of the values of the company is “ responsiveness ” . That means that BNPP wants to react rapidly to market demands.

This requires besides responsiveness and flexibleness of the Human resources section. One of the HR schemes in order to react to this alteration rapidly, is developing and back uping mobility, flexibleness of occupations and people.Mobility is for BNP Paribas an plus but besides a average how to accommodate to the activities ‘ development, to back up concern. The advantage is that everybody can extent his professional cognition, but besides to come on in the calling. The company has different types of mobility: [ 2 ]Indeed the mobility policy takes into consideration the aspirations of confederates.

There is a big spectrum of pick sing the size of the company and the fact it operates in so many states. They can happen the occupation offers on the Intranet in a subdivision “ E-jobs ” . [ 2 ] There were about 1000 of offers for work in France, Spain and Italy in 2009.

In Europe and in peculiar in France, Belgium and Italy, there exist besides regular meetings where the employees can obtain information about possibility, about preparations in order to increase one ‘s mobility and many other tools. [ 2 ]AgilityHR within BNP Paribas has many different maps and that is what makes the company agile.Strategic spouse function:HR has a important function in the BNP Paribas sing a big figure of employees, but besides the fact that the concern is dependent on the dealingss with people. BNPP manages to be one of the top universe companies, because HR is a existent strategic spouse to the concern. HR directors understand concern, market as whole, they watch the rivals and their patterns non merely in concern, but in peculiar in covering with their employees, pulling work force and retaining it, in drumhead, it acts as a “ alteration agent ” .HR be aftering becomes strategic, sing that it is made non individually, but in conformity with concern aims.

BNPP ‘s concern is dependent on a good direction of human resources. HR vehicles and supports the scheme, civilization and image of the company.Workforce battle, Capability & A ; Capacity in the companyWorkforce diverseness to reenforce BattleBNP Paribas has created three chief paperss in 2008: Deontology chart, Guide for enlisting methods and a papers that enables to depict and formalise the determination taken. These paperss reference in peculiar the recruiters.BNP Paribas operates in approximately 80 different states and involves approximately 160 nationalities. The employees come from different civilizations, they have different values, motives, paradigms, even therefore the Gallic civilization is a dominant one, sing the figure of employees in France and the fact that the central office is located in France. This diverseness represents of class a great chance for the company and supports “ creativeness ” as the value.Cultural diverseness is enriching, but it is non the lone diverseness supported by the company.

The demographics is a portion of it every bit good. Sing the age pyramid and figure of adult females and work forces working for the company, figures are reasonably balanced. There are more adult females employed by this bank group – 53 % of the employees. The immature coevals is prevailing ( 25- to 34-year old ) , but there is besides a strong presence of seniors in retail banking, in peculiar in the Western Europe.

BNPP does many attempts to attach to its employees besides in footings of parenting by developing baby’s rooms, create particular partnerships with establishments taking attention of the kids after school and during vacations… BNPP employs besides handicapped people. [ 2 ]BNPP has its chart called “ Esprit Diversite ” about its policies and societal duty sing the diverseness. [ 2 ]Battle: employee ‘s truenessBNPP puts in topographic point HR schemes in order to reenforce employee ‘s battle by trueness and motive inducements.The wage has for most portion of the employees a fixed portion in conformity with the experience, occupation, competences, and a variable portion depending on single and team public presentation. The employees can hold other different advantages, such as holding stocks and going shareholders ( with lower limit of 5 old ages ) , retirement programs and nest eggs with part of the company, wellness coverage for the employee and his household, aˆ¦ [ 5 ]But wage and advantages are non the lone drivers of the employee ‘s motive and trueness. The company offers a big spectrum of preparations, it has many diverseness associations, it supports rearing by partnerships with nursery schools and kindergartens, it gives chances for a calling development through mobility plans, people get excess vacations ( comparing to other companies ) , flexible working hours are possible in peculiar for executives, and there are many chances for a calling growing and publicity.

[ 5 ]Capability and capacity: how to find it?BNP Paribas is a planetary company. It has gone through many alterations, and sing the fact that BNP Paribas doubled figure of its employees in 5 old ages, this represents a great challenge for the HR planning.HR strategic program has to take into account different issues:Anticipation of the work force needs is critical sing the development and growing of the company and its concern.The HR direction has to calculate out the ways how to increase productiveness, but besides how to acquire the right people for the right places. The job of capacity is linked besides to a job that there will be over 1,100 natural goings for retirement [ 4 ] merely in France for group activities themselves! There will be so many more around the universe. So another issue will be linked to reassign of cognition, but besides talent sensing and development are critical!To happen right managerial tools non merely to make full in the spreads, program “ take-over ” of the free places ( sequence planning ) , but besides to guarantee the development of the group in general, of people working at that place. Designation of endowments is critical for the success of the company, but mobility will play an of import function excessively as it was discussed in a old portion.

BNP Paribas tries to reenforce a mobility. That will enable the employees to hold a different occupation in the instance of reorganisation and suppression of bing place. Additionally to permanent contracts, BNP Paribas had worldwide over 14,000 impermanent workers. BNPP besides supports pupils and has over 1,500 pupil contracts with altered hours and attack ( mentoring ) and over 1,200 housemans in France.

[ 2 ]Sequence Planning in the companyStrategic program: actions planHR be aftering becomes strategic when it brings action programs for the hereafter that are in conformity with a concern scheme of the company. HR in a function of a strategic spouse brings a strategic program with undermentioned actions that are merely summarized:EnrollingRecruiting is a procedure done in BNPP he same manner like in many other companies. What is deserving adverting is that BNPP communicates with directors about non-discrimination and objectiveness. There are meetings organized about this subject, Intranet contains elaborate information and advice.

BNPP decided to hold anon. CVs while enrolling to do certain that determination is based on competences and consequences of the campaigner. [ 5 ]HiringThere is an integrating plan put in topographic point in BNP Paribas. The preparation enables a new confederate to cognize better the inside informations of his place, understand the function within a company and the metier.

These integrating preparations enable confederates besides to make their first “ people web ” . That makes them experience right from the start a portion of this community.There are three chief stairss for integrating of a new confederate: [ 5 ]Indeed the integrating procedure is adapted on the place and senior status. This three stairss are really convenient in peculiar for immature alumnuss willing to fall in the Group.Training & A ; developmentThe preparation and development of competences are finding factor for company ‘s development.

( beginning: Getty Images “ Help ” )It enables the company to raise a degree of public presentation, develop employability, but besides to do the employees feel particular, of import and it makes them loyal, motivated. It is besides a tool how to pass on a civilization, values, but besides scheme of the company.Trainings motivate employees because it is the manner for them to develop, to progress and to accomplish their professional ends.

There are specific preparations for each metier, but besides cross preparations, including linguistic communication classs. They are largely done in groups, sometimes it may be single and there is a big spectrum of pick with e-learning. [ 5 ]BNP has its ain preparation centre in Louveciennes. In France, every employee has a right of 20h lower limit of preparation per twelvemonth. The employees can take from a catalogue that the company made available and it lists all preparations. It is called “ Formad’hoc ” . [ 2 ]Training Center in Louveciennes ( beginning: Reunir.

com )Performance ratingBNP Paribas takes one-year rating for each employee in each state and the rating turns around the values of the group: responsiveness, creativeness, battle and aspiration. Employees and in peculiar directors are evaluated on their activity, enterprise and work that should be in conformity with these four values. [ 5 ]Indeed, the person and squad public presentation are reflected in the rating and hence variable portion of the wage every bit good. Each employee is evaluated harmonizing to quantitative and qualitative standards: consequences, but besides regard of regulations and deontology, squad spiritaˆ¦ [ 5 ]Retention and cognition transportationAs mentioned, the company has many seniors that are traveling to go forth the company of course. This added to normal rotary motion rate does, that HR has to happen the manner how to retain the cognition.

The company has many mentoring plans put in topographic point, but besides there are studies, methods and paperss in written in order to retain the cognition. The system is reasonably formalized due to this ground. For certain metiers there is besides a cross-training, this assures non merely a transportation of the cognition, but besides increases a mobility.Sequence planningBNP Paribas put in topographic point a procedure of calling direction that enables the company to place the executives with high potency and readying of these employees for take-over of other ( higher ) place.Sequence planning is one of the most of import missions of HR in footings of calling direction. BNP Paribas has a particular commission [ 2 ] that is in session on a regular basis in order to discourse possible sequences.

All employees are a topic, from low places up to high managerial places. It is peculiarly necessary to observe the directors with high potency in order to guarantee sequence for the cardinal places in the company. The Group gives a high value to the endowments, supports their integrating and development of their leading ability.The directors who could hold this high possible participate on particular preparations called “ Prism ” and “ Nextep ” in the preparation centre in Louveciennes. [ 2 ]There is a peculiar preparation for executives and directors with high international potency, described in the last portion of the papers – International HR Management.

( beginning: Adapted from BNP Paribas, Annual study 2009 )The European civilization & A ; International HR ManagementBNPP is a multinational company, that has a central office in France, subordinates and bureaus that are more less stand-alone units in different states. Over 96 % of the employees in each state are local employees [ 2 ] that assures for a company a high local reactivity.Multinational squads( beginning: Getty Images: “ Globe made of national flags ” )Sing a figure of civilizations within the group, BNP Paribas takes advantage from this diverseness, but besides gathers people into “ one international civilization ” based on shared values as they were mentioned in this paper. These values are communicated on each degree, each state and each entity of the group.Due to the international enlargement of the company, the HR resources have to react to this globalisation. The employees outside of France represent non 40 % like in the past, but 67 % in last 10 old ages.

[ 2 ] In order to attach to this development, BNPP introduces “ international ” executives for pull offing places.The exile contributes to this “ international civilization ” within the company.Exile: sensing of right profiles & A ; preparationThe confederates with high international potency are invited to take part on “ Talent development plan ” . Participating directors are from different states and profit-centers. [ 4 ]This plan consists of three different preparations:First one is the Leadership for Development plan, created in 2005 and is done in coaction with esteemed College de l’Ecole Polytechnique. This plan is destined to see executives in order to develop their leading ability.

There were 105 participants in 2009. [ 4 ]There are two different plans destined for more junior executives with a high international potency, created in 2008. “ Travel To Lead ” had 117 participants in 2008 and enables them to reenforce their capacity to collaborate in multi-metiers and multi-cultural environment. “ Share to Lead ” had 113 participants in the same twelvemonth and is destined to truly junior executives but still with a high potency.

This plan enables the participants to better understand the challenges of teamwork and to place their possible for betterment. [ 4 ]Exile: international mobilityThe universe fiscal crisis forced BNPP to direct more experient and trained people from the central offices to other states. Alternatively of salvaging cost, BNPP decided to trust on the expertness and cognition of the high-voltage executives. They are non sent to the states to replace local directors, they are at that place to back up them, to pass on company scheme and to reassign the cognition.

The portion of local employees remains the same, at least 96 % , up to 99 % . [ 2 ]Sing that most portion of the employees are in France, there is besides considerable per centum of these people. BNPP decided to develop international mobility and back up the exile plan. BNPP offers to the employees intercultural preparation, it helps a partner to happen a occupation, aid with disposal, such as to obtain a work license, find lodging, school for kids etc.

In the USA, there is besides a particular plan for non-Americans to do them cognizant of cultural differences, different working methods, direction, coaction, rating.( beginning: )DecisionsWe have seen that HR direction has a critical function for BNP Paribas ‘ success. The company keeps turning and develops its concern in many different states worldwide. In order to pull off this, the HR direction has to pull off non merely an administrative portion that belongs to it, but truly understand the concern, market, chances and therefore it has a function of a strategic spouse.

HR serves as a pillar to an overall scheme of the group.Sing the fact that the people are the chief plus of the company, HR direction ‘s important challenge is so to happen ways how to pull qualified professionals, how to pull endowments and how to retain them. As a logical portion of it, its undertaking and challenge is to place people with high potency and assist them to develop this endowment. HR direction ‘s function is to assist people and company grow, make from it a win-win state of affairs.RecommendationsBNPP put in topographic point really ambitious HR policy.

Trainings seem to be of good quality and adapted to the demands. However, in world and day-to-day work life, the effectivity is non ever as planned. Apparently the wage policy might be let downing in certain instances, the enterprises are non ever recognized as the HR imagined. There might be two chief grounds for this: foremost the hierarchal construction is really heavy because of the size of the company ; second the duty to cut down cost forced the company to project a batch of know-how, in the IT section most portion of the undertakings are led by other service suppliers.Therefore I would urge to BNPP to choose more for direction by undertaking, that would enable them to simplify the hierarchal construction and it would be favourable for giving duty to employees and for mobility. For this BNPP must beef up employee ‘s capacity to run undertakings and understand all facets of it ( proficient, fiscal, service it providesaˆ¦ ) . The support of cognition transportation is critical, confederates have to portion their methods, consequences, mistakes as good.

These are critical points that, from my brief point of position, are to be improved.